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Canada wins golds at World Deaf Curling Championships

2013 World Deaf Curling ChampionshipCanada's dominance at the World Deaf Curling Championship (WDCS) at Bern, Switzerland continued in the playoff rounds after they completed the round robin play undefeated.

The women's team of Hungary advanced to the WDCS playoffs after dispensing Ukraine in a tie breaker, 13:4. Canada and Russia came out of the first round of WDCS playoffs victorious with Canada defeating Croatia, 10:6 and Russia won over Hungary, 11:6. As a number one seed in the playoffs, Canada advanced to the championship game while Russia and Croatia matched up for the opportunity to play Canada for the championship. Russia defeated Croatia, 6:4. With Croatia losing to Russia, they played Hungary for the bronze medal and won in a nail biting fashion, 9:8. Canada was not to be denied a gold medal as they wrapped up the WDCS competition without a loss getting past Russia, 9:7.

Women results

For the men's gold medal, the Canada team had to take the long way to the championship round when they were defeated by Russia, 7:5. In the other playoff game, Switzerland defeated Japan, 7:4. By not losing their sight on the gold medal, the Canada team crushed Switzerland, 13:1 for a rematch with Russia. For the bronze medal, Switzerland rebounded with a win over Japan, 6:3. In the gold medal game, Canada sought redemption after losing to Russia in the playoffs and came out victorious with a 10:8 win.

Men results

World Deaf Alpine Skiing Championships come to an end

2013 World Deaf Skiing ChampionshipThis morning, the sun has not unfortunately be looking, at least it was not foggy. And warmer it was in contrast to yesterday.

Due to the rapid drop in heat and warm the race has been brought forward by half an hour out of consideration of the racers, and to prevent their injuries and losses. Pappige the snow was already 10 racers undoing, they parted in the 1st and in the 2nd Run out.

Today a correct record number of viewers was recorded. More than 300 people attended, most of them came in groups of Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Munich. No wonder, because today was the final day and after the last medal ceremony will take place in the Bavarian Party Alpspitzhalle night. Former medalists / interior also came and met some old companions from the past and reminisced. Read full story.

Event results

Biathlon exhibition a huge success at World Deaf Alpine Skiing Championship

2013 World Deaf Skiing ChampionshipIn the morning the sky was "shades of gray" because of the thick fog high. This morning, had only minus 2 degrees measured.

Today is the day off. The skiers took advantage of this day to train, they honed the skiing techniques for tomorrow's giant slalom. Some coaches watched the runners and just gave them instructions on how racers should improve. The others had the opportunity to go skiing - just like me. J

At the top, at the Alpspitz, the sun was shining - and it was even warmer than the bottom! A perfect weather, so to speak. And below is a blanket of fog. Read full story.

Combined events at World Deaf Alpine Skiing Championship

2013 World Deaf Skiing ChampionshipIn the video on Tuesday evening but few visitors have been recorded (probably had the skier will be sent to bed, as the Wednesday will be for them a long and exhausting day of the race). But great video films were admired - there was a big tribute to the media team (Kuehnlein, Buhr and Klingemann). Stefan Pohlmann has organized the videos, also thank you! The OC team was present.

3 people today celebrate their birthdays, namely Josef Scheitle, Hera Trempeck and listening husband Franz Steinmueller from Skiklub Nesselwang (our Chief of course). There were lots of congratulations from us!

This morning the sky was "shades of gray" - minus about 4 degrees Celsius. For it was blowing ice cold east wind. Above - in the starting area, there were sometimes sunshine (and gaps in the clouds).

Today, the super-combined at the Super-G race at 10:00 clock and the night slalom race at 18:00 clock. Read full story.

Event results

Super-G competition at World Deaf Alpine Skiing Championship features nail biting finishes

2013 World Deaf Skiing ChampionshipUnfortunately the sun has taken only once the flight; morning the sky was overcast - by fog and clouds. It was measured minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Today is a competition, and that the super-G. It is a mixture of downhill skiing and giant slalom.

Tensely awaited the audience at the first Starterin. Shortly after 10 clock time had come.
In the women was nothing new - the order was the same as yesterday. It Kmochov√° Tereza from Czech Republic won with a time of 1:06,79 minutes before Rea Hraski (Croatia; 1:07,15) and Veronika Grygarova (Czech Republic; 1:08,78). The gap to the winner was much closer than yesterday, so by 36 hundredths of a second! Read full story.

Downhill competition starts at World Deaf Alpine Skiing Championships

2013 World Deaf Skiing ChampionshipToday the sun was still loyal to us, it was sunny, but was this morning (about 8 clock) minus 14 degrees Celsius. According to the weather forecasts, temperatures should rise in the next days lunch (at about 0 degrees). The best part is: The sun will shine more often.

In the tent, we were told that a lot is frozen (water, apple juice, and soda bottles), as well as the water pipes! Likewise, the water flushing was in outhouse nearby, because the water is naturally frozen. The catering team but still managed to get the people in time to host the start of the competitions. Read full story.

February 25 competition results.

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