Monday, November 20, 2017
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Hearing-impaired Trevone Woods aims high entering senior year at Hampshire

By Kayla Wolf

Hampshire HSThe center snapped the ball, pads crashed with pads, players grunted from the line of scrimmage, coaches yelled directions in the heat of the moment.

Hampshire running back Trevone Woods could barely hear any of it.

After the play ended at a recent Whip-Purs summer practice, Woods walked back to the huddle. His teammates discussed the play from the sideline while the next unit ran onto the field. Laurie Eder, an interpreter of the deaf, signed every word his teammates said for Woods.

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Source: Northwest Hearald

Kulick returns as football coach of Silent Warriors

alabamaAthletic Director Walter Ripley of Alabama School for the Deaf announced today that Paul Kulick will be returning as the football head coach for this fall replacing Herminio Gonzalez. Kulick had previously coached for ten years from 2005 to 2014 leading Alabama to five Mason Dixon conference championships.

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