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Redskins’ pass rusher Ryan Kerrigan discusses hearing loss in his left ear

By Kimberley A. Martin

Washington RedskinsRICHMOND — Preston Smith had blurted out his question quickly, hoping to glean some intel from Ryan Kerrigan before the next play. But an answer never came. Instead, all Smith received from his fellow outside linebacker was silence, and after a few seconds, a blank stare.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/football-insider/wp/2018/07/28/redskins-pass-rusher-ryan-kerrigan-divulges-hes-deaf-in-left-ear/?utm_term=.c9ce38df289b

Source: Washington Post

Arizona Cardinals sign deaf fullback Derrick Coleman

By Kent Somers

Arizona CardinalsNo one is sure what the Cardinals' offense will look like under new coordinator Mike McCoy, but it apparently will include the use of a fullback occasionally.

The team has signed fullback Derrick Coleman to a one-year contract.

Coleman’s signing is notable because the Cardinals didn’t use a traditional fullback under former coach Bruce Arians.

Read more: https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nfl/cardinals/2018/05/09/arizona-cardinals-sign-legally-deaf-fullback-derrick-coleman/596664002/

Source: Arizona Central

The Helmet Bowl I National Championship Story, Part 3

By Jeff Zogg

GallaudetSam Atkinson, the Gallaudet University Sports Information Director, set his alarm early and swung out of bed. It was the final day of voting for the Helmet Bowl I National Championship. His Bison had made it to the matchup, rallied thousands and thousands of votes, but was struggling against the San Diego State Aztecs and their deep red helmet with the Aztec calendar embossing.

Read more: https://helmettracker.com/gallaudet-bison-the-national-championship-story-part-3/

Source: Helmet Tracker

The Helmet Bowl I National Championship Story, Part 2

By Jeff Zogg

GallaudetGallaudet Plans a National Championship Run

Gallaudet is the nation’s deaf and hard of hearing university. It is the only such university in the world.

“Once we won our conference, I started making plans,” Sam said. “I knew that if we were to get into the national tournament, our social media presence would give us a good shot at it.”

Read more: https://helmettracker.com/the-helmet-bowl-i-national-championship-story-part-2/

Source: Helmet Tracker

The Helmet Bowl I National Championship Story, Part 1

By Jeff Zogg

GallaudetAs Sam Atkinson swung out of bed early Monday morning, he wondered if he’d made a mistake.

It was National Championship day for college football and his team was vying for the whole enchilada, the entire ball of wax, all nine yards. Sam checked the vote count and found his Gallaudet Bison were more than 1,100 behind.

Read more: https://helmettracker.com/gallaudet-bison-the-football-helmet-national-championship-story-part-1/

Source: Helmet Tracker

12-year-old girl to sign the national anthem at championship game

By Steve Gehlbach

CFB National Championship 2018ATLANTA - We are just days from the big college football championship showdown in Atlanta where the Bulldogs will take on the Crimson Tide for the national title.

A Gwinnett County 12-year-old will step into the national spotlight before the game in memory of her mother.

Carly Ortega was born deaf but she could feel the excitement when the UGA won the Rose Bowl on Monday.

Read more & view video: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/12-year-old-girl-to-sign-the-national-anthem-at-championship-game/676340278

Source: WSB-TV

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