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ESDAA D1 & D2 Soccer Tournament Summaries

Summaries of Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association (ESDAA) Division 1 Tournament held at Marie Philip School on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21, 2017.

marie-philipMarie Philip School

Marie Philip 4 New York 1

Our first game was against New York School for the Deaf. We had a great start to lead 4-0 at halftime. Jorge Lara scored his first career goal and he got two goals in that game. Ty Looney and Dylan Christoffels scored one goal each.

Western Pennsylvania 1 Marie Philip 0 - Western Pennsylvania wins shootout 2-1

Game 2 - We competed against the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, the defending ESDAA Champions. We tried to break through WPSD defensive line but we couldn't. Unfortunately, the game ended up in a scoreless tie and we had to compete the shootout. We lost the shootout, however we had qualified for the semifinals.

American 2 Marie Philip 1 - American wins shootout 3-2

Semifinals - It was a great start for us as we scored a goal in the first half as Jasper Damas kicked the ball into the net.

We worked hard to build our blockage in the defensive line but unfortunately for us as we made mistake in the penalty box as ASD earned the penalty kick goal in less than two minutes before the game that forced us to do the shootout. It was really difficult for us losing the game.

Marie Philip 5 Lexington 0 - 3rd Place

MPS played in the consolation game against Lexington School for the Deaf. We quickly led 4-0 in the first half as Ty Looney scored a goal while Dylan Christoffels netted two goals. Kacey Monahan made a nice header goal from the corner kick.

In the second half, Dylan Christoffels earned his hat trick. MPS finished in 3rd place for the first time. Overall, it was a great tournament and we were proud to host the tournament. Our senior player, Dylan Christoffels had played his last home game. He will be so greatly missed.

Congratulations on Kacey Monahan and Dylan Christoffels for earning the All-Tournament team honors. Dylan Christoffels also was named the Most Valuable Player of the tournament. (Contributed by Head Coach Jason Cserny)

western-pennsylvaniaWestern Pennsylvania

I want to tip my hat off to David DelPizzo and his committee for staging a finely-tuned tournament and a nice weather to boost. (Contributed by Head Coach Val Wojton)

Friday, October 20, 2017
WPSD beat New York, 1-0
WPSD and Marie Philip ties 0-0 and WPSD won in a shootout, 2-1.

Saturday, October 21, 2017
WPSD and Lexington tied, 0-0. WPSD advanced to the finals by winning the shootout, 3-1.
WPSD successfully defended their title by beating American, 2-0.

new-yorkNew York School for the Deaf

Western Pennsylvania 1 New York 0

NYSD players have done a good job doing against Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and we lost on a mistake in the last minute when an official dropped the ball on field and WPSD took advantage with a goal. Goalie Dana Canteen had 13 saves.

Marie Philip 4 New York 1

Goalie Dana had 11 saves and Christian Gonzalez scored one goal with six shots.

Ohio 4 New York 1 - 5th Place

Goalie Dana had 14 saves, John Panganiban scored a goal, and Yazeed Al-Khatib had one assist. Overall, we won the Team Sportsmanship award. First year goalie Dana Canteen was named to the ESDAA All-Tournament team. (Contributed by Head Coach Paul Ditmi)

Summaries of Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association (ESDAA) Division 2 Tournament held at St. Mary’s School for the Deaf on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21, 2017.

stmarysSt. Mary’s

Game #1 - St, Mary's 3 New York State 0

The Bison played host this year for the D2 ESDAA soccer tournament. As the host, we were able to take full advantage by getting our entire school to come out and support us as we kicked off the event with the first match against the Trojans from NYSSD/Rome. After the first few minutes of feeling each other out, the Bison took control of the game and gave our fans a lot to cheer about. Isa Habeeb played like a man possessed and was able to score three goals for his first career hat trick. Our defense held firm and made it so that Christian Lawrence was never truly tested in goal. Everyone on the team was able to get some playing time.

Individual Stats:
Isa Habeeb: 3 goals
Christian Lawrence: 1 save

Game #2 - St Mary's 1 New Jersey 0

In our second game of the afternoon, the Bison took on the Colts from NJSD. In the past, every time we have played against New Jersey it has always been very competitive and although the score have been close, we have yet to come out victorious. However, today we were looking to change that outcome. In the first half of the match the Bisons appeared flat. The Colts were dominating play and pinning us back in our defensive zone. We had a bad breakdown that gave the other team a penalty shot. However, Christian Lawrence stood tall in between the posts as he has done all season and made another clutch save that kept the score 0-0 going into halftime. The coaches explained to the boys that they needed to pick up the intensity and play with more sense of urgency. If we didn’t improve, we would suffer the same fate against NJSD as past years. The players responded with a solid effort in the second half and were able to generate much more of an offensive attack. In fact, Adnan Abdi was able to bend a shot past the NJ keeper to grab a 1-0 lead. Despite some pressure from our opponent, we were able to hold onto that advantage for the final 15 minutes and come away with a huge win and another shut out for Christian Lawrence.

Individual Stats:
Adnan Abdi: 1 goal

Game #3 - St. Mary's 7 West Virginia 0

On day 2 of the tournament, the Bison had to finish out their “pool B” play against the Lions from West Virginia School for the Deaf. The Bison were trying to win their pool by going undefeated and earning 9 out of a possible 9 points to advance to the semifinals. It was clear from the start that the Lions were going to have a difficult time matching our teams skill and intensity. The Bisons jumped out to a very early 3-0 lead off the foot of Isa Habeeb. This was the second hat trick for Isa Habeeb in this tournament.

Once we had a firm control of the match, we were able to make some adjustments and allow players who don’t get as much playing time the opportunity to log some significant minutes. Francis “Frank” Nyguen , Steven Bajdo, and Michael Norris played the entire second half and were able to show the coaching staff how much they have learned and improved this season. Michael Norris served as our keeper in an effort to give him some experience as our back-up and to give Christian Lawrence a much needed break. Frank Nyguen was rewarded for all of his hard work by scoring his first career goal that helped widen the gap for the Bisons and ensure our spot in the semifinals. Our boys ended up winning 7-0 and captured our third win in a row along with our third straight shutout.

Individual Stats:
Givon Blackwell: 2 goals
Isa Habeeb: 3 goals
Nick Barrus: 2 goals
Francis Nyguen: 1 goal

Game #4 - Mill Neck/Pennsylvania 3 St. Mary's 0 - Semifinals

The top-four teams in the tournament would now advance to the semifinals. The Bison would take on a combined PSD/Millneck team for the chance to compete in the championship. The Bison played and beat the Panthers earlier this season but with the addition of some new players from the Chiefs, it made them a bit stronger. This would end up being a hard fought match. Both teams were able to swing the momentum in their favor multiple times and did everything necessary to gain even the slightest advantage.

Our opponent was able to score first. From that point moving forward PSD/Millneck stacked their defense with some extra players and wouldn’t allow us to generate any kind of consistent attack. We missed some golden opportunities including a penalty shot that would have tied the game. As time wore on we were forced to take some risks and leave our defense exposed. It ended up costing us two more goals and it became clear that we wouldn’t advance. Despite a solid effort, we lost 3-0.

Individual Stats:
Christian Lawrence: 5 saves

Game #5 - St. Mary's 1 New Jersey 0 - 3rd Place

With both teams playing with injuries and limited gas in the tank, this game would come down to heart and who wanted it more. The coaching staff preached to the players about how they had worked too hard this season and this weekend to just let 3rd place slip away. The boys needed to give just 44 more minutes of effort. We explained that at the end of the game you needed to feel as though you gave it everything you had and leave no regrets about how you could’ve played harder.

It was both keepers that kept their teams in the game and prevented the other team from scoring. With some great saves and some excellent punts that “changed the field”, it looked like the team who made the first big mistake would end up losing. Fortunately for the Bison, it wasn’t us. For the second time in as many days against the same team, Adnan Abdi took a shot on goal in the second half that New Jersey goalie had a little difficulty handling. Although the keeper ended up eventually catching the ball, he did so on the wrong side of the goal line and the official was there to make the correct call and gave us a goal. With 10 minutes remaining in the match, NJSD couldn’t muster enough offense to present any real threat to Christian Lawrence. We won the match 1-0 which was a carbon copy of the result from the first time we played the Colts this weekend. It would be our Christian Lawrence 4th shutout in five games. (Contributed by Head Coach Bryan Booke)

Individual Stats:
Adnan Abdi: 1 goal

1) The Bisons finished 3rd place overall.
2) The Bisons won the team shooting competition.
3) John Allen won the individual shooting competition award.


We faced Rochester School for the Deaf in our first game. Due to exhaustion from a long drive and the players from Mill Neck and PSD were playing together. We lost the game 4-0.

Later in same day, we were faced Rhode Island. We were much better and getting know each other. We won the game, 3-1. Nasir Ford, Hazim Haroun, and Noel (Mill Neck) each scored a goal.

On Saturday, we were facing a tough St. Mary's team. The boys had butterflies in their stomach but they were able to stay calm and focused during the game. Our newcomer goalie, William Sepulveda was able to overcome illness and shut out St. Mary's offense including stopping a key plenty shot from one of their best player. After stopping the shot, Hazim Haroun scored our first goal. Then Nasir Ford suddenly became our dominating player and finished St. Mary's by scoring 2 goals. The score was 3-0 and going into ESDAA championship match against Rochester School for the Deaf.

Later in same day, we were focused and were able to give our goalie, William Sepulveda support by giving a strong defense and shut Rochester School for the deaf down. Hazim Haroun started off with a goal then Nasir Ford took over and finished with a hat trick (3 goals). The score was 4-1 and we won the 2017 ESDAA Division 2 championship.

The All-Tournament team honors goes to Jacob Cross, Nasir Ford, and Noel (Mill Neck). Nasir Ford was recognized the Tom Berry ESDAA Tournament MVP. (Contributed by Athletic Director Matt Bujak)


RSD travelled to Buffalo for the ESDAA Division II Soccer Tournament. Seven teams converged at SMSD vying for their chance to take home the 1st place trophy. In the end, only one school could come out victorious.

In pool play, RSD played incredible soccer and went on to win 4-0, 5-0, respectively to PSD/MN and Rhode Island.

In the semifinals, we took on NJSD who gave us some struggle early on, but we finally found our groove again and we were able to get that first goal to take a 1-0 lead. In the second half, we added one more which sealed the deal and we ended winning with a score of 2-0. That victory put us into the Championship game against PSD/Mill Neck who just came off an incredible win against SMSD.

The Championship game was all set to be a battle for the ages. Even though we defeated them earlier on Friday, we knew they were going to give us a challenge. After playing us twice already this season, they were very knowledgeable of our strengths and weaknesses. It's extremely difficult win against a team 3 times in a row.

PSD/MN made some adjustments and came out in a 4-3 formation which we were all prepared for when the game started. Early on, each team had some great opportunities to draw blood (1st goal) first, but no team could find the back of the net. Every coach knows the importance of that first goal in a championship game. Each team was battling to be the first to notch a goal. Both teams had solid defenses and were doing a great job keeping the ball out of the net.

However, little past midway of the first half, their #24 was in a foot race with our Thomas Coates as he was able to sneak by our defense to get into a 1 on 1 situation with our goalie. With Coates on his heels, he was rushed to get a shot off, but his shot was just able to sneak past through the outstretched hands of our goalie. PSD/MN went on to take a 1-0 lead into halftime.

During intermission, the coaching staff stressed the importance of positivity, creating and finishing opportunities, and we made some adjustments in our formation to allow for more speed up top. We were poised and confident we could bounce back. RSD Wildcats knew it just takes one goal to change the entire dynamics of the game. However, PSD/MN were just as determined and hungry to maintain their own lead.

During the second half, PSD/MN failed to sit back and watch. They played with the same aggressiveness/urgency during the start of the game. Even though we had our opportunities, they were tough opportunities. We failed to find the back of the net on each try and PSD/MN went on to become the 2017 ESDAA Division II Soccer Champions.

They were the better team that game, playing a very well-coached game, and I tip my hat to the PSD/MN players as well as the coaching staff. Congratulations PSD/MN, it was a well deserved win for your schools. (Contributed by Coach Scott Lipitz)

rhode-islandRhode Island

Pennsylvania/Mill Neck Manor 3 Rhode Island 1

Rhode Island School for the Deaf traveled to St. Mary's School for the Deaf in Buffalo, N.Y. for the 2017 ESDAA Division 2 Soccer Tournament. We were looking forward to this tournament as we felt we had a good chance of winning some games against fellow teams on our competition level. Our pool was tough as we were in the same pool as the top two teams from last year's soccer tournament but we were eager to prove we belonged.

RISD jumped out to a surprise 1-0 lead on a nice goal by our forward Timothy Jallah. Our players were fired up and played aggressively all over the field. We gave up a goal less than 10 minute left before halftime and it remained that way with a 1-1 halftime score. Our defense played great but made two major mistakes which gave PSD/MN the ball with favorable position and they were able to take advantage and scored twice.

Timothy Jallah: 1 goal
Juan Fernandes: 6 saves

Rochester 6 Rhode Island 0

The coaches tried to motivate our players to bounce back from the first game and try to finish out pool play on a strong note. Rochester jumped out to a commanding 4-0 lead in the first half, taking advantage of RISD's mistakes and missed opportunities. Our coaches tried to fire up the players and urged them to play a strong second half regardless of the score.

RISD pushed the ball more and we were able to keep the ball out away from our goalie's area, but couldn't push the ball past Rochester's goalie.

Juan Fernandes: 6 saves

New York State 1 Rhode Island 0 - 5th Place

On Saturday, we got a rematch with NYSSD-Rome (first game happened last week at the International Friendship Tournament), but this time it was for 5th/6th place. Weirdly enough, both our boys' and girls' basketball team played against each other for the 5th/6th place game in last February, and now we were matched up against each other for soccer.

This was a great game, very evenly matched between both teams. Both teams pushed the ball well, played aggressive defense and had our chances against the goalie. The game was still scoreless at halftime and we told our players that all it takes to win this game would be just one mistake. One mistake and we had to be there to capitalize on it.

The game remained scoreless as both teams held their ground. Our forward Timothy Jallah nearly got a goal on a breakaway, but couldn't push it past the goalie. NYSSD's goalie immediately kicked the ball into our half and one of their player edged around our defense and was able to kick the ball past our goalie's outstretched hands. We immediately moved to an aggressive formation in hopes of knotting the game up, but couldn't do much with fatigue setting in. (Contributed by Athletic Director Nathan Engel)

Juan Fernandes: 3 saves
Jayden Elias: 1 save

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