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Prep Cross Country Roundup - September 13

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

marylandAfter a 20-year break, the Maryland School for the Deaf varsity boys revived its cross country squad. The team traveled to Gaithersburg for MSD's first cross country meet in two decades, competing against Covenant Life School and Frederick Home School Warriors. MSD Senior Esteban Kovacs placed first out of 12 runners with a time of 21:38.36 minutes, despite having run more than 400m on the wrong side of the course initially. Junior Tyler Glennon finished fourth with 25:10.31 minutes, and Junior Justin Gonzales, an exchange student from the Philippines, finished the race in 43:16 minutes. We look forward to improving our personal best times and learning new techniques for our next meet. (Contributed by Head Coach Randy Shank)

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