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FALL SPORTS PREVIEW: Trojans attempting bounce back after off year

By Mike Randleman

minnesotaThe Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf Trojans volleyball team is coming off a rare losing season, but return plenty of experience for 2017.

Leading the charge will be do-it-all senior middle hitter Kayla Mitchell.

“She will be one of our greatest players in MSAD history,” said head coach Steven Hubmer. “She will play almost every position, especially the middle and outside hitter and our key passer and receiver.”

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Source: Faribault Daily News

KSD finishes third in early-season tournament

By Matt Overing

kentuckyKentucky School for the Deaf’s volleyball team started practice two weeks ago.

Over the weekend, the team hosted a huge early-season tournament, from schools across the eastern half of the United States.

Coach Billy Lange said that the first-annual “Volleyball Spike-Out” will be a good way for his team to get that early-season practice that his team missed over the offseason.

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Source: The Advocate-Messenger

Prep Volleyball Roundup - August 30

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 (Scoreboard)

model-secondaryModel 3 Spencerville Adventist 0 (25-20, 25-10, 25-12)

Model dispensed Spencerville Adventist Academy in straight sets behind Emily Nover's 11 aces and four kills. Maia Swanson had team high 10 digs.

Kills: Corrie Ballentine 4, Emily Nover 4, Team Total 17.
Aces: Emily Nover 11, Marisa Montoya 4, Team Total 23.
Blocks: Team Total 0.
Digs: Maia Swanson 10, Marisa Montoya 8, Team Total 30.
Assists: Kelley Johnson 11, Veronica Savage 3, Team Total 16.

fremontFremont 3 Holy Names 2 (26-24, 21-25, 22-25, 25-20, 15-4)

Fremont went the distance against Holy Names to nab first league win of the season. Jade Dawson dished out 34 assists and had 16 digs with seven aces. Jada Dawson had team high 15 kills with 32 digs and four aces.

Kills: Jada Dawson 15, Malia Zornoza 11, Team Total 42.
Aces: Esther Biser 7, Jade Dawson 7, Team Total 26
Blocks: Esther Biser 2, Jada Dawson 1, Malia Zornoza 1, Team Total 4.
Digs: Jada Dawson 32, Malia Zornoza 19, Team Total 91.
Assists: Jade Dawson 34, Esther Biser 2, Team Total 37.

League: 1-0

marylandMaryland 3 St. John's Catholic Prep 1 (25-17, 25-11, 19-25, 25-15)

Freya Seremeth led Maryland to a season opening win against St. John Catholic Prep with 19 assists and six aces. Cassidy Perry had team high 11 kills and Hanna Johnston-Shaw finished with eight digs.

Seremeth in control as Orioles beat Vikings in volleyball

Lexi Bullock: 1 assist, 1 dig, 6 aces
Rajena Guettler: 10 kills, 2 blocks, 7 digs, 3 aces
Sierra Herzig-Wilcox: 1 block, 1 ace
Hanna Johnston-Shaw: 8 digs
Anevay Patterson: 1 kill
Cassidy Perry: 11 kills, 2 blocks, 2 digs, 5 aces
Freya Seremeth: 1 kill, 19 assists, 3 digs, 6 aces

JV - Maryland 2 St. John's Catholic Prep 1 (21-25, 25-12, 15-6)

indianaBethesda Christian 3 Indiana 1 (25-18, 21-25, 28-26, 25-22)

Kate Lorenzo had 16 assists and Anya Pothorski had 13 kills in a loss to Bethesda Christian.

Prep Volleyball Roundup - August 28

marie-philipMarie Philip @ Preseason SpikeOut Tournament

Last weekend the Marie Philip Lady Ghosts volleyball team opened our season early by flying to Kentucky to participate in the Kentucky School for the Deaf’s 1st Annual Pre-Season Spike-Out tournament. Since the tournament took place before our tryouts this week, we selected all the available veteran players from last year's season to represent our school in the tournament. Knowing that we would not have subs and cannot afford injuries, for four practice sessions before our tournament, we worked on fitness and modified our playbook to accommodate our small roster.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Georgia 2 Marie Philip 1 (25-14, 12-25, 15-8)

We had to change our playbook slightly during our practice week and our players underestimated how important those changes would be to memorize. They were in wrong positions several times and gave the Tigers easy points. Our players got more comfortable with the new gym and Rawlings volleyball and were able to ride an excellent serving performance by Shayla Rochette with 13 consecutive service points to win the second set. We rode the momentum to a 7-3 lead, but Georgia showed great tenacity and took advantage of our starting six's lack of playing time together for a well deserved 15-8 third set and match victory.

Marie Philip 2 Michigan 1 (25-16, 20-25, 15-7)

The coaches required the players to take out their playbooks and study before the next match and it paid off against Michigan. We won the first set 25-16. In the second set, we couldn't control a small second set lead and the Tartars pulled off a 25-20 win. We kept our heads together in the third set and won, 15-7.

Kentucky 2 Marie Philip 0 (25-14, 25-20)

We were transported to the tournament's second gym in Danville High School. DHS obviously had a different court and also used a different Tachikara ball (red/white/blue scheme rather than the white Rawlings). Kentucky had won a match at DHS earlier in the day so they were more mentally prepared for the differences than we were. Kentucky won the first set 25-14. Our players fought very hard in the second set, but we made too many mistakes with court positioning for defense. The Colonels held on to win the set and match 25-20.

Saturday, August 26 2017

Marie Philip 2 Atlanta Area 0 (25-6, 25-13)

We had a favorable Saturday schedule. While playing back-to-back is usually not preferred for volleyball, even more so for a team with only six players and a couple of nagging minor injuries, the first team for each back-to-back were still progressing in their basic skills and strategies. The Panthers' players had a different approach on the court while serving and receiving and it threw our girls off at first. I called time-out and told them how to adjust to it. Our girls followed that strategy perfectly and we were able to ride strong serving to win both sets, 25-6 and 25-13.

Kansas 2 Marie Philip 0 (25-20, 25-8)

Out of the eight schools in the tournament, we had the fewest girls and the youngest players. We were also the only school from the Northeast too. An interested and prepared Kansas team studied ours during the Atlanta match and had their own strategies to beat us. I reminded them of Kansas' nationwide standing last year (1st in Division II) and told them it was big chance to show schools unfamiliar to us exactly who we were. During the first time-out I decided on the strategy and our girls executed it very well and we stayed very close before losing the first set 20-25. In the second set the Jackrabbits used the three-minute break to make adjustments. At the same time, our girls were pretty much spent after that first set. So we couldn't keep up in the next set, and Kansas won 25-8.

Marie Philip 2 Virginia 0 (25-5, 25-12)

Virginia would not win its first match of the tournament until the very last one for 7th place, so our girls used the match to warm up for what we knew would be a Tennessee team trying to stay in contention for the championship match. The first set went as we hoped, a 25-5 win. In the second set the Cardinals had one player who served well and they made a few heads up play to stay close with us. I called time-out, reminded our girls that we needed to conserve our energy, and the Lady Ghosts regained their focus to win the second set and match, 25-12.

Tennessee 2 Marie Philip 0 (25-17, 27-25)

In the first set, we made several careless mistakes with court positioning and passing. The further we fell behind, the more upset our girls got with themselves. The Vikings won the first set 25-17. Between sets the coaches told our girls that their emotions would decide whether we qualify for the 3rd place match or the 5th place match. It hit them hard and they played a bit better at first in the second set, unfortunately they were exhausted and were behind 23-17 with the Vikings about to serve for the win. I called our last time-out and told the girls we have lost sets with leads like that, and we have caught up from worse deficits before.

Tennessee lost the serve and it was Sabrina Rodrigues's turn to serve. She can jump serve but I had told use standing floaters instead to conserve her energy. Tennessee gave up several points trying to receive her, but a serving error gave them another chance to win. They were not able to capitalize, so the serve fell to Samantha Fernsebner. She showed amazing poise for someone who was, earlier in the set, frustrated with herself over several net play errors. Tennessee could not receive her and all of a sudden we had a 25-24 lead. Unfortunately we could not capitalize and our players forgot the win by two points rule, so they didn't have their game mind on when Tennessee got another point to lead 26-25. They secured the next set point to win the match 27-25.

Our players returned to KSD with a 3-4 record and slim hopes that we might have somehow secured 4th place in the round robin based on tiebreakers. That opportunity went to Georgia on virtue of their match win over us in our first match of our tournament. It was a great learning moment for the girls to take every match in a tournament seriously, no matter what.

Marie Philip 2 Michigan 0 (25-18, 25-16) - 5th/6th Place

Our girls knew that Michigan would be trying very hard to avenge its round robin loss to us. Even so, the Lady Ghosts were tired and lethargic from the long tournament. However, as the first set progressed, their focus and play got better and better. Setter Zora Elliott-Mendelsohn had her best setting performance since last year's ESDAA tournament. Norma Aldana made some key sliding receptions and kills. Carleigh Babbit rescued a few errant receptions that would have otherwise been Tartar points. We took both sets for the 5th place win.

Sabrina Rodrigues and Shayla Rochette were named to the All-Tournament team.

This week we will have our tryouts to grow our roster. Our season opener will be September 13 at home against IGC league opponent Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall. (Contributed by head Coach Richard Knopf)

Tournament Stats
Zora Elliott-Mendelsohn: 11 aces, 15 kills, 44 assists, 1 dig, 14 service points
Sabrina Rodrigues: 47 aces, 14 kills, 4 digs, and 36 service points
Shayla Rochette: 37 aces, 12 kills, 5 digs, and 40 service points
Norma Aldana: 26 aces, 13 kills, 3 digs, and 31 service points
Samantha Fernsebner: 16 aces, 10 kills, and 15 service points
Carleigh Babbit: 9 aces, 1 dig, and 17 service points

michiganMichigan @ Preseason SpikeOut Tournament

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Tennessee 2 Michigan 0 (25-20, 25-15)

The Lady Tartars had a very busy morning facing Tennessee first. MSD was serving at 78%, and receiving at 79%. Rina Manssora, a fairly new player, had her best game yet; her passes have become crucial to the team and didn't make any receiving errors. Our poorly placed attacks is what hurt us. We continued to put the ball directly in the hands of their best players.

Michigan 2 Virginia 0 (25-7, 25-13)

Next up was Virginia School for the Deaf & Blind and Tartars were itching for a win. Every time we put the ball on their court, we scored. This game was Crystal Katcher's first attempt at serving in a match, and she was able to get eight aces in a row.

Michigan 2 Atlanta Area 0 (25-23, 25-22)

Immediately after our hot streak we had to go up against Atlanta Area School for the Deaf. Addison Blair continued to impress with seven kills, eight aces, and 83% receiving against AASD. This led to an amazing and close win.

Kansas 2 Michigan 0 (25-15, 25-14)

Kayla Sturdivant received serves at 100% but it wasn't enough. Feeling groggy and becoming frustrated, we began to argue with each other and our team morale fell apart. With the loss, it put us in the match fighting for 5th place against Marie Philip School.

Marie Philip 2 Michigan 0 (25-18, 25-16) - 5th/6th Place

With a much needed break, our team was back together and feeling confident. MPS played smart and knew some of our girls were exhausted and hurting. Haley Cooper didn't let her sore ankle affect her that much and took MPS's challenge. She had three kills, five aces, and two assists. Despite our efforts MPS, found our weak spots and won. We finished the tournament with a 3-5 record, good for 6th place out of eight teams.

Addison Blair and Haley Cooper were both named to the All-Tournament team. Our next match will be at Illinois School for the Deaf on September 16th for their homecoming. (Contributed by Head Coach Lindsay Lantagne)

floridaFlorida hosts Round Robin Tournament

The Round Robin tournament was mostly with Varsity girls. We were missing a player with injury and we had four JV girls and two MS girls. Overall, it was a good opening night. The girls seemed nervous and were still learning the offense and defense. We still have a lot of team chemistry to work on and of course skills to improve upon. However, for only two weeks of practice, they are looking good

We will work on fixing our weaknesses this week and look forward to our games this week. I’m excited to see what these girls have in store for the rest of the season after getting a preview tonight. (Contributed by Head Coach Tiffany Kawohl)

Harvest Community School 2 Florida 0 (25-10, 25-9)

Ashley Moore: 1 service point, 1 ace, 1 kill
Julianna Cuadrado: 2 digs
Cassidy Dainty: 1 kill
Arlyssa Davis: 1 kill
Ja'Myra Harris: 1 block, 1 assist, 2 digs
Maggie Satterfield: 1 service point, 1 ace, 1 dig
Shanna Cooley: 1 dig
Lourdine Jordonne: 1 service point, 1 ace
Amanda Jackson: 1 kill, 1 block, 1 assist, 1 dig

River City Science Academy 2 Florida 0 (25-13, 25-18)

Ashley Moore: 2 service points, 2 aces, 1 dig
Cassidy Dainty: 1 dig
Arlyssa Davis: 6 service points, 3 aces, 3 kills, 1 assist
Maggie Satterfield: 2 service points, 1 ace, 5 assists
Taria Pellicer: 2 service points, 2 aces, 1 dig
Lourdine Jordonne: 4 service points, 2 aces, 1 dig
Amanda Jackson: 1 kill, 1 assist, 1 dig

Interlachen 2 Florida 0 (25-14, 25-14)

Ashley Moore: 1 service point
Julianna Cuadrado: 1 assist, 1 dig
Nolan Fisher: 1 kill
Cassidy Dainty: 1 kill
Arlyssa Davis: 3 service points, 2 aces, 2 kills, 2 digs
Maggie Satterfield: 2 service points, 2 assists, 2 digs
Shanna Cooley: 1 service point, 1 ace
Taria Pellicer: 2 service points, 5 digs
Samantha Suarez: 1 dig
Lourdine Jordonne: 2 kills
Amanda Jackson: 1 assist

Prep Volleyball Roundup - August 26

Friday, August 25, 2017

michiganMichigan @ Preseason SpikeOut Tournament

Kentucky 2 Michigan 0 (25-19, 25-16)

We started out unsure and not confident as it was our first game of our season. The girls were receiving serves well with team percentage at 90%. Our senior setter and captain, Haley Cooper had 1 kill, 2 aces, and was jump serving at 90%. Unfortunately Coooper was the only player not struggling to serve. Tartars gave away too many points by missed serves and lost. (Contributed by Head Coach Lindsay Lantagne)

Marie Philip 2 Michigan 1 (25-16, 20-25, 15-7)

Next up was Marie Philips School. As we gained more confidence, Tartars began to look like a well functioning machine. MSD serves were a lot better in this match at 72%. Wendy Chicky had 100% serving and receiving. She also had three kills and an ace. The Tartars struggled to set the ball up for an attack and we continued to give MPS free balls. (Contributed by Head Coach Lindsay Lantagne)

Michigan 2 Georgia 1 (10-25, 26-24, 15-11)

There was still no break in sight, and we had to face Georgia School for the Deaf. The girls were exhausted, but never gave up. We set the ball up more frequently and worked as a team to defend our court. Addison Blair is becoming a key player and her level of play is getting better. She closed out the day with six kills, 15 aces, and 22 service receives. Tartars fought till the end for the win. (Contributed by Head Coach Lindsay Lantagne)

floridaFlorida hosts Round Robin Tournament

Harvest Community School 2 Florida 0 (25-10, 25-9)
Interlachen 2 Florida 0 (25-14, 25-14)
River City Science Academy 2 Florida 0 (25-13, 25-18)

The Varsity team hosted a round robin tournament with four JV girls and two middle school girls who joined us for the tournament. Everyone was able to get in at least a little bit of playing time. There were lots of mistakes and lessons to be learned, but the girls are getting better with every practice and they improved during the tournament as well. (Contributed by Head Coach Tiffany Kawohl)

Prep Volleyball Roundup - August 24

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

fremontFremont 3 Emery 0 (25-9, 25-10, 25-18)

The Dawson sisters Jada and Jade along with Malia Zornoza had an impressive season opening performance to lead Fremont past arch-rival Emery in straight sets as the trio teamed up for 27 aces. Jada Dawson recorded a double-double with 14 aces with 11 kills and Zornoza added eight kills. Jade Dawson drove the offensive attack with 24 assists.

Jada Dawson: 14 aces, 11 kills, 6 digs, 1 block
Malia Zornoza: 8 kills, 6 aces, 2 blocks, 1 dig
Jade Dawson: 24 assists, 8 digs, 7 aces, 3 kills

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