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Fremont hosts 2014 Hoy Tournament

California School for the Deaf, Fremont is hosting the 14th annual Hoy Tournament. Five schools will compete in a round robin format for baseball. Six schools are participating in the softball tournament and the teams will be split in two pools for round robin games. After the conclusion of round robin games, bracket play will be used.

Fremont has won the most Hoy Tournament championships for both sports. The baseball program has won the championship nine times and the softball team has claimed the crown four times.

Friday, April 11
10:00 AM Maryland vs Model
11:45 AM Riverside vs Fremont
1:30 PM Model vs Indiana
3:15 PM Fremont vs Maryland
5:00 PM Indiana vs Riverside

Saturday, April 12
8:00 AM Indiana vs Maryland
9:40 AM Riverside vs Model
11:20 AM Fremont vs Indiana
1:00 PM Maryland vs Riverside
2:40 PM Model vs Fremont

Format: Round Robin
Round Robin Game: 7 innings or 1.5 hours
Baseball Best Record wins Championship
Tiebreaker: Least Runs allowed

Friday, April 11
8:00 AM Maryland vs Texas
9:40 AM Model vs Riverside
11:20 AM Texas vs Indiana
1:00 PM Riverside vs Fremont
2:40 PM Indiana vs Maryland
4:20 PM Fremont vs Model
6:00 PM First Round #1 (2nd A vs 3rd B )
7:40 PM First Round #2 (2nd B vs 3rd A )

Saturday, April 12
8:00 AM Loser of First Round Games (5th Place Game)
9:40 AM Semifinal (1st Pool B vs Winner of 1st rd. #1)
11:20 AM Semifinal (1st Pool A vs Winner of 1st rd. #2)
1:45 PM Semifinal Loser vs Semifinal Loser (3rd Place)
4:15 PM Semi. Winner vs Semi. Winner (Championship)

Format: Pool Play
Pool Play/Playoff: 7 innings or 1.5 hours
Championship: 7 innings and no time limit
Tiebreaker: Least Runs allowed
Pool A: Indiana, Maryland, and Texas
Pool B: Fremont, Riverside, and Model

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