Monday, August 20, 2018
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Team Kyte to compete at 2018 Canada Deaf Games

By Celina Ip

2018 Canadian Deaf GamesBeginning with their dad, Dr. John Kyte, Ottawa’s Kyte family has a long history of hearing loss due to auditory nerve degeneration. All five of Dr. Kyte’s sons (James (Jim), Jimmy, John, Frayne and Rob) were born legally deaf and his grandchildren (Abigayle, Emma, Thomas, Johnny Jr., Patrick, and Sean) were affected by varying degrees.

With a profound 100 dB hearing loss, Jim Kyte remains the only deaf player to have played in the National Hockey League. Upon retiring from his professional hockey career in 1998, Jim Kyte had logged 640 regular season and playoff games over 13 seasons with five teams—Winnipeg, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Ottawa and San Jose.

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Source: The Daily Observer

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