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Hearing impairment not silencing Mac Bignell’s rise to Montana State stardom

By Richie Melby

Montana StateBOZEMAN – Football is a game of challenges.

Mac Bignell has overcome many on his way to stardom at Montana State. An all-state athlete on the prep fields in Drummond, he quickly needed to learn the transition from Class C 8-man football.

“Just getting used to 11 guys would be one of the biggest (challenges),” Bignell said. “Learning the terminology was all different to me. Then again, football is football in the end.”

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Source: Montana Sports

Gallaudet and Earlham chasing that elusive "W"

gallaudetAnybody remember 2013? This was the year that the Gallaudet football team went 9-2 and generated so much excitement and pride in the Deaf community. The team received tons of media exposure, earned a spot on ESPN’s top-10 plays feature and a first-ever trip to the NCAA Division III playoffs. That was just three years ago but feels so long ago.

Gallaudet football has fallen on hard times fast. Since that magical 2013 season, Gallaudet has gone 2-17 and are now riding on a 15-game losing streak. The team’s last win came in October 11, 2014 against Becker, 16-12.

The last game that Earlham College (Indiana) won was back in October 26, 2013 when they squeaked past Anderson University (Indiana), 21-20. Since that game, Earlham has lost 24 in a row.

There are 238 Division III football teams that are ranked weekly and as of Tuesday, September 6th, Gallaudet is ranked 232. Earlham is doing just a little better coming in at 227. In other words, both teams aren’t very good.

Tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m., these two teams with long losing streaks face each other on Hotchkiss Field at Gallaudet in hopes of ending their misery and earning that coveted “W”.

This game could be a thrilling one or a stinker as both teams lay it on the line. The men of Earlham and Gallaudet football teams will try to turn the corner on their football programs or it’ll just be a mirage on the horizon.

But for now, we miss 2013.

Amateurs, deaf-mute coach began Purdue football

By Bob Kriebel

Purdue FootballThe first Purdue football team assembled in the fall of 1887. The boys played one game on Oct. 29 against Butler at Indianapolis. Purdue's first coach was a deaf mute who had trouble communicating. He was a bright man of a gentle nature from Lafayette named Al Berg. He had seen a football game while attending a school for the hearing impaired in Washington D.C.

The Purdue boys practiced with Berg for a week, rode a train to Indianapolis, and lost 48-6. J.B. Burris was the captain.

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Source: Lafayette Journal & Courier

Stony Brook football players host deaf kids, test signing skills

By David Olson

Katerynne Fuentes is a big football fan. She’s also deaf and not accustomed to finding non-deaf people who can communicate with her using sign language.

So Katerynne, 14, was excited when she stood on the Stony Brook University football field Wednesday and saw nine football players laughing and signing with her and 30 other students from Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf.

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Source: Newsday

Partially deaf Texas football star Darrion Green commits to New Mexico

By Cam Smith

Darrion Green is the most groundbreaking football recruit thus far in the 2017 cycle. It has nothing to do with where he’s from or where he’s decided to go. No, Green is a pioneer because of what he does without: His hearing.

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Source: USA Today High School Sports

Ex-Seattle FB Derrick Coleman Charged With Vehicular Assault

SEATTLE — Former Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman was charged Friday with felony hit and run and vehicular assault for a car crash last October.

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Source: The New York Times

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