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NM School for the Deaf football team overcomes barriers to step on the turf

By Lee Faria

new-mexicoALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Football is a game engrossed in sounds; the crack of the pads, the sirens that follow a score, the whistle marking a first down.

So imagine stepping onto the turf not being able to hear any of it, and still finding a path to victory. That’s the reality for the New Mexico School for the Deaf Roadrunners.

Despite not being able to take in the atmosphere around them through their ears – the head coach, the officials, the crowd – they still work and play the game they love on a daily basis.

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Source: KOB 4

Deaf team, deaf official

By Anthony Galaivz

fremontCalifornia School for the Deaf in Fremont visits Fresno Christian on Friday night for a nonleague game – and an official on the field is deaf, too.

Alexander Sanborn is part of the crew assigned to the game, said Randy Wright, president and football supervisor of the San Joaquin Valley Officials Association. Wright said Sanborn has been officiating for two years.

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Source: The Fresno Bee

Prep Football Roundup - October 23

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Riverside (4-3) 58 Phoenix (2-6) 22

riversideRiverside - Jacob Weiss threw for 145 yards and four touchdowns. Elijah Watters had four receptions for 70 yards and three touchdowns. Demi Gonzales led the ground attack with 78 yards on five carries and a touchdown. Paul Hernandez-McIntosh led the defense with five tackles.

PDSD    6-8--0--8 = 22
CSDR 14-8-14-22 = 58

PASSING: Jacob Weiss 9-18-145-4-0.

RUSHING: Desi Gonzales 5-78 1TD, Paul Hernandez-McIntosh 2-33 1TD, Elijah Water 1-3, Cole Burton 3-34 1TD, Jacob Weiss 7-21 1TD.

RECEIVING: 4-75, Paul Hernandez-McIntosh 1-8 1TD, Elijah Watters 4-70 3TD.

TOTAL YARDS: 314 (passing 145/rushing 169).

TACKLES: Nathan Estrada 2, Desi Gonzales 4, Jack Hocog 2, Paul Hernandez-McIntosh 5, Elijah Watters 4, Cole Burton 4, Alexes Paredes 1, Adonis Tauvalaau 2, Elijah Andrade 4.

SACKS: Paul Hernandez McIntosh 1-3, Alexes Paredes 1-8.

INT: Nathan Estrada 1-2, Dylan Duarte 1-0.

phoenixPhoenix - We lost to Riverside in football, 58-22. We were in the game in the first half, down 22-14. But, they owned 2nd half. Great game and the season is done. Kudos to Riverside Coach Adams having to change from 11-man to 8-man format in a short time and they played very well. (Contributed by Athletic Director Jesse Bailey)

Florida - Alabama Deaf edges FSDB 26-25 in double OT

Fremont - California School for the Deaf handles Culver, 44-14

Thursday, October 19, 2017

kansasKansas (6-2) 60 Iowa (1-5) 20

Last Thursday, Kansas School for the Deaf and Iowa School for the Deaf played their sixth Deaf football game of the season. KSD beat ISD, 60 to 20. This year, Iowa School for the Deaf is a very young team. KSD brought 10 players to the game. KSD won the GPSD Championship for both 6 and 8 man football, with no losses.

Next Thursday, October 28, KSD was scheduled to play Arkansas School for the Deaf in Arkansas. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled due to ASD not having a team. The season is over with the record of 7 wins and 2 loses. Coach Ward is proud of the boys who have worked tremendously hard this season. (Contributed by Head Coach Richard Ward)

Prep Football Roundup - October 21

Friday, October 20, 2017

marylandMaryland (7-1) 32 Landmark Christian (5-3) 20

Maryland traveled to Ohio for the game against Landmark Christian and came away victorious with a big third quarter. Starting the second half, Maryland was down 14-6 and a 20-point outburst in the third quarter gave Maryland the lead for good. Eric Long returned an interception for 96 yards in the fourth quarter to seal the win. The defense was led by John Werner, Jr. with 17 tackles.

MSD 0-6-20-6 = 32
LC    6-8--6-0 = 20

Scoring Summary
LC - Miles 3yd run (PAT blocked).
MSD - Werner, Jo 26yd run (Run failed).
LC - Miles 8yd run (Run good).
MSD - Werner, Jo 2yd run (Run failed).
MSD - Werner, Jo 2yd run (Werner, Jo run).
MSD - Perry 4yd run (Pass failed).
LC - Moore 9yd run (Run failed).
MSD - Long 96yd interception return (Run failed).

RUSHING: John Werner, Jr. 15-96 3TD, Eric Long 9-44, Maurice Braxton 10-41.

PASSING: Rory Lewis: 1-4-39-0-1.

RECEIVING: Brady Perry 1-39

TOTAL YARDS: MSD 243 (204 rushing/39 passing); LC 370 (235 rushing/135 passing).

For the love of the game - Football Column

By Jeannie Gregory

michiganOn Thursday night I watched as an amazing feat was performed before my - and the fans’ - eyes. We were in for a treat. The Portland St. Patrick Shamrocks were facing off against Flint’s Michigan School for the Deaf in an 8-man football battle.

I was intrigued because I couldn’t fathom how the Tartars could swing it. How can you play a sport that relies so heavily on verbal communication and sound? Admit it, the whistle plays a big role in football. How does one know when the play is over? Calling plays from the sidelines and in the huddle has to be tough if you take away the voice. It further complicates a game that requires strategy and a good understanding of that strategy.

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Source: Ionia Sentinel-Standard

Prep Football Roundup - October 20

Thursday, October 19, 2017

iowaKansas (6-2) 60 Iowa (1-5) 20

We lost to Kansas School for the Deaf yesterday afternoon, 60-20. We made too many mistakes in the first quarter, and allowed KSD to race out to a 40-0 lead. The clock ran the rest of the game from that point. The turnover bug bit us again, as we gave away five turnovers, including three interceptions.

Layne Guerrero led us again, with 19 carries for 116 yards, and was 9 of 12 passing for 57 yards and three interceptions. Guerrero had two rushing touchdowns, and one passing touchdown. Jayden Kohl again led us in receiving, with six receptions for 60 yards, and the lone passing touchdown. We only totaled 175 yards on offense, as KSD just simply had speed that we could not counter.

Defensively, we did not do well with tackling, only totaling 18 as a team, 12 unassisted. Again, Guerrero led us with five unassisted tackles.

KSD 40-14-0-6 = 60
ISD    0--8-6-6 = 20

We have one last game, traveling to Faribault, Minnesota, to take on the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf, next Saturday, October 28th. (Contributed by Head Coach Brent Welsch)

michiganSt. Patrick Catholic (8-1) 51 Michigan (0-7) 14

We, the Michigan football Tartars travelled to St. Patrick’s Catholic school with our Dirty 8 players. We played full four quarters at halftime we were down by 12 points with score of 26 to 14 and the final score was 51 to 14.

Our offense players were Dewon Emory with 315 rushing yards which meets his 1,000 rushing yard mark. His season total for rushing is 1,199 yards and 10 rushing touchdowns.

Our other offense player of the game was Aaron Richards with 80 rushing yards and a touchdown. Defense player of the game was Aaron Richards with 17 tackles and eight assists, Dewon Emory with 11 tackles and seven assists, and Jason Thoune with 11 tackles and seven assists.

This wraps up our season on a great note. We finished our season with a team that displayed great sportsmanship even when we only have eight players and being beat by large margins. (Reprinted/edited from Michigan School for the Deaf Athletics/Activities Department)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Carolinas - Deans’ OT run sends Bear-Hornets to victory

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