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First games of WDIHC feature plenty of blowouts

Sunday, April 23, 2017

2017 WDIHCFinland 12 Czech Republic 1

The third game of the day saw Finland playing the Czech Republic. This was the second game of the tournament for both teams. Finland won 12-1. Players of the game were #19 JIri Filipi from the Czech Republic and #24 Janne Yrjola from Finland. (Box Score)

Canada 27 Kazakhstan 0

Day two of the men's round robin started with Kazakhstan playing Canada. Canada won 27 - 0. Players of the game were #94 Maxim Palatkin from Kazakhstan and #15 Matt Sheffield from Canada. (Box Score)

Canada 6 USA 3 (Women)

The Canadian and Unites States women matched up again to start the second day of the 2017 WDIHC. Canada won 6-3. Players of the game were #1 Libby Breaker from the United States and #11 Sophie Gagnon from Canada. (Box Score)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

USA 17 Czech Republic 0

The second game of the day featured the United States against the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is participating for the first time in the World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships. United States won 17 to 0. Players of the game were #25 Robert Ruef from the United States and #23 Michael Stary from the Czech Republic. (Box Score)

Finland 17 Kazakhstan 0

The opening game of the 3rd World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships featured Finland against Kazakhstan. Finland won 17-0. Players of the game were #7 Marko Liimatainen from Finland and #73 Sergey Fursov from Kazakhstan. (Box Score)

Canada 6 USA 4 (Women)

This year for the first time in the World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships women's teams competed. The inaugural event featured teams from Canada and the United States. Canada defeated the United States 6 to 4 in this historic event. Players of the game were # 5 Brittany Mallach from Canada and #12 McKinley Karpa from the United States. (Box Score)

Reprinted from 2017 World Deaf Ice Hockey Championship -

Women’s hockey makes history with Deaf Hockey World Championship

By Erik Wollschlager

2017 WDIHCOn April 19, the American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association kicked off the World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships at the Northtowns Center in Amherst, New York; a suburb of the city of Buffalo.

Hosted by the United States, teams from Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Finland, and Canada will compete in this 10-day tournament. This year, for the first time in the tournament’s history, women will compete in an exhibition series as Canada and the US will go head-to-head on April 22 and 23.

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Source: FanRag Sports

Grant Isenbarger ready for third try with national deaf hockey team

By Blake Sebring

2017 WDIHCWhen he was 6 years old, Fort Wayne's Grant Isenbarger attended his first American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association camp and knew what his dream would be. He's been blessed enough to wear "USA" on his jersey two times before and the third time starts tonight in Amherst, N.Y., at the third World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships.

played in the WDIHC in Finland in 2013 and won a bronze medal at the Winter Deaflympics in Russia in 2015.

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Source: The News-Sentinel

Jim Kyte’s nieces, pioneering hockey players themselves, follow in footsteps of first legally deaf NHLer

By Vicki Hall

2017 WDIHCCALGARY — Emma Kyte was born in 1998, the year after her Uncle Jim retired from a professional hockey career that saw him log 598 games on NHL bluelines.

She never witnessed Uncle Jim — known in his younger days as “Radio Shack,” due to the clunky hearing aids tucked under his helmet — attempt to shut down the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Hakan Loob. She never saw the linesmen scoop up his hearing aids and deliver them to the penalty box after many of his 68 heavyweight fights.

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Source: National Post

Hamline Senior to Lead First U.S. Deaf Women's Hockey Team

2017 WDIHCJessica Goldberg has never let hearing loss stand in the way of something she wanted to accomplish.

That includes hockey. The Hamline senior just completed a four-year college career, including a senior season where she finished with a goal and five assists in 25 games.

"Challenges are always going to be there," said Goldberg, who deals with 50 percent hearing loss in each ear.

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Source: KAAL TV

Local coaches leading hearing impaired team at showcase in U.S.

By Kevin Adshade

2017 WDIHCSTELLARTON – Two local hockey coaches have a unique experience before them: a chance to coach Canada’s national hearing-impaired female hockey team.

Jeff Green and Shane Chabassol will be behind the bench this coming week at the world men’s hearing-impaired championships in Amherst, N.Y. – just outside Buffalo – where the women will play Team USA in a pair of showcase games prior to the men’s tournament.

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Source: The News

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