Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Winnie Cheung will not let being deaf stop her from pursuing dream of playing rugby for Hong Kong

By Eddie Lee

After overcoming personal challenges and giving back to the community, player and coach is nominated for South China Morning Post’s Spirit of Hong Kong Awards.

2018 Winnie Cheung
Cheung is a rugby player, coach, and community worker.

Winnie Cheung Wing-yin never expects any special treatment on the rugby pitch, even if she is deaf.

To Cheung, fairness is the foremost rule of sport, as well as an essential ingredient for an inclusive society.

Read more: http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/community/article/2147266/winnie-cheung-will-not-let-being-deaf-stop-her-pursuing

Source: South China Morning Post

Photo credit - Jonathan Wong

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