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DeLao and McDonnell tops in deaf surf championships

Darcy DeLaO and Paul McDonnell have taken the Shortboard and Longboard titles at the 2013 World Deaf Surfing Championships, at Maili Point, Oahu.

Surfers from all ages were greeted with incredible surfing conditions, at Maili Point, Hawaii. Perfect, head-high waves pumped the 2013 World Deaf Surfing Championships. Read full story.

Happy Thanksgiving from SportsMX!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at SportsMX!


2012 World Chess Champions


A record number of 162 chess players and 80 Congress delegates and officials from 27 different countries attended the just-ended 15th World Individual Chess Championships for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind people in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
13 out of the 27 participating countries have won medals contested in the ten ( 10 ) different categories of the Championships.
Here is the list of the winners in the ten different categories:
Blitz - Yehuda GRUENFELD ( Israel)
Men - Vladimir KLASAN ( Serbia )
Women - Tatyana BAKLANOVA ( Ukraine )
Boys ( up to the age of 19 ) - Mateusz LAPAJ ( Poland )
Girls ( up to the age of 19 ) - Viktoria ALIYEVA (  Russia )
Deaf-Blind - Aleksandr SLEPTSOV ( Azebaijan )
Seniors - Men ( age 60 and over ) - Sergey SALOV ( Germany )
Seniors - Women - Lyubov KIREEVA ( Russia )
Open - Men - Vladimir ZABOLOTNY ( Ukraine )
Open - Women - Monika WILGOS ( Poland ).
For complete results of the Championships, see an attached document.
The 31st I.C.S.C. Congress took place, in which, among the other things, the two major decisions were made:
The old name of the organization of the International Committee of Silent Chess ( I.C.S.C. ) was changed to the new one such as the International Chess Committee of the Deaf  ( I.C.C.D. ),

The city of Yerevan, Armenia, was awarded the hostship of the next 16th World Individual Championships, which will take place in the year of 2016.
In addition, his Excellency Mr. Kirsan ILYUMZHINOV, the FIDE President, had the honor of addressing the Opening Ceremony of the Championship in sign language. 
For more news and photos of the Championships, please visit

2012 World Chess Championships


This year's biggest sporting event among the deaf and hard of hearing people in the world will open up this week.
The city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, will be hosting  the 15th ICSC World Individual Championships in Chess, in which a record number of 175 chess players from 29 countries are expected to take part in the event.
In comparison, in the year of 2012, for instance, the ICSD-sponsored events - the World Athletics Championships held in Toronto, Canada, attracted representatives from 27 countries, while the World Football Championship ( Izmir, Turkey ) and World Table Tennis Championship ( Tokyo, Japan ) had competitors coming from just 16 and 15 countries, respectively.
According to the Organizing Committee of the 15th World Individual Championships, 144 chess players have registered for the folowing individual contest categories
Men: 30 participants from 25 countries
Women: 16 participants from 12 countries
Boys: 8 participants from 7 countries
Girls: 7 participants from 6 countries
Deaf-Blind: 11 participants from 8 countries
Men's Seniors: 24 participants from 11 countries
Women's Seniors: 8 participants from 5 countries
Open Tournament: 40 participants from 11 countries.
In addition, a separate event - the World Blitz Championships for both Men and Women - will also take part at Almaty.The exact number of entries in  these 2 separate categories will be released several hours before the start of the event on Sunday, September, 30th, 2012.
The last 14th World Individual Championships were held in 2008 at St. Gallen, Switzerland.  The current reigning World Champions in different categories are:

Veselin Georgiev of Bulgaria ( Men )
Tatiana Baklanova of Ukraine ( Women )
Sirojiddin Zaynidinov of Uzbekistan ( Boys )
Annegret Mucha of Germany ( Girls )
Alexander Sleptsov of Azerbaijan ( Deaf-Blind )
Sergey Salov of Germany ( Men's Blitz )
Yulia Botalova of Russia ( Women's Blitz )
Krzysztof Checiak of Poland ( Open ). 

Another major event  - the 31st ICSC Congress session - will take place at Almaty on Monday, October 1, 2012.  Among the many issues to be dicisssed and voted upon at the Congress floor will be a Motion to Rename the organization of the ICSC to the DCI ( or, The Deaf Chess International ).
For additional information of the Championships in Almaty, please visit this website

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