Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Huddle up, Ohio’s unlikely champions

By John Kendle

The great game of football teaches the incredible concept of “TEAM,” which at the Pro Football Hall of Fame we believe stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More.” In the sanctity of the huddle, we learn, that despite our differences, there isn’t anything we can’t work through together if we “huddle up” with respect for each other, listen to the call and execute the designed play.

The huddle is a magical and special place of trust. Gallaudet College in Washington, D.C. is credited with the formation of the football huddle in the 1890s. Gallaudet is devoted to providing higher education to both deaf and mute students. Because their opponents were often schools for the hearing-impaired, Gallaudet quarterback Paul Hubbard was concerned they were watching his hands to see his team’s intentions. Hubbard’s solution was to huddle up so their opponents couldn’t read their signs as the quarterback signaled the plays.

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Source: IndeOnline

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