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Legendary deaf athlete Terence Parkin completes 902km

2018 Terence Parkin 920KMLegendary deaf athlete and Olympic medalist Terence Parkin has successfully completed the unbelievably challenging 902km of cycling, swimming, running and canoeing.

Parkin completed this incredible test of strength and stamina between Johannesburg and Durban all in support of fundraising for the Deaf Children to Learn how to swim and for the Water Safety Programme.

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Source: The NewAge Online

*Photo credit - The NewAge Online

Winnipeg hosting 2018 Canada Deaf Games

By Kevin Hirschfield

2018 Canadian Deaf GamesThe country’s top deaf and hard of hearing athletes are in Winnipeg as the city plays host to the 2018 Canada Deaf Games Feb. 21-24.

Five sports are featured at the event, including basketball, bowling, curling, ice hockey, and volleyball.

Action began Wednesday morning and goes until Saturday and features around 175 athletes.

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Source: Global News

This Deaf Trainer Believes Sweat is the Great Equalizer

By Elizabeth Millard

Anne Reuss
*Photo credit - myfintesspal Blog

Deaf since birth, fitness trainer Anne Reuss doesn’t see limitations. Instead, she sees the opportunity to sweat — and motivate others to do the same. In her eyes, fitness provides everyone the chance to be vulnerable, no matter what you’re facing physically, professionally or personally. And that opens the door to improvement.

“It’s a profound journey and one that I’m proud to be on,” she says. “Life will dole out frustrations. But there can be purpose behind it, if you allow it.”

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Source: myfitnesspal Blog

WATCH: Terence Parkin ends epic 920km trip on Durban beach

By Duncan Guy

Terrence Parkin
*Photo credit IOL

DURBAN - DEAF sportsman and Olympic medallist Terence Parkin has Blue Lagoon in his sights at the end of a 920km journey from Gauteng to Durban that has seen him traversing the highlands of Lesotho and swimming the Midmar Mile.

He has been on a series of cycling, swimming, running and canoe missions to raise funds for disabled children for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation South Africa which supports children with disabilities.

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Source: Independent Media

Breaking into the game: South Dakota pool player makes a name for himself

By Michaela Feldmann

Rapid City, S.D. - In the world of competitive pool, Sioux Falls pro Shane VanBoening “The South Dakota Kid” is a name you'll often hear and won't soon forget. From his hometown pool hall to the U.S. Open, Shane has won it all. He’s currently ranked number one in the United States and top 10 in the world. While many of us play pool for fun, Shane makes a living out of it. A living that chose him.

“I started playing pool when I was two years old and I grew up in this place right here in Rapid City,” professional pool player, Shane VanBoening said.

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Source: KSFY

Canada Deaf Games Featuring 3x3 Basketball in Winnipeg Feb 19-24

2018 Canadian Deaf GamesThe Canada Deaf Games (CDG) will be held from February 19-24 in Winnipeg at venues around the city and will compete in six sports (Bowling, Curling, Ice Hockey, Men’s Basketball, Volleyball and Snowboarding). The event will feature a 3x3 basketball format for males ages 16+ and will take place at Red River College on February 22 & 23.

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Source: Basketball Manitoba


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