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MAAD hosts annual regional basketball tournament at St. Louis

Midwest Athletic Assoc for the DeafResults of the 72nd Annual Men's & 30th Annual Women Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf Regional Basketball Tournament at St. Louis, Missouri from Thursday March 8 through Saturday, March 10, 2018.

Men's Results
Champion: St. Louis Thunder
Runner-Up: Kansas Creepers
Third Place: LAD Star City
Fourth Place: Olathe Kings
Fifth Place: Omaha
Sixth Place: St. Louis Cyclones

Most Valuable Player: Trent Thomas, St. Louis Thunder
Individual Sportsmanship: Travis Trumble, Kansas Creepers
Team Sportsmanship: LAD Star City
Top Average Scorer: Kenneth Smith, Omaha Outlaws 35.7 avg.
Top Average Rebound Champion: Ron Wyatt, St. Louis Thunder 9.0 avg.
Top Average Assist Champion: Sheign Freel, Kansas Creepers, 3.25 avg.
Coach of the Tournament: Tilman Sims, St. Louis Thunder
All Stars: Dalton Etkie, LAD Star City; Kenneth Smith, Omaha Outlaws; Sheign Freel, Kansas Creepers; Ron Wyatt, St. Louis Thunder; Chris Robinson, Olathe; Zach Phipps, Omaha; Jonathan Scherling, LAD Star City; Lorenzo Townsend, St. Louis Thunder; Chris Bedeau, Kansas Creepers; Eric Jenkins, St. Louis Thunder.

Women's Results
Champion: Omaha Eagles
Runner-Up: Iowa
Third place: Minnesota

Most Valuable Player: Carly Weyers, Omaha Eagles
Individual Sportsmanship: Joyal Ingram, Olathe Blasters
Team Sportsmanship: Olathe Blasters
Top Average Scorer: Tiffany McCallum, Olathe Blasters 16.0 avg.
Top Average Rebound Champion: Carly Weyers, Omaha Eagles 7.0 avg.
Top Average Assist Champion: Sarah Young Bear Brown, Iowa Storm 3.6 avg.
Coach of the Tournament: Fred Ivins, Omaha Eagles
All Stars: Tiffany McCallum, Olathe Blasters; Sarah Young Bear Brown, Iowa Storm; Kiley Peterson, Omaha Eagles; Jennifer Keaton, Iowa Storm; Rachel Nemmers, Omaha Eagles.

*Reprinted from Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf - http://maad.org/basketball/bb18.html

NEAC Coaches Corner: Gallaudet University

GallaudetGANSEVOORT, N.Y. – Throughout the spring, the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) will highlight a coach and student-athlete from each of our member institutions in a brief Q & A. Today’s Coaches Corner puts the spotlight on Gallaudet University women’s basketball head coach Stephanie Stevens and student-athlete Emelia Beldon.

Coach Stephanie Stevens just completed her sixth season at Gallaudet University as the head coach of the women’s basketball program. Since taking over the team in July 2012, Stevens has posted 67-89 record and led the Bison to four appearances in the NEAC tournament. After an off-year in 2016-17, Stevens guided her squad to a remarkable turnaround this past season as the Bison compiled a 13-14 overall record. Gallaudet earned the No. 2 seed in the South Division with an 8-4 mark in divisional play and advanced to the NEAC Semifinals.

Emelia Beldon (Frederick, Md.) is a rookie guard for the Bison and is coming off a year in which she appeared in 27 games and scored 221 points. Beldon averaged 8.2 points and 3.4 rebounds per game in a solid first season. She led all NEAC players with 153 assists and ranked 11th in the league with 54 steals. Beldon’s exceptional play was recognized by her institution when she was named the January 2018 Female Bison of the Month.

Read more: http://www.neacsports.com/news/Institutional_Features/GAL_Coaches_Corner

Source: North Eastern Athletic Conference

Results of FAAD basketball tourney held at Riverside

FAADResults of the 72nd Annual Farwest Athletic Association of the Deaf Regional Basketball Tournament held at California School for the Deaf at Riverside on Friday, March 9 and Saturday, March 10, 2018.

Game #1: Arizona Desert Fire 114 Riverside 48 (Quarterfinals)
Game #2: Elite 93 Cobra 59 (Quarterfinals)
Game #3: Dawgs 93 Faith 64 (Quarterfinals)
Game #4: Faith 97 Cobra 38 (Consolation Semifinals)
Game #5: Cobra 70 Riverside 63 (Consolation Semifinals)
Game #6: DSA-LACD 70 Dawgs 63 (Semifinals)
Game #7: Elite 70 Arizona Desert Fire 66 (Semifinals)
Game #8: Faith 47 Cobra 34 (5th Place)
Game #9: Arizona Desert Fire 99 Dawgs 77 (3rd Place)
Game #10: DSA-LACD 102 Elite 45 (Championship)

Team Tournament Awards
Champions: DSA-LACD
Runner-up: Elite
Third Place: Arizona Desert Fire
Fourth Place: Dawgs
Fifth Place: Faith
Sixth Place: Cobra
Seventh Place: Riverside
Team Sportsmanship: Riverside

Individual Leaders - 3 Games
Most 2-point field goals made: Montel Taylor, Dawgs (24)
Most 3-point field goals made: Jose Armenta (9)
Most free throws made: Jonathan Gay, Arizona Desert Fire; Montel Taylor, Dawgs (13)
Most points: Montel Taylor, Dawgs (79)

Individual Leaders - 1 game
Most 2-point field goals made: Derek Keels, Arizona Desert Fire (12)
Most 3-point field goals made: Justin Grisby, Elite; Jason Green, Dawgs; Isaish Williams, Faith; Jose Armenta, Cobra (5)
Most free throws made: Jonathan Gay, Arizona Desert Fire (9)
Most points: Jeremias Valencia, DSA-LACD (29)

All-Tournament Team
Steve Valencia-Biskupiak, DSA-LACD
Jonathan Valencia, DSA-LACD
Matt Flores, Elite
Francisco German, Elite
Derek Keels, Arizona Desert Fire
Andres Rodriquez, Dawgs
Caleb Kulwitzky, Faith
Juan Armenta, Cobra
Daniel Ruccione, Riverside

Individual Tournament Awards
Most Valuable Player (MVP): Jeremias Valencia, DSA-LACD
Most Outstanding Player (MOP): Montel Taylor, Dawgs
Coach of Tournament: Kyle Bayarsky, Riverside
Individual Sportsmanship: Tony Tsang, Faith

2018 Hall of Fame
Janel Birrenkott
Lawrence "Larry" Fleischer
Barbara Hyde
Steve Mutti
Jimmy "Dribble" Newsome
Michael "Doc" Torres

Thanks to our FAAD officers, staff & volunteers.
Admissions: John Cortez, Julie Huluki, Mark Quinones, Janice Quinones
Referees: John Fero, Jimmy Newsome, Johnny Greddin, Michael Torres
Timekeeper/Scorekeeper: Girolomo Bevinetto, Janice Quinones, Darma Torres, David Biskupiak, Mike Torres, Jr.
FAAD Board: Nancy Gonzalez, Mark Quinones, Josh Tozski, John Cortez

Valencia appointed as Interim Director of International Program for USADB

March 8, 2018

USA Deaf BasketballUnited States of America Deaf Basketball, Inc. (USADB) announced that the Executive Board has selected Jeremias Valencia to head the International Program on an interim basis. Valencia replaces David Hamilton who was removed from the post by USADB in early February of this year.

Valencia’s primary duties at this time is to lead the U21 committee for the upcoming U21 Basketball Tournament which will be held in July at Gallaudet University.

USADB Press Release

SWBAD hosts annual regional tournament at Corpus Christi

SWBADResults of Southwest Basketball Association of the Deaf (SWBAD) 71st Annual Men’s and 25th Annual Women’s Regional Basketball Tournament held at Corpus Christi, Texas.

Men’s Division
M1: ATX Warriors 85 Tacobats 40
M2: East Memphis 63 RGV Broncs 58
M3: DFW Infinity 24 Dallas Independent 8 (forfeit after halftime)
M4: LRA 45 Mississippi Wolves 43
M5: Tacobats 55 RGV Broncs 52
M6: Mississippi Wolves 2 Dallas Independent 0 (forfeit)
M7: ATX Warriors 86 East Memphis 20
M8: DFW Infinity 74 LRA 21
M9: RGV Broncs 2 Dallas Independent 0 (forfeit)
M10 (Consolation Championship): Tacobats 61 Mississippi Wolves 58
M11 (3rd place): LRA 59 East Memphis 58
M12 (Championship): ATX Warriors 70 DFW Infinity 45

Most Points: Nathan Williams, East Memphis (62)
Most Assists: Termiea Bowers, ATX Warriors (18)
Most Rebounds: Frederick Tubbs, Tacobats (36)
Most 3-points: Ty Hubbard, ATX Warriors (12)
Team Sportsmanship: Mississippi Wolves
Clyde Nutt Individual Sportsmanship: Andrew Daly, Tacobats
Most Valuable Player: Ty Hubbard, ATX Warriors
Coach of the Tournament: Jose Amador, ATX Warriors

1st All-Star Team
Frederick Tubbs, Tacobats
Kameron Freeney, DFW Infinity
Keithen Williams, ATX Warriors
Alfred Wigley, ATX Warriors
Clyde Young, DFW Infinity

2nd All-Star Team
Jess Ballez, RGV Broncs
Nathan Williams, East Memphis
William Houston III, DFW Infinity
Tremaine Hightowers, LRA
Paul Biggs, Mississippi Wolves

Champions: ATX Warriors
2nd place: DFW Infinity
3rd place: LRA
4th place: East Memphis
Consolation Champions: Tacobats
6th place: Mississippi Wolves
7th place: RGV Broncs
8th place: Dallas Independent

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Women’s Division
W1: Texas Outlaws 66 Southwestern Divas 18
W2 (Championship): Texas Outlaws 54 Southwestern Divas 10

Most Points: Marlet Mancera, Texas Outlaws (29)
Most Assists: Marlet Mancera, Texas Outlaws and Maggie Hoyt, Texas Outlaws (tied with 7)
Most Rebounds: Faye Sefcik, Texas Outlaws (27)
Most 3-Points: Kamora Shaggy, Texas Outlaws (3)
Team Sportsmanship: Southwestern Divas
Individual Sportsmanship: Maggie Hoyt, Texas Outlaws
Most Valuable Player: Marlet Mancera, Texas Outlaws
Coach of the Tournament: Arturo Iniguez, Texas Outlaws

1st All-Star Team
Maggie Hoyt, Texas Outlaws
Izzy Hasty, Texas Outlaws
Kamora Shaggy, Texas Outlaws
Kristy White, Southwestern Divas
Melissa Stein, Southwestern Divas

Champions: Texas Outlaws
2nd place: Southwestern Divas

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Lakeland’s Daniels getting on to court at Division III Gallaudet

By David Driver

GallaudetWASHINGTON, D.C. – Shawn Daniels stood near midcourt in the final seconds of a recent college basketball game in the nation’s capital, and the freshman guard clapped his hands excitedly as a referee’s call went in favor of a teammate.

But most of the several hundred fans in attendance at the NCAA Division III contest couldn’t hear those hands being clapped by the Lakeland High graduate.

Read more: http://www.theledger.com/sports/20180205/lakelands-daniels-getting-on-to-court-at-division-iii-gallaudet

Source: The Ledger


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