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Canada & Kazakhstan bag victories at WDIHC

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2017 WDIHCCanada 5 USA 2

Game 8 of the 2017 World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships featured the United States vs. Canada. Canada won 5-2. Players of the game were #9 Peter Gintoli from the United States and #11 Jason Veilleux from Canada. (Box Score)

Kazakhstan 11 Czech Republic 5

Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic contested the 7th game of the 2017 WDIHC. Kazakhstan won 11-5. Players of the game were #7 Alexey Plotnikov from Kazakhstan and #19 Jiri Filipi from the Czech Republic. (Box Score)

Reprinted from 2017 World Deaf Ice Hockey Championship - https://www.2017wdihc.com/games

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