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Prep Wrestling Roundup - January 31

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

marylandMaryland dual match with Washington Latin Public Charter School.

Maryland (M) 33 Washington Latin Public Charter School (W) 30

170: J. Perrin (W) pin Calvin Johnson (M)(Fall 1:03).
182: N. Fisher (W) pin Tylique Gross (M)(Fall 1:23).
195: Bryan Pineda (M) pin A. Casading (W)(Fall 1:55).
220: M. Robies (W) pin Brody McAfee (M)(Fall 1:21).
285: Double forfeit.
106: Peter Thang (M) won by forfeit.
113: Double forfeit.
120: Double forfeit.
126: Crosse Herpin (M) pin S. Euwing-Boyd (W)(Fall 2:43).
132: Michael Williams (M) decision I. Stone (W)(Dec 9-4).
138: D Atkinson (W) won by forfeit.
145: Alexsander Raimundo (M) pin B. Redman (W)(Fall 0:38).
152: Maurice Braxton (M) pin W. Monti (W)(Fall 0:16).
160: G Trios (W) won by forfeit.

Prep Wrestling Roundup - January 28

Saturday, January 27, 2018

indianaIndiana @ IHSAA Sectional 26 tournament.

106 - Forfeit

113 - Jared Spinale placed 5th and scored 9.00 team points.
Championship Round 1 - Jared Spinale (Indiana) received a bye.
Quarterfinal - Jared Spinale (Indiana) won by forfeit (Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory).
Semifinal - Gabriel Smith (Lawrence Central) pin Jared Spinale (Indiana)(Fall 2:49).
Consolation Round 3 - Chris Peters (North Central (Indianapolis)) decision Jared Spinale (Indiana)(Dec 4-1).
5th Place Match - Jared Spinale (Indiana) decision Jackson Bolen (Indianapolis Bishop Chatard)(Dec 9-7).

120 - Forfeit

126 - Forfeit

132 - Tyler Skomp did not place and scored 0.00 team points.
Championship Round 1 - Tyler Skomp (Indiana) won by forfeit (Indianapolis Broad Ripple).
Quarterfinal - Chris Wilkerson (Mount Vernon (Fortville)) pin Tyler Skomp (Indiana)(Fall 1:09).
Consolation Round 2 - Arieon Smith (Indianapolis Arlington) pin Tyler Skomp (Indiana)(Fall 1:25).

138 - DeJavier Goodner placed 5th and scored 10.00 team points.
Championship Round 1 - DeJavier Goodner (Indiana) received a bye.
Quarterfinal - Aidan Alford (Mount Vernon (Fortville)) decision DeJavier Goodner (Indiana)(Dec 10-3).
Consolation Round 2 - DeJavier Goodner (Indiana) won by forfeit (Indianapolis Arlington).
Consolation Round 3 - Jesus Mancera (Lawrence Central) pin DeJavier Goodner (Indiana)(Fall 3:57).
5th Place Match - DeJavier Goodner (Indiana) pin Aidan Bunce (Lawrence North)(Fall 0:35).

145 - Forfeit

152 - DeAngelo Jones placed 4th and scored 14.00 team points.
Championship Round 1 - DeAngelo Jones (Indiana) won by forfeit (Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory).
Quarterfinal - DeAngelo Jones (Indiana) pin Isiah Diaz (Mount Vernon (Fortville))(Fall 3:14).
Semifinal - Elliot Rodgers (Indianapolis Cathedral) pin DeAngelo Jones (Indiana)(Fall 1:49).
Consolation Round 3 - DeAngelo Jones (Indiana) pin Kamari Boose (Lawrence Central)(Fall 1:27).
3rd Place Match - Carl Torrence (North Central (Indianapolis)) pin DeAngelo Jones (Indiana)(Fall 0:11).

160 - Forfeit

170 - Jerrick Pothorski did not place and scored 0.00 team points.
Championship Round 1 - Jerrick Pothorski (Indiana) received a bye.
Quarterfinal - Charlie Moore (Mount Vernon (Fortville)) pin Jerrick Pothorski (Indiana)(Fall 2:52).
Consolation Round 2 - Darren Reese (Indianapolis Arlington) major decision Jerrick Pothorski (Indiana)(MD 16-7).

182 - Forfeit

195 - Forfeit

220 - Tyantwon Redding placed 3rd and scored 18.00 team points.
Championship Round 1 - Tyantwon Redding (Indiana) won by forfeit (Lawrence Central).
Quarterfinal - Tyantwon Redding (Indiana) won by forfeit (Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory).
Semifinal - Cameron Brown (North Central (Indianapolis)) decision Tyantwon Redding (Indiana)(Dec 3-2).
Consolation Round 3 - Tyantwon Redding (Indiana) pin Will Lawrence (Indianapolis Arlington)(Fall 0:58).
3rd Place Match - Tyantwon Redding (Indiana) pin Alex Geise (Indianapolis Bishop Chatard)(Fall 1:36).

285 - Jaylan Jefferson did not place and scored 0.00 team points.
Championship Round 1 - Tyler Majors (Lawrence North) pin Jaylan Jefferson (Indiana)(Fall 0:30).
Consolation Round 1 - Jaylan Jefferson (Indiana) 12-12 received a bye.
Consolation Round 3 - Jaylan Jefferson (Indiana) 12-12 received a bye.

Team Scores: 1) Indianapolis Cathedral 297.0 2) North Central (Indianapolis) 221.5 3) Lawrence North 176.0 4) Mount Vernon (Fortville) 157.5 5) Lawrence Central 148.0 6) Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 83.0 7) Indiana 51.0 8) Indianapolis Arlington 39.0 9) Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory 14.0 10) Indianapolis Broad Ripple 0.0.

Prep Wrestling Roundup - January 26

Thursday, January 25, 2018

floridaFlorida dual match with Baker County.

Baker County (BC) 61 Florida (F) 0

182: Double forfeit.
195: Josh Ossmann (BC) won by forfeit.
220: Blake Dicks (BC) pin Max Veloz (F)(Fall 0:49).
285: Jaqrez Elliott (BC) won by forfeit.
106: Brianna Thornton (BC) pin Amiah Richardson (F)(Fall 0:29).
113: Aaron Norman (BC) pin Malcolm Rosebud (F)(Fall 1:32).
120: Juan Torres (BC) decision Ajani Zahira (F)(Dec 13-12).
126: David Jackson (BC) major decision Ty Snow (F)(MD 14-4).
132: Jordan Johnson (BC) pin Fernando Dopico Fernandez (F)(Fall 2:27).
138: Jordan Johnson (BC) pin Balboa Polynice (F)(Fall 2:48).
145: James Knaibb (BC) won by forfeit.
152: Double forfeit.
160: Double forfeit.
170: James Barnett (BC) pin Liam Von Mahr (F)(Fall 4:38).

marylandMaryland dual match with Covenant Life School.

Maryland (M) 39 Covenant Life (CL) 28

106: Peter Thang (M) won by forfeit.
113: Colton Bazalewski (M) won by forfeit.
120: Gabriel McClure-Mauras (CL) won by forfeit.
126: Double forfeit.
132: Michael Williams (M) won by forfeit.
138: Andrew Rosa (CL) major decision Crosse Herpin (M)(MD 16-8).
145: Alexsander Raimundo (M) pin Javier Campbell (CL)(Fall 1:47).
152: Andrew Rosa (CL) won by forfeit.
160: Ben Ezana (CL) won by forfeit.
170: Eric Stancik (CL) pin Calvin Johnson (M)(Fall 1:58).
182: Tylique Gross (M) won by forfeit.
195: Bryan Pineda (M) decision Andrew Simmons (CL)(Dec 8-7).
220: Double forfeit.
285: Brody McAfee (M) won by forfeit.

Prep Wrestling Roundup - January 25

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

marylandMaryland dual match with McLean School of Maryland.

Maryland (M) 54 McLean School (MS) 6

106: Peter Thang (M) won by forfeit.
113: Colton Bazalewski (M) won by forfeit.
120: Double forfeit.
126: Double forfeit.
132: Crosse Herpin (M) won by forfeit.
138: Michael Williams (M) won by forfeit.
145: Kenny Bissainthe (M) won by forfeit.
152: Alexsander Raimundo (M) won by forfeit.
160: Calvin Johnson (M) pin Hunter Ruderman (MS)(Fall 1:37).
170: Joseph Schlager (MS) pin Tylique Gross (M)(Fall 0:26).
182: Double forfeit.
195: Bryan Pineda (M) pin Daniel Adum (MS)(Fall 3:25).
220: Double forfeit.
285: Brody McAfee (M) pin Peter Coccaro (MS)(Fall 1:20).

Prep Wrestling Roundup - January 24

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

model-secondaryModel @ Saint John Paul the Great Catholic.

Saint John Paul the Great Catholic (SJP) 66 Model (M) 12

152: James Ball (SJP) pin Elijah Solomon (M)(Fall 2:53).
160: Sebastian Collazo (SJP) won by forfeit.
170: Mauricio Franco (M) decision Dennis Donovan (SJP)(Dec 3-1).
182: James Hartzell (SJP) won by forfeit.
195: Morgan Gallagher (SJP) won by forfeit.
220: Richie O`Connell (SJP) won by forfeit.
285: Jose Ruiz III (M) decision Luke Hall (SJP)(Dec 4-2).
106: Justin Faught (SJP) won by forfeit.
113: Zeke Martinez (M) pin Eric Rivas (SJP)(Fall 3:14).
120: Daniel Rivas (SJP) pin Jake Wei Skjeveland (M)(Fall 0:47).
126: Liam Patrick (SJP) won by forfeit.
132: Young-Ghee Hong (SJP) won by forfeit.
138: Christopher Loren (SJP) pin Maximilian Stelzer (M)(Fall 2:32).
145: Robert Michael Hocter (SJP) pin Nicholas Barron (M)(Fall 3:44).

Indiana hosts 13th Annual Willigan Wrestling individuals tourney

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Last Saturday, the Indiana School for the Deaf hosted the 13th Annual Willigan Wrestling Individuals tournament. Wrestlers from six schools (Fremont, Indiana, Maryland, Model, Riverside, and Texas) competed in the 14 weight classes for individual titles. Indiana had the most first place finishes with five followed by Maryland with four and Model with three.

DeJavier Goodner of Indiana and Maurico Franco of Model won the Most Outstanding Wrestler awards. Goodner won the 138 weight class with three pins in 3:01 which was also the most pins in least amount of time. Franco won the 170 weight class with three pins as well in 3:26 which was right behind Goodner in amount of time. Noah Spinosi of Model won the fastest pin award with a time of 0:06.

2018 Willigan Outstanding Wrestlers
Most Outstanding Wrestler (106-145) - DeJavier Goodner (138) of Indiana. (Left)
Most Outstanding Wrestler (152-285) - Mauricio Franco (170) of Model. (Right)
(Photo courtesy of ISD Athletics).

Results of each weight class below.

1st Place - Colton Bazalewski of Maryland
2nd Place - Brandon Brentham of Texas
3rd Place - Jaquan Smith of Indiana
4th Place - Peter Thang of Maryland
5th Place - Max Skjeveland of Indiana
6th Place - Jasmine Jimenez-Lara of Fremont
7th Place - Clark Barrett of Riverside

1st Place Match
Colton Bazalewski (Maryland) 3-0 decision Jaquan Smith (Indiana)(Dec 5-2).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Brandon Brentham (Texas) pin Jaquan Smith (Indiana)(Fall 4:06).

3rd Place Match
Brandon Brentham (Texas) pin Peter Thang (Maryland)(Fall 2:56).

5th Place Match
Max Skjeveland (Indiana) pin Jasmine Jimenez-Lara (Fremont)(Fall 4:25).

7th Place Match
Clark Barrett (Riverside) won by forfeit.

1st Place - Joshua Saaty of Indiana
2nd Place - Zeke Martinez of Model
3rd Place - Ascencio Cruz of Fremont
4th Place - Diego Garcia of Riverside
5th Place - Jeffrey Giordano of Riverside
6th Place - Gabriella Rodriguez of Riverside

1st Place Match
Joshua Saaty (Indiana) pin Zeke Martinez (Model)(Fall 5:07).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Zeke Martinez (Model) 1-1, Sr. over Ascencio Cruz (Fremont)(RULE).

3rd Place Match
Ascencio Cruz (Fremont) pin Diego Garcia (Riverside)(Fall 2:45).

5th Place Match
Jeffrey Giordano (Riverside) won by forfeit over Gabriella Rodriguez (Riverside).

1st Place - Jared Spinale of Indiana
2nd Place - Kal Carpenter of Fremont
3rd Place - Jake Wei Skjeveland of Model
4th Place - Amanda Vega of Fremont

1st Place Match
Jared Spinale (Indiana) decision Kal Carpenter (Fremont)(Dec 7-2).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Kal Carpenter (Fremont) over Jake Wei Skjeveland (Model)(RULE).

3rd Place Match
Jake Wei Skjeveland (Model) pin Amanda Vega (Fremont)(Fall 2:22).

1st Place - Crosse Herpin of Maryland
2nd Place - Forfeit
3rd Place - Brittany Avalos of Riverside
3rd Place - Adiel Rodriguez of Texas

1st Place Match
Crosse Herpin (Maryland) pin Adiel Rodriguez (Texas)(Fall 3:21).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Brittany Avalos (Riverside) over Adiel Rodriguez (Texas)(DFF).

3rd Place Match
Brittany Avalos (Riverside) won by forfeit.

1st Place - Maximilian Stelzer of Model
2nd Place - Taran Johnson of Texas
3rd Place - Kaleb Duran of Riverside
4th Place - Michael Williams of Maryland
5th Place - Tyler Skomp of Indiana

1st Place Match
Maximilian Stelzer (Model) pin Taran Johnson (Texas)(Fall 1:02).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Taran Johnson (Texas) over Kaleb Duran (Riverside)(RULE).

3rd Place Match
Kaleb Duran (Riverside) pin Michael Williams (Maryland)(Fall 3:33).

5th Place Match
Tyler Skomp (Indiana) won by forfeit.

1st Place - DeJavier Goodner of Indiana
2nd Place - Bates Cannon of Texas
3rd Place - Jack Hocog of Riverside
4th Place - Luke Wood of Indiana
5th Place - Cage Keathley of Texas
6th Place - Noel Galvez Balderramos of Model

1st Place Match
DeJavier Goodner (Indiana) pin Bates Cannon (Texas)(Fall 0:26).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Bates Cannon (Texas) over Jack Hocog (Riverside)(RULE).

3rd Place Match
Jack Hocog (Riverside) decision Luke Wood (Indiana)(Dec 14-11).

5th Place Match
Cage Keathley (Texas) decision Noel Galvez Balderramos (Model)(Dec 7-6).

1st Place - Alexsander Raimundo of Maryland
2nd Place - DeAngelo Jones of Indiana
3rd Place - George Quirie of Fremont
4th Place - Joshua Baxter of Indiana
5th Place - Trei Lules-Stein of Texas
6th Place - Avery McFall of Indiana
7th Place - Nicholas Barron of Model

1st Place Match
Alexsander Raimundo (Maryland) pin DeAngelo Jones (Indiana)(Fall 5:16).

2nd Place Wrestleback
DeAngelo Jones (Indiana) over George Quirie (Fremont)(RULE).

3rd Place Match
George Quirie (Fremont) pin Joshua Baxter (Indiana)(Fall 4:31).

5th Place Match
Trei Lules-Stein (Texas) major decision Avery McFall (Indiana)(MD 12-4).

7th Place Match
Nicholas Barron (Model) won by forfeit.

1st Place - Michael Singleton of Texas
2nd Place - Gino Riggio of Indiana
3rd Place - Maurice Braxton of Maryland
4th Place - Elijah Solomon of Model
5th Place - Shane Dever of Texas

1st Place Match
Michael Singleton (Texas) pin Gino Riggio (Indiana)(Fall 3:12).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Gino Riggio (Indiana) pin Maurice Braxton (Maryland)(Fall 2:52).

3rd Place Match
Maurice Braxton (Maryland) decision Elijah Solomon (Model)(SV-1 9-7).

5th Place Match
Shane Dever (Texas) won by forfeit.

1st Place - Cale Gamache of Riverside
2nd Place - Dylan Lorenzo of Indiana
3rd Place - Truth Dorsette of Model
4th Place - Israel Martinez of Texas
5th Place - Calvin Johnson of Maryland
6th Place - Jose Sanchez of Texas
7th Place - Daniel Schwartz of Texas

1st Place Match
Cale Gamache (Riverside) pin Dylan Lorenzo (Indiana)(Fall 1:05).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Dylan Lorenzo (Indiana) over Truth Dorsette (Model)(RULE).

3rd Place Match
Truth Dorsette (Model) pin Israel Martinez (Texas)(Fall 1:56).

5th Place Match
Calvin Johnson (Maryland) pin Jose Sanchez (Texas)(Fall 1:00).

7th Place Match
Daniel Schwartz (Texas) won by forfeit.

1st Place - Mauricio Franco of Model
2nd Place - Jerrick Pothorski of Indiana
3rd Place - Robert Marquez of Riverside
4th Place - Jayvon Harmon of Fremont
5th Place - James Cunningham of Indiana
6th Place - Jared Wolfe of Indiana

1st Place Match
Mauricio Franco (Model) pin Jerrick Pothorski (Indiana)(Fall 1:29).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Jerrick Pothorski (Indiana) pin Robert Marquez (Riverside)(Fall 0:09).

3rd Place Match
Robert Marquez (Riverside) pin Jayvon Harmon (Fremont)(Fall 0:40).

5th Place Match
James Cunningham (Indiana) pin Jared Wolfe (Indiana)(Fall 2:35).

1st Place - Noah Spinosi of Model
2nd Place - Tylique Gross of Maryland
3rd Place - Felicia Cruz of Riverside

1st Place Match
Noah Spinosi (Model) pin Felicia Cruz (Riverside)(Fall 0:06).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Tylique Gross (Maryland) pin Felicia Cruz (Riverside)(Fall 0:28).

3rd Place Match
Tylique Gross (Maryland) won by forfeit.

1st Place - Bryan Pineda of Maryland
2nd Place - Mark Rubio of Texas
3rd Place - Jairo Espinoza-Montiel of Indiana
4th Place - Dreshan Anderson of Indiana
5th Place - Reilly McFall of Indiana
6th Place - Luis Benitez of Riverside

1st Place Match
Bryan Pineda (Maryland) pin Mark Rubio (Texas)(Fall 2:46).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Mark Rubio (Texas) over Jairo Espinoza-Montiel (Indiana)(RULE).

3rd Place Match
Jairo Espinoza-Montiel (Indiana) pin Dreshan Anderson (Indiana)(Fall 2:00).

5th Place Match
Reilly McFall (Indiana) pin Luis Benitez (Riverside)(Fall 0:52).

1st Place - Jaylan Jefferson of Indiana
2nd Place - Brody McAfee of Maryland
3rd Place - Kenneth Garcia of Model

1st Place Match
Jaylan Jefferson (Indiana) pin Brody McAfee (Maryland)(Fall 3:45).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Brody McAfee (Maryland) over Kenneth Garcia (Model)(RULE).

3rd Place Match
Kenneth Garcia (Model) won by forfeit.

1st Place - Ty Redding of Indiana
2nd Place - Alfredo Castillo of Texas
3rd Place - Richard Celis of Riverside
4th Place - Jose Ruiz III of Model

1st Place Match
Ty Redding (Indiana) major decision Alfredo Castillo (Texas)(MD 12-2).

2nd Place Wrestleback
Alfredo Castillo (Texas) pin Richard Celis (Riverside)(Fall 2:20).

3rd Place Match
Richard Celis (Riverside) pin Jose Ruiz III (Model)(Fall 2:32).

Final Results: 1) Indiana 233.0 2) Texas 168.0 3) Maryland 151.0 3) Model 151.0 5) Riverside 113.0 6) Fremont 75.0.

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