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Mom Defends Child's Right To Wear Hearing Device

By Sarah McCarthy

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Jaime Vernon said she knew the day would come when her daughter would face discrimination for her disability, but that doesn't make it less emotional.

Vernon's daughter, Lexi, was born totally deaf. Now, cochlear implants let her live life like any other nine-year-old. Occasionally Lexi has relied on a second device when she's in situations where distance or background noise can distort the sound signals her implants receive.

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Source: News Channel 5

Softball tourney brings deaf community together

By Nathan Heuer

Midwest Athletic Assoc for the DeafCOLUMBUS — For Candice Arteaga, the experience is about more than winning.

Last weekend's softball tournament in Columbus was a chance to enjoy the sport she loves with those who face the same challenges she does.

“Having fun and having a good experience is what it’s all about,” said Arteaga, who got involved with the Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf (MAAD) 17 years ago.

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Source: Columbus Telegram

DC General & NJ Bombers settle as co-champions

The D.C. Generals hosted a five-team double elimination softball tournament at Frederick, Maryland on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

The tournament host, D.C. Generals swept the field in the round robin to secure a #1 seed followed by VA Tides at #2. In the bracket play, D.C. Generals continued their march towards the championship defeating Maryland Orioles 16-0 and NJ Bombers 18-3.

The NJ Bombers then defeated VA Tides 15-7 in the losers bracket to set up a rematch for the tournament championship. The third game between these two games on the day proved sweet for NJ Bombers as they stopped D.C. Generals 8-1 to close out the tournament as co-champions with the host. A second game to claim the championship outright could not be played as the park was closed.

Round Robin Standings
DC Generals 4-0
VA Tides 3-1
NJ Bombers 2-2
Maryland Sandlots 1-3
Maryland Orioles 0-4

Round Robin Results
NJ Bombers 17 Maryland Orioles 2
DC Generals 11 VA Tides 5
DC Generals 15 Maryland Orioles 0
NJ Bombers 20 Maryland Sandlots 1
DC Generals 9 Maryland Sandlots 1
VA Tides 12 Maryland Orioles 11
VA Tides 14 Maryland Sandlots 6
DC Generals 14 NJ Bombers 5
VA Tides 12 NJ Bombers 6
Maryland Sandlots 12 Maryland Orioles 1

Bracket Results (Double Elimination)
Championship Bracket 1st Round
#5 Maryland Orioles 11 #4 Maryland Sandlots 2

Championship Bracket 2nd Round
#1 DC Generals 16 Maryland Orioles 0
#3 NJ Bombers 14 #2 VA Tides 10

Championship Bracket 3rd Round
DC Generals 18 NJ Bombers 3

Losers Bracket 1st Round
VA Tides 12 Maryland Sandlots 4

Losers Bracket 2nd Round
VA Tides 15 Maryland Orioles 6

Losers Bracket 3rd Round
NJ Bombers 15 VA Tides 7

NJ Bombers 8 DC Generals 1 (Co-Champions)

2017 DC Tourney Champs DC Generals
2017 DC Generals Tourney Co-Champions - D.C. Generals (Photo courtesy of DC Generals)

2017 DC Tourney Champs NJ Bombers
2017 DC Generals Tourney Co-Champions - NJ Bombers (Photo courtesy of DC Generals)

MAAD Bringing Multi-State Softball Tournament to Columbus

By Grant Otten

2017 MAAD Softball TourneyCOLUMBUS – A multi-state athletic association that is focused on supporting deaf athletes, has chosen Columbus to host it’s 59th, 36th, and 19th annual softball tournaments this summer.

Columbus Area Sports Council Director Doug Kluth says, the Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf has selected Gerrard Park as the site for their 59th annual Men’s, 36th annual Women’s, and 19th annual Co-Ed Regional Slow Pitch Softball tournament.

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Source: News Channel Nebraska

Brown overcomes obstacles, excels in softball

By Chris Lynn

Think back to the time when you were 11-years-old and the only care you had in the world was a win or a loss in a softball game.

You arrive at the park and you notice that there are fans cheering off in the distance as they watch another game, but you don’t hear a thing.

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Source: The Tennessean

Softball tournament for the Deaf

Midwest Athletic Assoc for the DeafSt. Cloud competes in the annual Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf softball tournament.

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Source: SC Time

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