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Prep Soccer Roundup - October 5

Wednesday, October 4 2017

new-jerseynew-yorkNew York 4 New Jersey 0

Gregorio Ulerio scored two of Fanwood’s four goals against New Jersey. Christian Gonzalez and Alnord Deski had a goal each. Niam Webb had 14 saves for New Jersey.

NJSD  0-0 = 0
NYSD 2-2 = 4

Prep Soccer Roundup - October 4

Tuesday, October 3 2017

rochesterRochester 5 Hope Hall 3

RSD travelled to Hope Hall for the first of two meetings this season. This was scheduled for a friendly exhibition game and that is what the fans were treated to. RSD scored first, but kept the game competitive for the hometown fans of Hope Hall. Next game is against arch-rival, St. Mary’s School for the Deaf next Tuesday on their field. (Contributed by Coach Scott Lipitz)

Goals: Aggas 1, Gentzke 1, Perez 1, Maldonado 1, Walshvelo 1.

Assists: Gentzke 1, Aggas 1.

americanEmmanuel Christian 2 American 1

ASD is dramatically improved on both sides of the ball with the low score that was allowed against Emmanuel Christian. In past games, Emmanuel Christian usually score a lot and shut us down but yesterday we gave them a hard time. (Contributed by Head Coach Curt Hayward)

pennsylvaniaPennsylvania 2 Community Academy of Philadelphia 1

The game was tied 1-1 until Peter Dammer scored the final goal to help us win our first game of the season. (Contributed by Athletic Director Matt Bujak)

new-jerseyNew Jersey 3 Lewis School 0

Marco Espinoza had two goals and an assist to pace New Jersey past The Lewis School for the first win of the season.

NJSD 1-2 = 3
TLS   0-0 = 2

Goals: Marco Espinoza 2, Chrstian Magana-Felipe 1
Assists: Marco Espinoza 1, Ricky Maldonado 1
Saves: Naim Webb 4

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

new-yorkNew York 5 Rhode Island 0

Fanwood had their first victory of season against Rhode Island School for the Deaf, 5-0. Fanwood’s Christian Gonzalez recorded his first ever hat-trick with three goals. Yazeed Al-Khatib added two goals and an assist. Fernando Tejada (goalie) had 10 saves. (Contributed by Head Coach Paul Ditimi)

Goals: Christian Gonzalez 3, Yazeed Al-Khatib 2
Assists: Yazeed Al-Khatib 1
Saves: Fernando Tejada 10, Alnord Deski 5, Kevin Flores-Verdejo 3, Joshua Crawford-Ponder 2

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

new-yorkAmerican 3 New York 1

Fanwood lost their third straight game against American School for the Deaf. Christian Gonzalez scored a first-half goal and had seven shots. Yazeed Al-Khatib had an assist. Fernando Tejada (goalie) made 18 saves to keep the score close. Our players tried to stop ASD but eventually got burned out. (Contributed by Head Coach Paul Ditimi)

Goals: Christian Gonzalez 1
Assists: Yazeed Al-Khatib 1
Saves: Fernando Tejada 18

Prep Soccer Roundup - October 2

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Marie Philip 4 Rhode Island 1

rhode-islandRhode Island School for the Deaf hosted our very first Homecoming yesterday and it was a very successful one. We received a good turnout for the 1,000 Points Club ceremony where we unveiled our new banners of past RISD students who recorded over 1,000 points in their career here at the school.

The weather was cloudy, cold and rained for most of the morning but people from both RISD and MPS community came out in good numbers. To our luck, the rain turned into a slight drizzle by the beginning of the game and people flocked over from the grill to watch the soccer game. Our players were fired up for their first Homecoming as well as our first home game of the season and our players certainly showed their fire on the field. We battled MPS for every ball and our defense really stepped up a notch in order to shut down MPS' talented players.

MPS was able to score a nice-looking goal halfway through the first half, but our players were able to stay on the attack and proceeded to push in a goal of our own to knot the game up at one apiece and kept it that way through the end of the first half. The crowd really got into the game and our players fed off the crowd and the coaches' energy.

RISD hadn't beaten MPS in 15 or so years, so we were hoping to make history on our Homecoming. The game remained tied until our young defenders made several mistakes in the penalty area, which allowed MPS to capitalize twice to stretch their lead to 3-1. MPS would add another goal on a nice drive by their senior captain Dylan Christoffels and win the game 4-1. The crowd and MPS coaches were really impressed by our Roosters soccer team and how they performed and fought the entire game.

Despite the score, today was easily our best game of the season and we hope to carry our momentum into the month of October especially with two tournaments (International Friendship & ESDAA Division 2) coming up on our schedule. (Contributed by Athletic Director Nathan Engel)

Daury Almonte: 1 Goal
Juan Fernandes: 24 Saves

MPS  1-3 = 4
RISD 1-0 = 1

marie-philipMarie Philip School made a trip to Rhode Island School for the Deaf for their homecoming game. We agreed with RISD coach to play 8 vs 8 format. It was our first time playing 8 vs 8 on the field this season. We have eight substitutes and it was nice to see all of our players play. We were tied 1-1 at halftime. RISD was on fire hoping to win the game.

We kept switching our substitute players in the second half. We were scoreless for quite a while till we slowly scored three goals. Luke McBride scored his first career goal. RISD did a marvelous job. We won our second game in two days against Deaf schools. (Contributed by Head coach Jason Cserny)

Deaf schools: 3-0-1
League record: 1-3

Friday, September 29, 2017

marie-philipMarie Philip 2 Lexington 1

We had to shorten our halves due to Lexington arriving a little late for the game. The first half was a scoreless tie.

In the second half, MPS defensive line didn't line up right which cost us a goal. We got an advantage to having a penalty kick and scored a goal. We kept trying to carry the ball to kick it into the net and finally we got the ball into the net with just a minute left in the game. (Contributed by Head coach Jason Cserny)

LEX  0-1 = 1
MPS 0-2 = 2

Prep Soccer Roundup - September 29

Thursday, September 28, 2017

stmarysSt. Mary's 5 Chesterton Academy 4

Yesterday, we had an NFCAA league match against Chesterton Academy. It was the second time in our home and away series that we have kicked off against the Wolverines. It was Deaf Awareness week, so not only were we motivated to showcase our skills in front of our Deaf community, but we as a team were looking to bounce back after a lack luster performance this past Tuesday. During practice we corrected some of the basic mistakes we made earlier in the week and made some minor position changes in an effort to get back to .500 and stay ahead of the pack in our league.

Nick Barrus opened up the scoring on his way to having his second hat trick (3 goals in a game) of the season with a rainbow shot into the sun that the our opponents keeper had no chance of saving. The action was back and forth as both clubs took turns with the lead during the match. Despite playing considerably better, the Bison were actually down by one goal at halftime. The coaching staff settled the boys down and explained that with the quality scoring chances we were creating so far, the score could’ve easily been reversed. If we continued to play smart we could come out of the game with a win.

Our efforts in the second half paid off. We continued to pepper the other team with shots and it wasn’t long before Adnan Abdi scored his first goal of the season and Givon Blackwell “picked up the trash” and scored his second of the season off of a rebound shot from Kassim Kassim. Once again, Christian Lawrence stood tall between the posts and did what was necessary to keep the other team from knotting up the game. (Contributed by Head Coach Bryan Booke)

Nick Barrus: 3 goals
Givon Blackwell: 1 goal
Adnan Abdi: 1 goal
Christian Lawrence: 7 saves

americanAmerican 1 MacDuffie School 0

American broke a scoreless tie with MacDuffie School with seven minutes left in regulation to pick up their fifth win of the season.

Prep Soccer Roundup - September 28

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

rhode-islandNew York 5 Rhode Island 0

RISD completed the last leg of our four-game road stretch to open our 2017 season against NYSD-Fanwood. Both teams came into the game with an 0-3 record and we both were hungry to earn our first win of the season. Fanwood's coaches agreed to play 8v8 against us, which was greatly appreciated.

Both teams started out well and we both had attacking opportunities but nothing came out of it. Fanwood was finally able to push a goal within the first 20 minutes on a nice one-on-one break where one of their forwards broke through our back defenders' line. They would add another goal before halftime on a similar situation.

We made some adjustments and encouraged our defenders to become more aggressive with the ball. RISD became a little too aggressive at times and got beaten several times which led to three second-half goals for Fanwood. Our offense moved the ball very well, but we struggled to break through Fanwood's wall of four defenders, and when we did, we couldn't get the ball past their goaltender.

NYSD won by the final score of 5-0. RISD will finally host our very first home game this Saturday, September 30 which also happens to be our Homecoming. We are looking forward to hosting our first Homecoming and hope this Saturday will be successful for both our HC and the soccer team. (Contributed by Athletic Director Nathan Engel)

RISD 0-0 = 0
NYSD 2-3 = 5

Juan Fernandes: 7 Saves
Timothy Jaliah: 5 Shots
Jayden Elias: 5 Shots

marie-philipCovenant Christian 5 Marie Philip 1

Marie Philip School had a battle with Covenant Christian Academy as they were an undefeated team last year until they lost one during championship game. It was a good start for MPS to earn a penalty kick so quick but we missed a PK chance. We could've scored a few goals in the first half but didn't seize the moment. Covenant Christian was up at halftime, 3-0.

During the second half, Ty Looney surprisingly kicked the ball into the net. Coaches really impressed with our team's performance, even though they played in a hot day. (Contributed by Head Coach Jason Cserny)

CCA 4-1 = 5
MPS 0-1 = 1

pennsylvaniaInternational Christian 6 Pennsylvania 3

PSD Panthers soccer had a home game against International Christian. We were down 3-0 in the first half. We improved in the second half but lost ultimately lost the game, 6-3. (Contributed by Athletic Director Matt Bujak)

IC 3-3 = 6
PSD 0-3 = 3

Monday, September 25, 2017

lexingtonLexington 4 Legacy 3

The game against Legacy was played in 8 v 8 format. Jean Carlos, Jovanni Vega with an assist to Steve Salmon, and Vega each scored a goal in the first half to give Lexington a 3-0 lead after the first half. The second half saw Legacy score three goals by one player to make it a close game. Salmon scored a goal in the final minutes to give Lexington a 4-3 win.

LEX 3-1 = 4
LEG 0-3 = 3

Prep Soccer Roundup - September 27

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

marie-philipMarie Philip 7 Waldorf School 3

Marie Philip School played against our league opponent, Waldorf School of Massachusetts Bay. We played really well to keep possession in the first half but we missed a lot of scoring opportunities. Jasper Damas scored a goal and Dylan Christoffels had four goals to give our team a 5-1 lead at halftime.

Due to Waldorf having only 11 players without substitutes, we kept adjusting our players' positions with the goal to improve their skills. We kept missing more scoring opportunities in the second half. Projwal Prohkrel scored his first career goal. We've finally won our first league game since 2014. (Contributed by Head Coach Jason Cserny)

rochesterCornerstone Christian 4 Rochester 3

RSD travelled to Brockport, New York to take on Cornerstone Christian Academy in a non-league game. RSD was only able to bring nine able bodies to the game, making it extremely tough, since we were experiencing record high temperatures (90 degrees) this Fall day.

Regardless, we put our best foot forward and gave it our all. RSD put up a great fight, but ended losing 4-3. Earning goals for RSD was Courtney Gentzke and two goals for Levi Ruper.

We played incredibly well for the 80 minutes, even playing with seven on the field at one point due to some cramping issues. It was a valiant effort by the Wildcats, and we look forward to our rematch on our field, with I hope, much cooler temperatures. (Contributed by Coach Scott Lipitz)

Goals: Levi Ruper 2, Courtney Gentzke 1

western-pennsylvaniaWestern Pennsylvania 1 Seeds of Faith Christian 0 - Forfeit

WPSD won by forfeit over Seeds of Faith and we have a big test for us. The next five league games - tough teams. We will see how we fare out. Two of them are fighting for second place with us and the other one, the first place team. (Contributed by Head Coach Val Wojton)

Today - vs First Baptist
Next Tuesday - vs Robinson Township Christian
Next Thursday - vs Evangel Heights
October 10 - at Robinson Township Christian
October 12 - at First Baptist

League record: 4-1

pennsylvaniaNew Jersey 3 Pennsylvania 3 - OT

Pennsylvania was at New Jersey and we led 3-1 until the end. New Jersey got in two late goals and it became a tie at 3-3. The overtime was scoreless and the game ended with a tie.

The Panthers did a great job not to let New Jersey win the game. Aquil did a great job as a goalie. Jacob, Anel, and Nasir each had a goal. (Contributed by Athletic Director Matt Bujak)

americanAmerican 3 New York 1

We struggled a little during the frist half due to position changes. The heat was a factor as well. The team did much better in the second half but we gave too much ball opportunity to Fanwood. (Contributed by Head Coach Curt Hayward)

stmarysFalk 6 St. Mary’s 1

The Bison had their second NFCAA league match yesterday against the Stanley G. Falk School. Unfortunately, we had two starters out of the line-up which impacted how we were planning to attack our opponent. It should be noted that although the heat wave had an effect on both teams, the fact that we had no available subs put our players and team at a strong disadvantage. That said, the Bisons came out flat.

We made some costly mistakes in the first half that allowed Falk to take a commanding 4-0 lead and we spent the rest of the match attempting to recover and play catch-up. When we were able to finally clear the ball out of our own end, which presented many challenges for us yesterday we were able to have some quality scoring chances. Unfortunately, Nick Barrus who has been our biggest offensive threat thus far this season had three great shots on goal that each hit a cross bar and both goal posts. Isa Habeeb was able to capitalize on a penalty kick to get us on the scoreboard and keep us from getting shut-out.

We did play better in the 2nd half and we were only outscored by one goal in the remaining 30 minutes. (Contributed by Head Coach Bryan Booke)

Isa Habeeb: 1 goal
Christian Lawrence: 8 saves

Friday, September 22 and Saturday, September 23, 2017

pennsylvaniaPennsylvania School for the Deaf traveled to Rochester (RSD) for their homecoming tournament. The first game we played was against RSD and it was a great game. The boys played their hearts out but we lost 4-2. Then we played game right after that one against Ohio. Our boys were worn out but they never gave despite losing 8-0. On Saturday morning, we had a game against St. Mary’s. The boys played awesome as it was a close game. St. Mary’s scored in the final seconds making it 4-3. The boys never gave up as they all played with heart and great sportsmanship. Hazim Haroun was named to the All-Tournament team. (Contributed by Athletic Director Matt Bujak)

Friday, September 22
Rochester 6 Pennsylvania 2
Ohio 8 Pennsylvania 0

Saturday, September 23
St. Mary's 4 Pennsylvania 3 - 3rd Place

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