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Prep Soccer Roundup - November 7

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

new-yorkMasters School 5 New York 2

Christian Gonzalez scored one goal and had one assist. Yazeed Al-khatib kicked in a goal at the buzzer. Gregorio Ulterio had 13 saves, Chris Marin-Paffox had seven saves and Alnord Deski had six saves. New York-Fanwood finish the season at 2-14. (Contributed by Head Coach Paul Ditimi)

Monday, October 30, 2017

new-yorkHudson School 9 New York 4

In our final home game, Gregorio Ulterio scored two goals and had one assist in the 80th minute as New York lost to Hudson School. Hudson School went ahead 5-2 in the first half when Christian Gonzalez missed a penalty kick, but he scored a goal. Chris Marin-Palafox had nine saves and Joshua Crawford-Ponder had six saves. (Contributed by Head Coach Paul Ditimi)

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