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Growing up deaf: sport, speaking and society

Deaf since she was just 14 months old, Ceara Toal, a sports assistant and lifeguard at the University of Leicester, spoke to us about what it’s like to live with deafness, the challenges of communicating with hearing people, and her views on how society could be better educated on hearing loss.

2018 Ceara Toal
Ceara, 29 years old from Whitwick in Leicestershire, has profound, unexplained deafness and is unable to hear most sounds – including people speaking or even a fire alarm. She was raised in a large, loving family and is one of six siblings (two of whom are also deaf). With the support of her family, she has learned to never let her deafness rule her life.

“We are a close family and all get on very well. I’m a doting Auntie to my four nieces. My family has always supported me and given me everything I need. They’ve always made sure my (lack of) hearing never affected me negatively and that I am treated equally and fairly in all aspects of my life.

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