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Prep Track Roundup - May 10

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

model-secondaryModel @ PVAC Last Chance - Hebrew

100 Meters
3) Truth Dorsette 12.04a
9) Marquize Nash 12.56a
11) Natnail Tolossa 12.61a
18) Daniel Buckland 12.80a
31) Michael Mensah 13.77a

200 Meters
2) Truth Dorsette 25.10a
5) Marquize Nash 25.83a
9) Amon Baldwin 26.24a

400 Meters
2) Natnail Tolossa 55.66a

800 Meters
24) Michael Mensah 3:51.63a

3200 Meters
12) Nate Jacobs 16:10.00a

110m Hurdles - 39"
6) Corey Jenkins 23.29a

300m Hurdles - 36"
7) Corey Jenkins 55.83a

4x100 Relay
3) Relay Team 47.97a

4x400 Relay
6) Relay Team 4:16.13a

Shot Put - 12lb
27) Michael Mensah 14-11.00

100 Meters
10) Steysi Almonte 14.77a
18) Taylor Neuleib 16.65a
20) Sarah Schipper 17.72a

200 Meters
8) Steysi Almonte 30.75a

400 Meters
9) Mia Worrell 1:11.38a

1600 Meters
10) Taylor Neuleib 7:59.14a

100m Hurdles - 33"
4) Brianna Thigpen 20.56a

4x100 Relay
3) Relay Team 57.06a

4x400 Relay
2) Relay Team 5:09.65a

Shot Put - 4kg
2) Brianna Thigpen 27-07.00
5) Jaelynn King 17-05.00
6) Ankita Gopal 16-11.00

Discus - 1kg
2) Brianna Thigpen 64-01
9) Jaelynn King 41-06
11) Ankita Gopal 37-05

Prep Track Roundup - May 9

Track ScoreboardTuesday, May 8, 2018

Minnesota hosts 2018 Leo Bond Invitational - Results

Metro Deaf @ 2018 Leo Bond Invitational - Results

Monday, May 7, 2018

Maryland @ Antrim Way Honda Rt. 16 Last Chance Invite - Results

Michigan @ SVL Meet Powers and Flint - Results

Ohio @ Logan Open - Results

Rhode Island hosts RISD Invitational - Results

wisconsinWisconsin @ Badger JV Invitational

100 Meters
28) Thomas Robertson 16.58a

200 Meters
26) Thomas Robertson 39.50a

400 Meters
-) Dakota Kangas SCR

110m Hurdles - 39"
10) Dakota Kangas 20.98a

300m Hurdles - 36"
8) Dakota Kangas 48.98a
13) Thomas Robertson 1:12.84a

Long Jump
37) Thomas Robertson 10-07.50

Triple Jump
4) Dakota Kangas 34-10.50

100 Meters
24) Marinna Lampson 17.65a

400 Meters
8) Tao Yi Dallman 1:17.38a
-) Jhada Meyer SCR

800 Meters
-) Jhada Meyer SCR

3200 Meters
3) Paige Sheffield 19:13.76a
4) Marinna Lampson 19:21.24a

100m Hurdles - 33"
9) Lucero Urioztegui Arreola 23.46a

300m Hurdles - 30"
6) Lucero Urioztegui Arreola 1:06.87a

4x100 Relay
10) Tao Yi Dallman, Paige Sheffield, Marinna Lampson, Lucero Urioztegui Arreola 1:06.29a

Shot Put - 4kg
11) Lucero Urioztegui Arreola 24-09.50
14) Katrina Meeuwsen 24-01.00

Discus - 1kg
4) Katrina Meeuwsen 76-02
28) Paige Sheffield 39-03

High Jump
1) Jhada Meyer 4-01.00

Long Jump
9) Tao Yi Dallman 10-10.00
-) Katrina Meeuwsen SCR
-) Paige Sheffield SCR

Kansas boys win GPSD Track & Field championship

kansasThe 2018 Kansas School for the Deaf Track & Field season ended on a positive note. KSD originally had 12 track & field team members. Unfortunately, we lost five experienced seniors last year. Our Track & Field schedule was for six meets including the Great Plains Schools for the Deaf (GPSD) championship.

Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf has been well known to be the best Track & Field team for years. In the past, they won the Berg and Seeger Classic Championship for four straight years. Steve Fuerst, the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf Head Coach, had been the Head Coach for the Olympic Deaf Track and & Field team. We have always respected him and his program. MSAD took third place for the Berg and Seeger Classic Championship this year.

KSD lost two players this year due to disciplinary action. Both players are valuable to the team, worth 30 points total. The remaining players were forced to change their events. Before we left for the Oklahoma School for the Deaf for the GPSD Track & Field Championship with seven Deaf schools, another player was taken off the active roster and could not go due to a freak accident. That meant that we had nine players for the GPSD Championship.

Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf team had won the GPSD Track and Field Championship for six straight years. Kansas School for the Deaf had been behind them for three years. MSAD lost two players this year, worth 30 points. KSD finally stopped their winning streak! We finally won the GPSD Track & Field Championship. It was our first championship since 2006! (Contributed by Head Coach Richard Ward)

Kansas @ Great Plains Schools for the Deaf Championships - Results

Final Results: 1) Kansas 149 2) Minnesota 126 3) Oklahoma 49 4) Missouri 44 5) Iowa 40 6) Wisconsin 22 7) Arkansas 21

Prep Track Roundup - May 7

Track ScoreboardFriday, May 4 & Saturday, May 5, 2018

Alabama @ AHSAA 1A State Track & Field Championships - Results

Arizona @ AIA Division 4 State Championships - Results

Colorado @ Black Forest League Championship - Results

Florida @ FHSAA 1A State Track & Field Championships - Results

Maryland @ 37th General Philip Draper Invitational - Results

Mississippi @ MHSAA 1A State Championships - Results

New Mexico @ NMAA 1A State Championships - Results

Oklahoma @ OSSAA 1A State Championships - Results

South Carolina @ Class A Upper State - Results

Texas @ TAPPS 4A State Meet - Results

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Idaho @ Northside Conference Championships - Results

Louisiana @ LHSAA Class C State Outdoor Championships - Results

Minnesota @ Bethlehem Academy Invite - Results

Washington @ 1A Trico League - Results

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Fremont @ BCL East Meet #3 - Results

Kentucky @ Mercer County All Comers - Results

Maryland hosts MSD Invitational - Results

Oregon @ North Marion OWC Meet - Results

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

stmarysSt Mary’s hosts Triangular Meet

Boys - The Bison hosted their second meet of the season and prevailed overall at the end of the meet. In attendance were Rochester School for the Deaf, The Falk School and The Gow School which ran exhibition. Gow is trying to establish a track program and participated in the meet to get some experience. We had great weather for a meet and there were some great performances by all. (Contributed by Athletic Director Jim Carmody)

Final Results: 1) St. Mary’s 51 2) Falk 50 3) Rochester 19

Long Jump: Isa Habeeb 15-05, Nick Barrus 17-06 (1st Place)
Triple Jump: Isa Habeeb 31-07.50, Nick Barrus 37-01.00 (1st Place)
Shot Put: Adnan Abdi 21-09.75, Ryan Brzezinski 35-00.00 (1st Place)
Discus: Adnan Abdi 56-04, Ryan Brzezinski 98-00 (1st Place)
100m: Givon Blackwell 14.16, Ethan Antone 13.41, Ryan Brzezinski 14.4
1600m: Kassim Kassim 7:25.1, Christian Lawrence 5:40.7
400m: Ethan Antone DQ, Isa Habeeb 1:16.71
800m: Christian Lawrence 2:41.1, Kassim Kassim 3:12.3, Michael Norris 3:34.1
200m: Ethan Antone 29.52, Givon Blackwell 28.12, Ryan Brzezinski 31.81
3200m: Christian Lawrence 12:12.1
4x100: Blackwell/Antone/Habeeb/Brzezinski 58.01
High Jump: Christian Lawrence 5-02, Nick Barrus 4-10
110hh: Nick Barrus 18.7

Girls - The Lady Bison competed in a 4-team meet between our rival Rochester School for the Deaf, Falk, and newcomer the Gow School. Overall it was a good showing by our team. We dominated the field events with help from Kioney Alvira-Juardo and Cameron Cole who both had personal records. Unfortunately we fell behind to the RSD Wildcats in the majority of the running events and it ended up costing our girls the overall victory. Although we struggled to score more points , we saw a lot of hard work and improvement from many of our athletes including Kearah Kelly and Aleyshka Rivera-Nieves. (Contributed by Head Coach Bryan Booke)

Final Results: 1) Rochester 57 2) St. Mary’s 45 3) Falk 7

Long Jump: Kioney Alvira- Juardo 12-10 (1st Place)
Triple Jump: Kioney Alvira-Juardo 29-00 (1st Place)
Shot Put: Cameron Cole 26-11.50 (1st Place), Elise Watson 19-05.75
Discus: Cameron Cole 65-01
100m: Kearah Kelly 15.37
1600m: Kioney Alvira-Juardo 7:31, Aleyshka Rivera-Nieves 8:46.2
400m: Kearah Kelly 1:21.9 (1st Place)
800m: Emma Foster 4:36
200m: Kearah Kelly 34.8
4x400: Kelly/Watson/Rivera-Nieves/Foster 7:17
4x100: Kelly/Watson/Foster/Cole 1:11.3
High Jump: Kioney Alvira-Juardo 4-02 (1st Place)
100hh: Cameron Cole 21.8 (1st Place)

Prep Track Roundup - May 1

Track ScoreboardMonday, April 30, 2018

Indiana @ Terre Haute South Invite - Results

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Alabama @ AHSAA 1A - Section 2 - Results

Great Plains Schools for the Deaf Championships @ Oklahoma School for the Deaf - Results

Mississippi @ MHSAA South State 1A Championships - Results

Oklahoma @ OSSAA Class 1A-2A Regional - Alex - Results

Texas @ TAPPS 4A South Regional Meet - Results

Friday, April 27, 2018

Indiana @ Park Tudor Invitational - Results

Utah @ Wendover Invitational 2018 - Results

Prep Track Roundup - April 27

Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Jersey hosts Quad Meet (w/ Lexington & New York) - Results

Oregon @ Southwest Christian Invitational - Results

stmarysSt. Mary’s hosts Triangular Meet

Boys - The Bison hosted their first meet of the season yesterday. The weather in Western New York has postponed our track season and it was great to finally be able to compete. The Bison took on The Falk School and Maritime Charter School in a three way meet. Our meet against Falk last week was cancelled due to snow and cold temperatures. Our schedules allowed us to host a three way meet. It was a cold and rainy day which is not ideal but the Bison pushed through the elements and managed to perform quite well given the conditions and the fact that it was our first official meet as a team for all. Our next meet is May 2nd when we host Rochester School for the Deaf and Falk in another three way meet. (Contributed by Athletic Director Jim Carmody)

Long Jump: Isa Habeeb 15.00.50, Nick Barrus 17.08.50 (1st Place)
Triple Jump: Isa Habeeb 31.07.50, Nick Barrus 37.05.00 (1st Place)
Shot Put: Ryan Brzezinski 38.01.75 (1st Place)
Discus: Ryan Brzezinski 91.05 (1st Place)
100M: Givon Blackwell 13.83, Francis Nyguen 15.44
1600M: Kassim Kassim 7:23.45, Christian Lawrence 5:32.14 (1st Place)
400M: Ethan Antone 1:10.78, Isa Habeeb 1:20.00
800M: Kassim Kassim 3:27.21, Michael Norris 3:36.10
200M: Ethan Antone 29.04, Givon Blackwell 29.94
3200M: Christian Lawrence 12:51.21
4X400: Norris/Antone/Kassim/Blackwell 5:31.12
4x100: Barrus/Blackwell/Habeeb/Lawrence 59.14

Girls - After one of the worst starts to a spring track season in regards to weather I have ever been involved with, our Lady Bison were finally able to taste real competition in their first meet yesterday. We competed against the Maritime Charter School and the Stanley G. Falk School. Despite the wet and cold weather, the Lady Bison put their best foot forward. We had some veterans such as Cameron Cole and Kioney Alvira Juardo who stepped up in some unfamiliar events. Some rookies (Aleyshka Rivera Nieves and Tatyana Bean) were able to make an immediate impact despite the lack of experience. The Lady Bison won the meet and it should help with our confidence as we prepare for big ESDAA tournament in a few weeks. (Contributed by Head Coach Bryan Booke)

Long Jump: Kioney Alvira-Juardo 13-06.50 (1st Place)
Triple Jump: Kioney Alvira-Juardo 28-06.50 (1st Place)
Shot Put: Cameron Cole 25.03 (1st Place), Elise Watson 18-06
Discus: Cameron Cole 62.00 (1st Place)
100M: Kearah Kelly 15.26, Cassandra Cook 21.56
1600M: Kioney Alvira-Juardo 7:28 (1st Place), Tatyana Bean 11:28
400M: Kearah Kelly 1:26.2
800M: Aleyshka Rivera-Nieves 4:27
200M: Kearah Kelly 38.5
4X400: Rivera-Nieves,Watson,Bean,Cole 7:17
4X100: Kelly,Watson,Bean,Cole 1:15

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

americanAmerican @ East Windsor Invitational

200 Meters
19) Andrew Parent 27.83h
20) Dennis Atkinson 29.26h

400 Meters
12) Andrew Parent 1:07.21h

800 Meters
7) Jonathan Jenkins 2:35.56h

1600 Meters
12) Mohammed Alasadi 6:03.39h
15) Jonathan Jenkins 6:20.58h

3200 Meters
7) Mohammed Alasadi 13:04.96h
8) Jonathan Jenkins 13:54.88h

4x100 Relay
4) Relay Team 54.75h

4x400 Relay
3) Relay Team 4:36.67h

Shot Put - 12lb
12) Donate Pritchett 25-09.00

Discus - 1.6kg
16) Donate Pritchett 55-01.00

Long Jump
13) Jey Cruz 14-09.00
15) Joshua Robinson 14-00.00

Triple Jump
6) Jey Cruz 29-04.00
7) Joshua Robinson 28-02.50

200 Meters
18) Oriana Foss 35.05h
21) Craichelle Morrison 37.53h

Shot Put - 4kg
25) Kara-lee Lyle 15-06.00
27) Neila Eddy 11-07.00

Discus - 1kg
10) Kara-lee Lyle 47-00.00
19) Neila Eddy 23-04.00

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