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Online sports betting and sports games have become extremely popular, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic keeping sports lovers indoors, away from their favorite casinos.

Yet as most of the new players are newbies, they need information and guidance towards knowing and understanding the fundamentals and what to look out for in the world of online sports betting and free casinos.

As most newbies do not know about the basics of registrations, bonuses, where it’s legal, and how to use the games, writing opportunities are in high demand.

And of course, this will give you some extra income. We do not expect you to write for us free of charge.

As our readers are not only newbies you would not only write to help new players, but you will also be providing like-minded knowledgeable players about all the latest news in sports gaming.

Reviews about free online casinos and the games they offer are some of the most sought-after articles for online gamers. They are always looking for new casinos, new games, and sportsbooks.

As it might be difficult for online players to distinguish between legit and not so legit casino sites it’s important to provide information on the matter.

Whether the readers are new players or experienced players they all need the latest news regarding everything about the online casino world.

If you would be interested in joining in to write for us you just need to write one original article conversationally. And point out interesting subjects regarding sports gaming and online casinos.

Catchy and attractive headings are one of the most important parts of writing an article as it’s a way of keeping the reader glued to the article. Another important guideline is to keep sentences as short but informative as possible.

Adding pictures that correspond to the subject of your article will be something we would be looking out for in your article. Before submitting your article, you will need to do a complete spelling and grammar check and fix errors you might notice. Any facts you mention will need to come from a mentioned source.

When finished, please submit to our email address in our contact section. Or contact us for information if you would like to speak to us before submitting your article.