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Only a few years back, the only way that people could play video games against opponents who were “real life” people was to sit together and play on the same old computer or TV. All that changed with the emergence of esports betting. Now we can play with anyone, anywhere in the world without opening our door!

2021 Japan League

Date: 3 March – 18 September

Prizes – (¥32,000,000)

The 2021 Japan League is brought by Ubisoft and NNT Docomo. The event will start with 3 matches. Opponents come from regions throughout Japan to support the best of the rainbow six players throughout Japan.

2021 Asia Pacific Predator League

Date – 1 May – 31 May

Prizes – $200,000

This year we see the third season of the Asia pacific predator league and it will be played in the Philippines. 10 countries will take part in the event and each country will have 11 teams competing from the APAC region. And each team will need representatives before the main event.

2021 Champions League

Date – 28 May

Prizes – $280,000

The FIFA21 tournament was organized by EA Games, the 2021 champions League. As part of the EA Sports FIFA21 Global Series, the tournament started in February and the final on 28 May is exactly one day before the UEFA Champions League final.

The final will see eight different teams compete against each other. Whichever Competitor wins the final will receive the prize money of $280,000. There will also be prizes set up for the top three winners to go to the FIFA 21 Global Series European Regional PlayStation Playoffs.

LCS 2021 Summer

3 June – 1 August

Prize – To participate in the LCS 2021 Championship

This event will be taking place in North America, which will see 10 teams participate and compete against each other. To qualify for acceptance to its Professional League of Legends event, LCS 2021 Championships, is the prize.

2021 The International

Date – 1 August – 31 August

The prizes for the 2019 Tournament came down to $34 Million and it is estimated that the 2021 tournament might reach an astonishing prize amount of close to $40 Million. Being the biggest esports event of the year this comes as no surprise. As 2020 The International event was canceled due to covid-19, players are hopeful for the 2021 Event.