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HS Cross Country Roundup - October 10

Thursday, October 6, 2016

texasThe Texas Cross Country Team attended its 7th meet of the season by traveling to Lampasas High School’s Battlin’ Badger CC Invitational.

Boys Varsity 5K
Joe Cardenas: 18:55
Andrew Ramirez: 21:33
Gabriel Veit: 23:06
Erik Martinez: 25:09
Tarique Sylvester: 24:59
Brody Vukmonich: 26:12
Austin Adamson: 27:20

Girls Varsity 5K
Ashley Harlicker: 25:46
Jaida Scott: 25:46
Kimberly Gonzalez: 28:23
Yasmin Watkins: 28:28
Jordan Leach: 30:06
Brianna Matias: 35:49

Girls JV 2-miles
Kailin Campbell: 19:27
Tiffany Sellers: 22:05
Savanna Stewart: 33:19

Next CC Meet: Wednesday, October 12 @ Gholson Wildcat Cross-Country 1A-2A Invitational at Waco.

Contributed by Head Coach Bannon

HS Cross Country Roundup - October 4

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

texasTSD Ranger 2-mile/5K Time Trial

Texas boys and girls cross-country team continue to do very well as they post new personal records, even in the shorter distances such as the 2-mile run, which we did mid-week prior to our upcoming Saturday CC meet.

Ashley Harlicker, who also is on the Texas volleyball team, set a new personal and school record in the 2-mile run on a difficult TSD course.

Jaida Scott, who is primarily a sprinter on the Texas track team, has become a very good distance runner. (Contributed by Head Coach Nick Bannon)

Girls 2-mile run
Ashley Harlicker: 14:34 (new school record)
Jaida Scott: 16:11
Kimberly Gonzales: 19:04
Jordan Leach: 19:41
Kailin Campbell: 20:55

Boys 2-mile run
Joe Cardenas: 12:19
Andrew Ramirez: 13:14
Gabriel Veit: 14:34
Tarique Sylvester: 15:27
Brody Vukmonich: 17:04
Austin Adamson: 18:17

Boys 5K-run
Joe Cardenas: 20:50

riversideRiverside - We had our first league cross country meet at Hamilton. We did not have a team due to insufficient runners.

Courtney Hocog: 25:00 (11th place out of 41 runners)
Caitlyn Cypert: 28:35 (25th place)
Ny’Kel Best: 37:47 (41st place)

Jeffrey Giordano: 23:07 (31st place out of 60 runners)

*Reprinted wth permission from CSD Riverside Athletics.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

texasMcNeil CC Invitational

The McNeil CC meet is one of the largest meets in the state of Texas, with 5,300 runners from schools all over the state. This didn't faze our confident TSD runners as each runner posted new personal records and continued to set new school records.

We even participated in the 5A Varsity Boys/Girls races, which includes much higher competition. In the girls Varsity 5A race, Jaida Scott led the way with teammate, Ashley Harlicker in close pursuit. Harlicker put in a full sprint toward the finish line, passing Scott with just a few yards left, Scott passed Harlicker to set a new Girls 5K Record by .18 of a second. Each of the TSD boys set new personal records, by far, than their previous best times. Joe Cardenas led the way by beating his own 5K school record by 90 seconds, achieving a 17:52 time. Each boys and girls teams posted their fastest combined times in school history.

Girls 5K-run
Jaida Scott: 23:05.97 (new school record)
Ashley Harlicker: 23:06.15
Yasmin Watkins: 28:41
Jordan Leach: 31:06
Brianna Matias: 33:12

Boys 5K-run
Joe Cardenas: 17:51 (new school record)
Andrew Ramirez: 21:09
Erik Martinez: 22:28
Gabriel Veit: 22:59
Tarique Sylvester: 25:00
Brody Vukmonich: 25:46
Austin Adamson: 25:47

Next Meet: Thursday, October 6th at Lampasas Battlin' Badger Invitational CC Meet, Lampasas, Texas. (Contributed by Head Coach Nick Bannon)

Apollo runner overcomes obstacles

By Tom Elliott

Apollo HSWhen Suleimon Abdullahineeds to talk to his coach, he sends a text message, sometimes even if Tim Bengtson is standing next to him.

That's how the two communicate when an interpreter isn't around.

It's simple, really. Abdullahi was born deaf. Bengtson, St. Cloud Apollo's head cross country coach, doesn't know American Sign Language.

Read more:

Source: St. Cloud Times

HS Cross Country Roundup - September 26

texasLast Thursday, Texas traveled to the Salado Eagles Tenroc Ranch Cross-Country Invitational, suiting up the most cross country runners in school history with 16 runners in all, nine girls and seven boys.

Texas fielded the first ever complete varsity boys team of seven runners. We had a team of the minimum five girls for varsity, but fell to four runners with one out with the stomach flu. However, we fielded the team minimum of five junior varsity girls. Here are the results:

Varsity Girls 5A-6A Large Schools 5K
Ashley Harlicker (9) - 25:56 (school record)
Marcela Brentham (11) - 28:38
Yasmin Watkins (12) - 29:16
Jordan Leach (9) - 34:31

Varsity Boys 1A-4A 5K
Joe Cardenas (10) - 19:06 (school record)
Andrew Ramirez (12) - 24:17
Gabriel Veit (12) - 24:32
Tarique Sylvester (11) - 27:46
Erik Martinez (12) - 28:12
Austin Adamson (11) - 28:57
Brody Vukmonich (9) - 28:58

JV Girls 1A-6A 2 miles
Kimberly Gonzalez (11) - 18:43
Kailin Campbell (11) - 22:03
Tiffany Sellers (12) - 23:14
Brianna Matias (12) - 25:57
Savanna Stewart (12) - 37:22

Next races
Saturday, October 1 - Texas at McNeil CC Invitational, Austin, TX
Thursday, October 6 - Texas at Battlin' Badger CC Invitational, Lampasas, TX

Contributed by Head Coach Nick Bannon

HS Cross Country Roundup - September 21

texasTexas High School Cross-Country competed at the Texas Lutheran University Bulldog Cross Country Invitational on Saturday, September 17.

Full Results:

Girls - 5K
Jaida Scott, 10th - 27:35 (new TSD girls 5K record)
Jordan Leach, 9th - 33:20
Yasmin Watkins, 12th - 34:53
Kimberly Gonzales, 11th - 36:04
Kaitlyn Campbell, 11th - 44:30
Savanna Stewart, 12th - 54:56

Boys - 5K
Andrew Ramirez, 12th - 24:14
Gabriel Veit, 12th - 24:55
Tarique Sylvester, 11th - 28:00
Erik Martinez, 12th - 28:01
Austin Adamson, 11th - 30:05
Braden Ketchum, 11th - 33:20

Next Cross Country Meet: Thursday, September 22 at Salado, Texas.

Victim of Moreno Valley shooting revered as promising student-athlete at School for Deaf

By Ali Tadayon

riversideCalifornia School for the Deaf students and faculty are mourning the loss of DeSean Welch, a varsity basketball player who was shot to death Friday, Sept. 16, near Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley.

Welch's killer or killers remained at large Tuesday, said Riverside County Sheriff's Department spokesman Michael Vasquez.

Read more:

Source: The Press Enterprise

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