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Riverside Athletic Award Winners for 2017–2018

riversideVarsity Football
Most Valuable Player - Elijah Watters
Defense MVP - Desi Gonzales
Offensive MVP - Jacob Weiss
Lineman Award - Dennis Greene
Coach Award - Richard Celis
Most Improved Player - Diego Garcia

Varsity Volleyball
Most Valuable Player - Hannah Metzner
Unsung Hero - Scarlet Watters
Coach’s Award - Alexandra Monge
Most Improved Player - Hannah Weiss

Varsity Cross Country
Most Improved Runner - Sidney Ho
Coach’s Award - Rosemary Vicente
Most Valuable Runner - Cale Gamache
Coach’s Award - Daniel Beool

Fall Varsity Cheer
Most Valuable Cheerleader - Maria Jimenez
Most Improved Cheerleader - Azeb Visco
Most Spirit Award - Jared Herman

Varsity Boys Basketball
Most Valuable Player - Elijah Watters
Coach Award - Nathaniel Humpal
Defensive Player - Jack Hocog
Most Improved Player - Adonis Tauvalaau
4 Years Varsity - Jacob Weiss

Varsity Girls Basketball
Most Valuable Player - Lily DeSimone
Coach’s Award - Hannah Metzner
Most Improved Player - Alexandra Monge

Varsity Wrestling
Most Valuable Player - Cale Gamache
Coach’s Award - Brittany Avalos
Most Improved Wrestler - Robert Marquez

Winter Cheer
Most Valuable Cheerleader - Hailey Burton
Most Spirit - Kellirae Cox
Most Improved Cheerleader - Kyra Paranaque

Varsity Baseball
Most Valuable Player - Paul Hernandez-McIntosh
Offensive Player - Bailey Chmaj
Defensive Player - Spencer Willey

Varsity Softball
Most Valuable Player - Lily DeSimone
Offensive Player - Thalia Bunda
Defensive Player - Hannah Metzner
Most Improved Player - Hannah Weiss
Unsung Hero - Scarlet Watters

Boys Varsity Track & Field
Most Improved Athlete - Adonis Tauvalaau
Coach’s Award - Elijah Andrade
Most Valuable Runner - Jack Hocog

Girls Varsity Track & Field
Most Valuable Athlete - Rosemary Vicente
Most Improved Athlete - Ny’Kel Best
Coach’s Award - Emma Salazar

Mr. and Ms. Cub - Jacob Weiss and Emma Salazar

Arrowhead League All-League
Defensive MVP - Elijah Watters
1st Team - Elijah Watters and Dennis Greene
2nd Team - Jacob Weiss and Desi Gonzales

1st Team - Hannah Metzner
2nd Team - Hannah Weiss

2nd Team - Dennis Greene and Richard Celis

Boys Basketball
1st Team - Elijah Watters
2nd Team - Jacob Weiss
Team Sportsmanship Award

Girls Basketball
1st Team - Lily DeSimone
2nd Team - Alexandra Monge and Hannah Metzner

1st Team - Paul Hernandez- McIntosh
2nd Team - Jacob Weiss

1st Team - Thalia Bunda
2nd Team - Aspen Goldstein
Team Sportsmanship Award

NDIAA Recognitions
Player of the Year - Elijah Watters (Basketball)
Coach of the Year - Jeremias Valencia (Basketball)
Hannah Metzner - Volleyball
Hannah Weiss - Volleyball
Dennis Greene - Football
Elijah Watters - Football
Jacob Weiss - Football
Desi Gonzales - Football
Lily DeSimone - Basketball
Alexandra Monge - Basketball
Elijah Watters - Basketball
Jacob Weiss - Basketball
Cale Gamache - Wrestling

Spike Out All Star - Hannah Weiss
Clerc Classic All Star - Kellirae Cox, Jared Herman, Elijah Watters, Alexandra Monge
Hoy Tournament All Star - Valentin Lopez, Spencer Willey, Hannah Weiss, Aspen Goldstein
USADB High School All Star - Jacob Weiss, Elijah Watters, Alexandra Monge

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