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Prep Softball Roundup - March 28

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

texasTexas 19 San Marcos Academy 4

Texas steamrolled past San Marcos Academy in a district game belting out 14 hits which included six home runs led by Ashlene Etkie who had three. Emma Giuntoli earned the win holding San Marcos Academy to just one hit and striking out seven.

SMA 0--3-1 = 4-1-3
TSD 9-10-X = 19-14-2

Texas Batting
2B: Sunita Schmidjorg
HR: Jaelene Etkie, Ashlene Etkie 3, Michaela Kelley, Sunita Schmidjorg
TB: Jaelene Etkie 4, Ashlene Etkie 12, Emma Giuntoli, Michaela Kelley 5, Jewel Rocha 2, Sunita Schmidjorg 7, Jayne Taylor 2
RBI: Jaelene Etkie 2, Ashlene Etkie 3, Michaela Kelley 4, Jewel Rocha, Sunita Schmidjorg, Jayne Taylor 3
ROE: Jaelene Etkie, Leila Sicoli
HBP: Emma Giuntoli
SB: Emma Giuntoli, Jewel Rocha, Sunita Schmidjorg, Leila Sicoli 2, Jayne Taylor 3
CS: Jayne Taylor

Texas Fielding
E: Brianne Leiker, Leila Sicoli

Texas Pitching
Emma Giuntoli (WP) 3.0IP, 1H, 4R, 0ER, 7K, 6BB, 0HR

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riversideRiverside 14 LaVerne Lutheran 4

Riverside grabbed an early lead on its way to a 14-4 victory over Lutheran on Tuesday. Riverside scored on a stolen base by Maricela Galarza and a double by Thalia Bunda in the first inning.

Riverside scored five runs in the third inning. Riverside's big inning was driven by a home run by Hannah Metzner and a groundout by Hannah Weiss.

Brenda Vargas led things off on the rubber for Riverside. She went five innings, allowing four runs on one hit and striking out one.

Bela Montes toed the rubber for Lutheran. She surrendered 14 runs on 12 hits over four and a third innings, striking out four.

Riverside launched three home runs on the day. Alexandra Monge had a homer in the fifth inning. Lily DeSimone had a four bagger in the fourth inning. Metzner went for the long ball in the third inning.

Riverside totaled 12 hits in the game. Bunda, DeSimone, and Monge all managed multiple hits for Riverside. DeSimone and Bunda each collected three hits to lead Riverside.

Mollie Hittinger went 1-for-3 at the plate to lead Lutheran in hits.

LLHS  2-0-0-2-0 = 4-1-6
CSDR 3-0-5-3-3 = 14-12-4

Riverside Batting
2B: Thalia Bunda, Lily DeSimone
HR: Lily DeSimone, Hannah Metzner, Alexandra Monge
TB: Thalia Bunda 4, Lily DeSimone 7, Maricela Galarza, Hannah Metzner 4, Alexandra Monge 5, Brenda Vargas, Hannah Weiss
RBI: Thalia Bunda 2, Lily DeSimone, Hannah Metzner 4, Alexandra Monge 3, Brenda Vargas
ROE: Janae Blakely, Maricela Galarza, Brenda Vargas
FC: Scarlet Watters
HBP: Kyra Paranaque
SB: Janae Blakely, Thalia Bunda, Lily DeSimone, Maricela Galarza 2, Alexandra Monge, Kyra Paranaque, Brenda Vargas, Hannah Weiss
CS: Thalia Bunda, Scarlet Watters

Riverside Fielding
E: Lily DeSimone, Alexandra Monge, Brenda Vargas 2
TP: Janae Blakely, Alexandra Monge

Riverside Pitching
Brenda Vargas (WP) 5.0IP, 1H, 4R, 2ER, 1K, 7BB, 0HR

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Monday, March 26, 2018

riversideRiverside 16 California Lutheran 5

Riverside ran off with the lead late in the game in a 16-5 victory over California Lutheran on Monday. The game was tied at three with Riverside batting in the bottom of the fourth when Hannah Weiss doubled on a 1-1 count, scoring one run.

Riverside offense in the inning was led by Weiss, Janae Blakely, Scarlet Watters, Maricela Galarza, Lily DeSimone, and Brenda Vargas, who each had RBIs in the inning.

California Lutheran got things moving in the first inning, when Angelique Bayardo drew a walk, scoring one run.

In the bottom of the third inning, Riverside tied things up at three. Aspen Goldstein grounded out, scoring one run.

Goldstein was on the mound for Riverside. She allowed three hits and five runs over five innings, striking out eight.

Cambria Ehinger led things off on the hill for California Lutheran. She surrendered 16 runs on seven hits over four innings, striking out two.

Riverside had seven hits in the game. DeSimone and Alexandra Monge all collected multiple hits for Riverside. Monge and DeSimone each managed two hits.

Makena Shobe went 2-for-3 at the plate to lead California Lutheran in hits.

CLHS  1-0-2--0-2 = 5-3-6
CSDR 0-2-1-13-X = 16-7-2

Riverside Batting
2B: Lily DeSimone 2, Alexandra Monge 2, Hannah Weiss
TB: Lily DeSimone 4, Aspen Goldstein, Alexandra Monge 4, Brenda Vargas, Hannah Weiss 2
RBI: Lily DeSimone 3, Maricela Galarza 2, Aspen Goldstein, Hannah Weiss
ROE: Janae Blakely 2, Maricela Galarza, Scarlet Watters 2
FC: Maricela Galarza
SB: Janae Blakely, Thalia Bunda, Lily DeSimone 2, Maricela Galarza, Alexandra Monge 2, Brenda Vargas, Scarlet Watters
CS: Thalia Bunda

Riverside Fielding
E: Aspen Goldstein, Alexandra Monge

Riverside Pitching
Aspen Goldstein (WP) 5.0IP, 3H, 5R, 3ER, 8K, 4BB, 0HR

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texasTexas 11 Veritas Academy 0

Emma Giuntoli threw a gem on Monday for Texas, allowing zero runs and besting Veritas Academy by a score of 11-0

Texas's big inning in the bottom of fourth was driven by a walk by Sicoli, a single by Jewel Rocha, and an error on a ball put in play by Jamie McEver.

One bright spot for Veritas Academy was a single by Halbgewachs in the fourth inning.

Giuntoli was on the mound for Texas. She lasted five innings, allowing one hit and zero runs while striking out two.

Stanford started for Veritas Academy and lasted two and a third innings, allowing three hits and eight runs while striking out one. Wheelock threw one and two-thirds innings in relief.

Jayne Taylor, Rocha, Michaela Kelley, and Sunita Schmidjorg each collected one hit to lead Texas.

Halbgewachs led Veritas Academy with one hit in one at bat.

VA   0-0-0-0-0 = 0-1-4
TSD 3-0-5-3-X = 11-4-2

Texas Batting
2B: Sunita Schmidjorg
3B: Michaela Kelley
TB: Michaela Kelley 3, Jewel Rocha, Sunita Schmidjorg 2, Jayne Taylor
RBI: Michaela Kelley, Jewel Rocha 3
ROE: Jamie McEver, Jewel Rocha, Sunita Schmidjorg
FC: Jamie McEver
HBP: Ashlene Etkie, Jayne Taylor
SB: Ashlene Etkie 3, Emma Giuntoli 4, Jewel Rocha, Sunita Schmidjorg, Leila Sicoli 2
CS: Jewel Rocha

Texas Fielding
E: Jewel Rocha, Sunita Schmidjorg

Texas Pitching
Emma Giuntoli (WP) 5.0IP, 1H, 0R, 0ER, 2K, 3BB, 0HR

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