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1st World Deaf Youth Games in 2019

PRESS RELEASE: 1st World Deaf Youth Games in 2019

Dear ICSD Family,

ICSDMany of you have been concerned about the World Deaf Youth Games were to held in 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina (WDYG2019). Please note, that we have not received any formal written agreement between ICSD and the Argentinian Organizing Committee (OC) regarding the WDYG2019. It was important for the ICSD to have an official letter from Argentina that would show how the event would be held. Without such a document, the ICSD could not formally approve holding of the WDYG2019 in Argentina. Unfortunately, Argentina is no longer a candidate.

ICSD has been fortunate enough to have found an alternative country and we are very pleased to announce that ARMENIA has agreed to host the WDYG2019 in its capital city of Yerevan during the period of 10-21 June 2019. ICSD reserves the right to amend the dates of the competition during the Executive Board meeting in Yerevan in May/June 2018.

ICSD will inform all about sports for competitions in Yerevan soon.

In conclusion, ICSD and the Armenian OC are striving to make sure that these Games will be a great success for our young athletes!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Valery Rukhledev,

International Committee of Sports for the Deaf / Comite International des Sports des Sourds

*Reprinted from International Committee of Sports for the Deaf - http://www.deaflympics.com/news/1st-world-deaf-youth-games-in-2019

ICSD establishes Women in Sports Commission

ICSDInternational Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) has taken a major step towards empowering our deaf women in sports with the creation of its ICSD Women in Sport Commission. The role of the ICSD Women in Sport Commission will be to:

• advise the ICSD Executive Board on the development of policies related to promoting deaf women in sport;
• co-ordinate efforts to increase participation of women in world sports;
• develop ideas and initiatives to promote the role of women in world Deaf sports;
• ensure representation of women within ICSD governance structures;
• deliver advocacy on gender issues in World Deaf sports; and
• be active in raising awareness about gender equality in their respective domains.

"ICSD is pleased to announce the establishment of its Women in Sport Commission. We are highly confident that this Commission will greatly contribute to our efforts to increase the global participation of women in World Deaf sports, stated ICSD President Dr. Valery Rukhledev. ICSD has always tried to promote gender equality with our women"s and mixed-gender sports, and we believe we are one of the few international sports federations which has gone so far as to demonstrate this commitment by having our showcase competitive event the Deaflympics feature mixed gender teams.”

The ICSD Executive Board has approved the initial members of the ICSD Women in Sport Commission as follows:

Rebecca ADAM (Australia). Chair of the ICSD Women in Sports Commission, Chair of the ICSD Legal Commission, member at large of the ICSD Executive Board since 2011.

Dawn Jani BIRLEY (Canada). Dawn has played competitive sports for many years and has represented Canada at numerous international sporting events. She took on taekwondo at age seven, and represented Canada at an international level between 1992 and 1999. She was also voted MVP of the 1995 Canadian Taekwondo Championships — a first time ever for any female athlete in this sport. ICSD awarded Ms Birley with the Sportswoman of the Year award in 1996.

Nadezhda SHAKHBAZYAN (Russia). Nadezhda has an involvement in Deaf Sports that spans 21 years. She is currently the Head of Deaflypmics for the Russian Federation and is responsible for the delivery of the Russian Deaflympic team for each Deaflympic Games. Her campaign in Samsun, Turkey was the most successful ever for the Russian Committee of Deaf Sports, when the Russian team brought home over 198 medals.

Shirley KEOAGILE (Botswana). Shirley comes to the commission with impressive credentials in sports. Shirley is currently the Secretary General of CADS and is a founding member for the Botswana Deaf Sports Federation and has previously served as President of the Botswana Paralympic Commission. Her involvement in deaf sports has resulted in strong partnerships for deaf sports with similar-minded organisations including the IWG and with the Botswana"s Government having served on the Executive Board of its National Sports Commission.

Sonu Anand SHARMA (India). Sonu shares her birthday with the International Women's Day and it is no surprise, that she has always been passionate about supporting the participation of women in sports through specialized training and coaching programs throughout India. She has also developed pathways for these women to participate in international competitions in badminton and in athletics.

*Reprinted from International Committee of Sports for the Deaf - http://www.deaflympics.com/news/icsd-establishes-women-in-sports-commission

USADSF appoints Team Leaders for 2019 events

USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Team Leaders for two upcoming events which will take place in 2019: the 19th Winter Deaflympics and the 1st Youth Summer Deaflympics (https://www.deaflympics.com/calendar.asp). At this time, USADSF is waiting for further details pertaining dates and site locations for both events. In the meantime, the Board is proactively preparing for both events in the hopes Team USA will have the opportunity to compete.

Team Leader for the 1st Youth Summer Deaflympics:

Andrew Choate proudly hails from the Hoosier State where he graduated from Indiana School for the Deaf. As an athlete at ISD, Andy grew his love for deaf sports and international competitions. He traveled to the 2005 Deaflympics in Melbourne, Australia as an avid fan for Team USA. Andy currently has been serving as the Financial Officer for USA Deaf Volleyball since 2011. In this role, Andy planned and supported the 2011 Friendship Games at Gallaudet University that hosted teams from Canada, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, and Venezuela. Andrew again handled a large role in logistics and budget management for the Pan-American Games for the Deaf and World Deaf Volleyball Championships that were held at Gallaudet University during Summer 2016.

After the 2013 Deaflympics, Choate established the handball club team known as the D.C. Silencers with goals to improve their game skills and remain competitive for the next Summer Deaflympics. They participate in the Northeast Team Handball League (NTHL) and compete against other reputable team handball clubs locally and nationally.

Andy holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance from Gallaudet University. He currently resides in Maryland with his wife, Kristina, who is a 4-time Deaflympian, with their two daughters and a third one on the way.

Team Leader for the 19th Winter Deaflympics:

Harvey Nathanson is currently employed at the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) as a Job Coach and an assistant football coach for the Varsity team. Harvey teaches ASL at Austin Community College and is involved with various organizations: Society of American Sign Language, Deaf History International, and others. Harvey’s personal connection with the Winter Deaflympics is through his brother who played for the Curling team at the 2015 Winter Deaflympics.

Harvey Nathanson was born in New York, but grew up in Minnesota. He attended two Deaf schools, Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf (MSAD) and Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD). Harvey graduated with a BA and MA in ASL/Deaf Studies from Gallaudet University. Harvey has experienced living in a number of places; Minnesota, D.C., Maryland, California, and is currently hailing in Austin, Texas with his beautiful Deaf family and his daughter, Bridget is a Gallaudet University student, while his sons, Zarek and Zefan are currently students at TSD.

Harvey’s personal quote is, “To play for any sport team is a privilege and honorable.”

2018 Andrew Choate USADSF  2018 Harvey Nathanson USADSF
Photo: (L) Andrew Choate, (R) Harvey Nathanson. 

*Photo courtesy of USADSF.

Reprinted from USA Deaf Sports Federation - https://usdeafsports.org/news/usadsf-appoints-team-leaders-for-2019-events/

The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) invites cities interested in hosting Deaflympics

ICSDThe International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) invites cities interested in hosting the 24th edition of Summer Deaflympics and the 20th edition of the Winter Deaflympics.

The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD), organization recognized by the IOC in 1955 the global governing body for the organization of Summer and Winter Deaflympics, has announced two bidding processes for the 24th edition of the Summer Deaflympics in 2021 and the 20th edition of the Winter Deaflympics in 2023.

Potential bid cities are invited to submit their ideas and proposals by July 1, 2019. ICSD has presented an excellent project that is built on Olympic Agenda 2020. ICSD seeks for the cities and countries that can stage Deaflympics in feasible and sustainable way as well as the Games should fit into the long-term development plan of a city, region and country.

The 23rd Summer Deaflympics were held in Samsun, Turkey in July 18-30, 2017. The games counted about 5,000 athletes and delegates, competing in 21 Summer sports (deaflympics2017.com).

Deaflympics` host cities are chosen by the ICSD`s Executive Board, acting on a recommendation of its President. It takes about six (6) months for the bid process to analyze and then decide on a host.

ICSD`s Lausanne headquarters are at the Maison du Sport International.

To get more information please follow this link: http://www.eventello.com/deaflympics

Contact directory

Secretary General - Xenia Morfopoulos, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , TEL: +41 78 733 35 67

Head of Bidding - Matti Toivonen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; +358 400 633 033

Reprinted from Sportcal - http://www.sportcal.com/News/PressReleases/116273

DeaflympicsGB Announcement

UK Deaf Sport NewIt is with great disappointment that UK Deaf Sport announce the resignation of Christof Niklaus as the Chef de Mission for DeaflympicsGB for the 2021 Deaflympics due to personal reasons.

UK Deaf Sport would like to extend its huge gratitude to Christof for all his hard work and voluntary hours that went into leading DeaflympicsGB at the 2017 Deaflympics, and we wish Christof all the best in his future endeavours.

UK Deaf Sport will be looking to appoint a new Chef de Mission in the near future to lead DeaflympicsGB towards 2021.

Reprinted from UK Deaf Sport: http://ukdeafsport.org.uk/deaflympicsgb-announcement/

Deaflympics encourages Almaty to apply to host 2019 Winter games

By Meruyert Abugaliyeva

ICSDASTANA – The Head of International Committee of Sports for the Deaf Valery Rukhledev recently visited Almaty and encouraged Kazakhstan to submit an application for Almaty to host the 2019 Winter Deaflympics.

“Almaty has not submitted its application to host Winter Deaflympics, but we would like to consider it as a candidate. We observed the sports infrastructure and were impressed by the architecture of the buildings, state-of-the-art equipment and especially by the active sports life in those facilities.

Read more: https://astanatimes.com/2018/01/deaflympics-encourages-almaty-to-apply-to-host-2019-winter-games/

Source: The Astana Times