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Thursday, January 11, 2018

stmarysRochester 43 St. Mary's 21

The Lady Bisons traveled to Rochester School for the Deaf yesterday for their second game of the season. Though they played well together, they couldn’t seem to keep up with the Lady Wildcats. It was an aggressive game on both sides which led to some foul trouble and injuries late in the game. The girls pulled through in the end but couldn’t make it a win.

Kioney Alvira-Juardo lead the team earning a double-double with 17 points and 16 rebounds. Kearah Kelly also made her first shot of the season adding two points to our total. After a nice break where we will try to regroup and work on some weak points we will be ready to take on Central Baptist again. (Contributed by Head Coach Wendy Chuba)

SMSD 4--8--4--5 = 21
RSD 10-10-11-12 = 43

Halftime - Rochester led 20-12.

SMSD (0-2):
Kearah Kelly: 2 points, 2 rebounds
Emma Foster: 3 rebounds
Elise Watson: 2 points, 3 rebounds
Kioney Alvira-Jurado: 17 points, 16 rebounds, 2 steals
Julia Bronneberg: 2 rebounds

Team Total FG: 9-41
Team Total 3FG: 0-1
Team Total FT: 3-6

rhode-islandBlackstone Valley Prep 19 Rhode Island 13

Our Lady Roosters finally played our first game of the 2018 calendar year in a home game against Blackstone Valley Prep. After a lot of snow and missed practice days, this would be a good way for our team to get back into basketball form. Both teams started out the game rusty and the game remained scoreless until BVP finally scored the first points of the game more than six minutes into the game.

BVP would grab a 10-4 halftime lead but our Lady Roosters would not give up. They were able to come back and make the game exciting as the game score was at one point BVP leading 15-13, but our team ran out of gas and couldn't make any of our shots and BVP made two more baskets near the end of the game to win 19-13. (Contributed by Athletic Director Nathan Engel)

BVP 10-9 = 19
RISD 4-9 = 13

Halftime - Blackstone Valley Prep led 10-4.

RISD (2-7): Lillian Klein 5, Ellie Lister 4, Olivia Collins 4.

pennsylvaniaPennsylvania 45 New York 22

After almost two weeks off, the girls showed they can still dominate on the court by beating the Lady Tornadoes, 45-22. In the win, Yasmean Evans had 23 points, seven rebounds, and seven steals. Gia DiGiacomo contributed 14 points and six steals. All the girls had time on the court and played a great defensive game. (Contributed by Athletic Director Matt Bujak)

washingtonColumbia Adventist 52 Washington 14

Kelly Gutierrez had seven points for Washington in a league loss to Columbia Adventist.

CAA 15-10-10-17 = 52
WSD  3--1-10--0 = 14

Halftime - Columbia Adventist led 25-4.

WSD (2-5/0-3): Ashantay Truong 3, Emma McKinney 3, Kelly Gutierrez 7, Davine Lowe 1.

western-pennsylvaniaNeighborhood Academy 27 Western Pennsylvania 25

Western Pennsylvania came up short against Neighborhood Academy yesterday afternoon with Danielle Fisher leading the way with 10 points.

WPSD (5-5): Danielle Fisher 10, Cheyenne Sloan 8, Ryane Smalley 5.

Wednesday, January 10. 2018

new-mexicoCimarron 49 New Mexico 12

Our first game of 2018 was a long trip to Cimarron. The day before, we had a very productive practice where players were very aggressive which made both coaches very eager for the game the next day. Unfortunately, we seemed to have left our competitive fire at home. We finished the first half scoring only two points to Cimarron’s 21. We finally came out with better passion with a nine-point quarter, but Cimarron continued their hot shooting performance with a 20-point quarter. We finished the game with a 12-point performance. As coaches, we were very disappointed in the team’s effort, however, this is a learning experience that the players will not want to repeat again. Our next game will be on January 17th with Vaughn on our home court. (Contributed by Head Coach Roderick Stickley)

NMSD 2-0--9-1 = 12
CHS 15-6-20-8 = 40

Halftime - Cimarron led 21-2.

NMSD (3-5): Hand 3, Martinez 4, Baca 2, Malone 3.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

floridaOak Hall 65 Florida 33

We got off on the fast track leading 6-0 then some mental mistakes set in afterwards. However we managed to score points where we struggled in the past. After two weeks of no practice, the girls remained upbeat and played hard. Lourdine Jordanne continues to improve and become an inside threat. (Contributed by Head Coach Joy Moers)

FSDB 10--7--6-10 = 33
OHS 13-20-13-19 = 65

Halftime - Oak Hall led 33-17.

FSDB (3-10): Lourdine Jordanne 17, Ja Myra Harris 8, Olivia Brown 4, Samantha Suarez 2, Keliah Williams 2.