Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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World's first Para-football national association launched in Scotland

By Amy MacBeth

Scottish FAThe world's first national association dedicated to Para-football is to be created by the Scottish Football Association.

It will also invest more than £100,000 to help grow and run the game.

The governing body's Para-football and equalities lead hailed the move.

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Source: BBC Sport Scotland

I’m happy for the invitation to the national team

Bosnia and Herzegovina Football FederationRadnik Bumerang is the first-ranked team of the Premier Women’s U-17 League, while talented Stevanović is the second scorer of this competition with 25 goals scored, three less than her club mate, Sofija Krajšumović.

Although with hearing impairment, Jovana is engaged in sports, and this does not limit her to being successful. Stevanović was successful in sports, and after good games in the championship she was now invited to the camp of the U-16 women's team of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Source: Bosnia and Herzegovina Football Federation

Deaf footballer Ross Sloan sole southerner in NZ futsal team

By Tim O’Connell

New Zealand Deaf FootballNelson footballer Ross Sloan hopes the world will hear more of NZ deaf football on the international stage.

Sloan returned last week from his first trip with the New Zealand Deaf Futsal team at the 2018 Australian Deaf games in the Victorian cities of Albury and Wodonga.

Held every four years, the event is the pinnacle multi-sport event for Deaf people in Australia involving up to 20 sports and attracting more than 1000 participants from all over Australia, Fiji and NZ.

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Source: Nelson Mail

Deaf Women's Futsal team qualify for Euro Championships

Ireland FlagDave Bell's side played a total of four matches, drawing the hosts 3-3 in their opening match. The Netherlands scored a penalty in the final minute to deny Ireland the win.

The side then suffered two defeats in a row to Germany and Denmark. Germany are the second-ranked team in Europe and were runners-up in the 2014 European Championships, while Denmark's team still had many players who were part of the side who finished second in the 2010 European Championships.

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Source: Ireland

Local trio set for Deaf futsal Euro bid

By James Hendicott

Ireland FlagIRELAND face a “group of death” scenario, according to assistant manager Ben O’Looney, as they head to Amsterdam to compete in European qualifying for the Deaf Women’s Futsal European Cup this weekend.

Of the 14-player panel, captain Laura Clarke, from Greenhills – who will represent Doncaster Belles in the deaf Champions League this year – and is an 11-time winner of the deaf inter-pros.

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Source: Dublin Gazette

Chester Deaf Football Club celebrates 70th anniversary in style

By Steve Creswell

Chester Deaf Football ClubMEMBERS of Chester Deaf Football Club celebrated their 70th Anniversary with a party.

Boys and girls from the youth team were joined by friends and family to celebrate the special occasion at the Chester Deaf Centre on South View Road.

Former players were also invited and got the chance to talk about their playing days.

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Source: The Standard

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