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Prep Cross Country Roundup - September 19

Saturday, September 16, 2017

texasMeet Summary – Cross Country Meet #2, Texas School for the Deaf at Texas Lutheran University Bulldog CC Invitational.

Girls JV 5K: Jaida Scott, Anabelle Weaver, Jordan Leach, Kacie Smith, Kailin Campbell

Boys Varsity 5K: Joe Cardenas, Brody Vukmonich, Tarique Sylvester, Austin Adamson

Boys JV 5K: Pablo Castro, Heydon Davis

Last Saturday was a record setting day with Freshman Anabelle Weaver leading most of the race after overtaking the runners in front of her midway through the 5K race, finishing with a 1st place medal in a new TSD record girls 5k time of 22:11, shattering the previous record by nearly a minute. Weaver is also the unofficial front runner among all girls from Deaf schools in the USA and is also the first TSD Cross Country female runner to finish first at a Cross Country meet. Weaver outran 194 other runners.

Jaida Scott improved on her time from last week with a 25:24 5K. She even stopped to assist another runner who had fallen beside her. Coach Bannon told her that her deed was more honorable than any results time.

Jordan Leach (27:10) achieved a new personal record 5K time in just one week, holding out until the finish line without stopping when she “ran out of air.”

Kacie Smith bettered her 5K time by three minutes from 2015 with a time of 32:18.

Kailin Campbell (41:52) also improved on her 5K time at the same race from 2016. She had been in “running pain” but persevered nevertheless and said she wanted to run the 5K again.

Joe Cardenas ran his first Cross Country race after overcoming a hairline fracture in his foot, which didn’t bother him today as he ran a 19:59 5K. A great starter race for him.

Brody Vukmonich (24:54) and Tarique Sylvester (28:52) ran a respectable race achieving close to their seasonal personal record times.

It was great to have Austin Adamson (33:28) back on the Cross Country team as he ran nearly five minutes better than he did at the same race in 2016.

Pablo Castro and Heydon Davis raced for the first time, each going as far as they could. They gave it their best and are determined to go father in their next race.

For complete results: https://www.athleteguild.com/running/seguin-tx/2017-tlu-high-schoolmiddle-school-bulldog-invitational/results/division

*Contributed by Head Coach Nick Bannon

Prep Cross Country Roundup - September 13

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

marylandAfter a 20-year break, the Maryland School for the Deaf varsity boys revived its cross country squad. The team traveled to Gaithersburg for MSD's first cross country meet in two decades, competing against Covenant Life School and Frederick Home School Warriors. MSD Senior Esteban Kovacs placed first out of 12 runners with a time of 21:38.36 minutes, despite having run more than 400m on the wrong side of the course initially. Junior Tyler Glennon finished fourth with 25:10.31 minutes, and Junior Justin Gonzales, an exchange student from the Philippines, finished the race in 43:16 minutes. We look forward to improving our personal best times and learning new techniques for our next meet. (Contributed by Head Coach Randy Shank)

Prep Cross Country Roundup - September 11

Saturday, September 9, 2017

texasAll Texas School for the Deaf High School runners ran a very good first race to open the 2017 Cross-Country Season. Jordan Leach PR’d her 5K, getting under 30:00 for the first time with a 27:35. Anabelle Weaver ran a blistering 23:15, coming within 10 seconds of the TSD girls 5K record, in her first ever High School 5K. Jaida Scoot ran a “feeler” 5K, getting her gears ready for upcoming races, with a time of 25:40, which is better than her result at this time last year. Anabelle Weaver decided that she didn’t get enough running, so she joined the girls 2-mile run later in the morning with a time of 15:47. She ran over 5 miles today.

Kacie, back on the CC team after taking a 'leave of absence' in 2016, started the season with a strong sub-20:00, achieving a time of 19:13. Brody Vukmonich began where he left off from the 2016 season with a 24:47 to get things started in 2017.

For complete results: http://onlineraceresults.com/event/view_event.php?event_id=19681

Contributed by Head Coach Nick Bannon.

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