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DC General & NJ Bombers settle as co-champions

The D.C. Generals hosted a five-team double elimination softball tournament at Frederick, Maryland on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

The tournament host, D.C. Generals swept the field in the round robin to secure a #1 seed followed by VA Tides at #2. In the bracket play, D.C. Generals continued their march towards the championship defeating Maryland Orioles 16-0 and NJ Bombers 18-3.

The NJ Bombers then defeated VA Tides 15-7 in the losers bracket to set up a rematch for the tournament championship. The third game between these two games on the day proved sweet for NJ Bombers as they stopped D.C. Generals 8-1 to close out the tournament as co-champions with the host. A second game to claim the championship outright could not be played as the park was closed.

Round Robin Standings
DC Generals 4-0
VA Tides 3-1
NJ Bombers 2-2
Maryland Sandlots 1-3
Maryland Orioles 0-4

Round Robin Results
NJ Bombers 17 Maryland Orioles 2
DC Generals 11 VA Tides 5
DC Generals 15 Maryland Orioles 0
NJ Bombers 20 Maryland Sandlots 1
DC Generals 9 Maryland Sandlots 1
VA Tides 12 Maryland Orioles 11
VA Tides 14 Maryland Sandlots 6
DC Generals 14 NJ Bombers 5
VA Tides 12 NJ Bombers 6
Maryland Sandlots 12 Maryland Orioles 1

Bracket Results (Double Elimination)
Championship Bracket 1st Round
#5 Maryland Orioles 11 #4 Maryland Sandlots 2

Championship Bracket 2nd Round
#1 DC Generals 16 Maryland Orioles 0
#3 NJ Bombers 14 #2 VA Tides 10

Championship Bracket 3rd Round
DC Generals 18 NJ Bombers 3

Losers Bracket 1st Round
VA Tides 12 Maryland Sandlots 4

Losers Bracket 2nd Round
VA Tides 15 Maryland Orioles 6

Losers Bracket 3rd Round
NJ Bombers 15 VA Tides 7

NJ Bombers 8 DC Generals 1 (Co-Champions)

2017 DC Tourney Champs DC Generals
2017 DC Generals Tourney Co-Champions - D.C. Generals (Photo courtesy of DC Generals)

2017 DC Tourney Champs NJ Bombers
2017 DC Generals Tourney Co-Champions - NJ Bombers (Photo courtesy of DC Generals)

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