Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Kevin Hall, the tour's first deaf golfer, is not giving up on his chase

By Joel Beall

WebCom Tour - GolfTime is of no concern to Kevin Hall. There may be an internal clock, sure, ticking to a point of no return. But Hall can't control its perpetually moving hands, so why bother. Besides, there's work to be done. His dream, after all, is closer than it's ever been.

Hall has spent 14 years chasing it: membership on the PGA Tour. He's enjoyed a handful of starts on tour during his career, but has mostly toiled in the sport's minors. Not the Web.com, Latinoamérica or Mackenzie circuits, mind you, where decent money can be had. Hall has ventured in the wilderness, those provincial tours where you carry your own bag and are chased off the course by the men's 45-and-older Thursday beer league

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Source: Golfworld

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