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DePaul's Jenkins credits deaf sister for her success

Chanise Jenkins has gone through some difficult times.

The Chicagoan missed all but the end of her junior basketball season at Young after surgery on a torn knee ligament.

She missed all but the first two games of what was to have been her first season at DePaul after surgery on a dislocated tendon in the foot. Read full story.

USADB to endorse Brighton Declaration on women and sports

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USA Deaf Basketball to Endorse Brighton Declaration on Women and Sports

Pleasanton, CA – March 18, 2013 -- USA Deaf Basketball (USADB) is pleased to announce that we will endorse the Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport, an international document that seeks equality for women in all levels of sport.

A celebratory signing event is slated for Saturday, April 6, 2013 at the USADB Art Kruger & Thomas Elliott National Basketball Tournament. The signing will take place between the men’s and women’s championship games. The tournament will be held at Competitive Edge Sports in King of Prussia, PA. “We look forward to a bright future for our young deaf girls and women. With the endorsement the Brighton Declaration, USADB takes the lead in our commitment to providing equal opportunities for deaf girls and women in all areas of deaf sport in America. I also believe that gender equality is no longer an option, without question, it is the right thing to do.” said USADB commissioner Shirley H. Platt.

The Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport was created in 1994 at the first conference of the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG). The IWG’s vision and the Brighton Declaration’s overriding aim is to develop a sporting culture that enables and values full involvement of women in every aspect of sport.

Commissioner Platt will sign the Brighton Declaration, witnessed by Laura K. Edwards, four-time Deaflympian gold medalist, and head coach for the 2013 USA women’s team to the Deaflympics, and Dr. Becky Clark, Deaflympics gold medalist and USA Deaf Sports Federation board member at large.

“The Declaration principles serve as a departure point for signatories to become active in the advancement of sport in terms of gender equality,” IWG co-chair Raija Mattila said. So far, 335 organizations have signed the Brighton Declaration, including the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, SportAccord, and 56 national Olympic Committees.

The American Athletic Association of the Deaf (AAAD) was established in 1945 in Akron, OH to promote basketball opportunities for deaf athletes. In 1995, restructure of the AAAD led to the formation of USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) with USA Deaf Basketball (USADB) becoming the new national governing body for basketball. USADB sponsors and promotes regional and national basketball tournaments for deaf adults each year, the National high School All-Stars; and youth and adult teams to the World Championships, PanAm Games and Deaflympics. For more information, go to

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New England Athletic Association of the Deaf basketball tourney results

68th Annual Men’s and 23rd Annual Women’s
New England Athletic Association of the Deaf Regional Basketball Tournament
The Learning Center School for the Deaf
Hosted by Worcester Deaf Club
March 8-10, 2013
Tournament Results and Awards

Game 1 (Men): Maine 75 New England Outlaw Rebels 71
Game 2 (Women): Providence Hope 70 Boston Cyclones 24
Game 3 (Men): Brattleboro 86 Worcester 64
Game 4 (Women): Worcester Lady Atomics 67 Boston Cyclones 22
Game 5 (Men): Worcester 84 New England Outlaw Rebels 82
Game 6 (Men): Bridgeport 102 Maine 59
Game 7 (Men’s Third Place Game): Maine 79 Worcester 64
Game 8 (Women’s Championship Game): Worcester Lady Atomics 78 Providence Hope 48
Game 9 (Men’s Championship Game): Bridgeport 78 Brattleboro 60

Champion: Bridgeport
2nd place: Brattleboro
3rd place: Maine
4th place: Worcester
5th place: New England Outlaw Rebels

All Stars:
Tim Head Jr. – Bridgeport Justin Brooks
Bridgeport Brian Cloutier
Maine Alex Hoover – Maine
Christopher Furzland - Worcester
Brian Minch - Worcester
Jesse Woosley - Brattleboro
Jovanny Lopez – Brattleboro
Nick Lalanne – Brattleboro
Alex DeJesus – New England Outlaw

Best Defensive Player – Tim Head Jr. (Bridgeport)
Most Valuable Player – Clement Lovelace (Bridgeport)
Team Sportsmanship – Maine
Coach of Tournament – Arthur Larson (Bridgeport)

Champion – Worcester Lady Atomics
2nd place – Providence Hope
3rd place – Boston Cyclones

All Stars:
Shaquana McDough – Worcester
Christine Rowinski – Worcester
Cassey Ellis – Boston
Abby DeMario – Providence Jessica Salisbury – Providence

Best Defensive Player - Shaquana McDough (Worcester)
Most Valuable Player – Jaclyn Feder–Piasek (Worcester)
Team Sportsmanship – Boston Cyclones
Coach of Tournament – John Monahan (Worcester)

Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf basketball tourney results

Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf
Men's 68th Annual & Women's
22nd Annual Regional Basketball Tournament
March 16-17 2013 Pennsylvania School for the Deaf at Philadelphia, PA
Hosted by Greater Philadelphia Association Deaf Basketball EAAD

Regional Basketball Tournament at PSD in Philadelphia, PA last weekend and 275 players/coaches/officers/fans attended.

1. Lexington (NY) 48  North Virginia Galaxy 39
2. Fanwood (NY) 49  Greater Philadelphia 45
3. New Jersey Wild Ones 63  New Jersey Warriors 56
4. Showstoppers 63  Roc City Blazers 51
5. North Virginia Diplomats 95  Lexington 37
6. North Virginia Lady 96  Lexington Alumni Lady 13
7. Showstoppers 103  New Jersey Wild Ones 53
8. Midnight Crushers (Rochester) 59  New Jersey Lady Warriors 25
9. North Virginia Diplomats 73  Fanwood 32
10. Greater Philadelphia 44  North Virginia Galaxy 43
11. Roc City Blazers 72  NJ Warriors 52
12. Lexington Alumni Lady 37  New Jersey Lady Warriors 28
13. New Jersey Wild Ones 77  Fanwood 73 (2 OT)
14. North Virginia Lady 64  Midnight Crushers 25
15. North Virginia Diplomats 70  Showstoppers 68




1. Charity Sanders (Nova Lady)
2. Kristen Conrad ( Midnight Crushers)
3. Ashely Lockard (Lexington)
4. Ashely Richards (Lexington)
5. Danielle Franks (NJ Lady Warriors)

Men - First Team
1. Luther Weeden (Nova Diplomats)
2. Kevin Berrigan (Showstoppers)
3. Glendory Benjamin (Fanwood)
4. Gabriel Paulone (Showstoppers)
5. Kelly Sanders (Roc City Blazers)

Men - Second Team
1. Michael Pinckney (NJ Warriors)
2. Wayne Jennings (NJ Wild Ones)
3. Jason Garland (Greater Philadelphia)
4. Mike Kent (Nova Diplomats)
5. Christopher Webb (NJ Wild Ones)

WOMEN: NJ Lady Warriors
MEN: Fanwood

WOMEN: Chad Duhon (Nova Lady)
MEN: John Perry (Nova Diplomats)

WOMEN: Kristen Feldman (Nova Lady)
MEN: Daniel Fava (Showstoppers)

WOMEN: Charity Sanders (Nova Lady)
MEN: Jeremy Trush (Nova Diplomats)

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SEAAD Tournament Results

The 67th Men's and 23rd Women's Annual Southeast Athletic Association of the Deaf (SEAAD) Basketball Tournament results at South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind Voss Gym and 1st Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina on March 15th and 16th, 2013.

Game 1 GA Bulldogs 71  Dolphins 64
Game 2  Palmetto (PCD) 31  HEAT 22
Game 3  Sunshine State 63  Macon 48
Game 4  Roanoke (RVCD) 89  Greenville (GDC) 71
Game 5  Atlanta 75 Pine Hills 63
Game 6  SFRAD 51  Alabama 41
Game 7  Jacksonville ladies 54  Carolina ladies 51
Game 8  Alabama 28  HEAT 20
Game 9  Dolphins 44  Pine Hills 39
Game 10  FSAD 81  Sunshine State 53
Game 11  CAAD 92 RVCD 25
Game 12  GA Bulldogs 65 Atlanta 49
Game 13  SFRAD 75  PCD 52
Game 14  JAAD ladies 45  CAAD 37
Game 15  Sunshine State 58  GDC 48
Game 16  RVCD 37  Macon 35
Game 17  Alabama 36  Atlanta 30
Game 18  PCD 57  Dolphins 37
Game 19  GA Bulldogs 66  FSAD 64
Game 20  CAAD 64  SFRAD 45
Game 21  Alabama 48  Sunshine State 30
Game 22  RVCD 45  PCD 37
Game 23 5th place Alabama 36  RVCD 26
Game 24  3rd place FSAD 42 SFRAD 40
Game 25  Women's champion JAAD ladies won by forfeit.
Game 26  Men's champion CAAD 92 GA Bulldogs 47

Women's All Tournament Awards
Women's Champion - JAAD Ladies
Runner-up - CAAD Ladies
Most Valuable Player - Shameka Hill-Sloan, JAAD
Coach of the Tourney - Johnson Petides, JAAD
Team Sportsmanship - CAAD
Chris Johnson Award - Amelia England 

First All-Star Team
Shameka Hill-Sloan, JAAD
Amelia England, CAAD
Wanda Mack, JAAD
Shae Scarbrough, CAAD
Nicole Brooks, JAAD

Free Throw Contest Winner - Shamtaye Massey, CAAD
3 Points Contest Winner - Amelia England, CAAD

Men's All Tournament Awards
Men's Champion - CAAD
Runner-up - GA Bulldogs
Most Valuable Player - Henry Dorsey, CAAD
Coach of the Tourney - Phillip Morris, GA Bulldogs
Team Sportsmanship - HEAT (Fla)
Most Points - Brandon Regins, RVCD, 78 points
Most Rebounds - Martise Colston, FSAD, 35 rebounds
Most Assists - Darian Smith, Sunshine State, 22 assists

3 Points Contest Winner - Matthew Wright, GDC
Free Throw Contest Winner- Chris Jones, Pine Hills - won back to back (2012-13) 

First All-Star Team
Josh Sisco, CAAD
Kentavious Boyd II, GA Bulldogs
Stu Jones, CAAD
Hector Cueto, FSAD
Howard Gilbert, SFRAD

Second All-Star Team
Xavier Williams, CAAD
Timothy Simmons, GA Bulldogs
Martise Colston, FSAD
Matthew Alson, GA Bulldogs
Anthony Robinson, Alabama

There were 478 fans and players that attended the SEAAD basketball tournament. Next year SEAAD board will host Men's 68th and Women 24th annual tournament at Jacksonville, Florida from March 6th through March 8th, 2014.

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SWBAD Tournament Results

Southwest Basketball Association of the Deaf (SWBAD) Regional Basketball Tournament at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma during the weekend of March 14th through 16th drew 510 players, coaches, officers, past officers & fans.

1st Place - ATX Toros
2nd Place - SWCID Rattlers
3rd Place - DFW Infinity
4th Place - Dallas Independence
5th Place - Baton Rouge Cajun
6th Place - Texas Alamo
7th Place - DFW Soul
8th Place - Tulsa Hawks
9th Place - Oklahoma City Chiefs
10th Place - East Memphis Association of the Deaf
11th Place - West Texas Bandits
12th Place - 3rd Coast Pitbulls
BOLD - Going to USADB
First Team All-Tournament                                            Second Team All-Tournament
Anton Jackson - ATX Toros                                               Jordan Hardy - Dallas Infinity
David Spaulding - ATX Toros                                             Byron Smith - Baton Rouge Cajun
Eugene King - ATX Toros                                                  Neel Smith - Baton Rouge Cajun
Christopher Gaddy - SWCID Rattlers                                  Thurtson Williams - Dallas Independence
Jarron Barker-Tillis - SWCID Rattlers                                  Jerry Smith - Dallas Independence
Most Valuable Player - Melvin Chriss - ATX Toros
Coach of Tournament - Kevin Bohlin - SWCID Rattlers
Team Sportsmanship - Oklahoma City Chiefs
Most Points - Jarron Barker-Tillis - SWCID Rattlers - 64 Points @ 4 Games
Most 3-Points - Lawrence Huerta - West Texas Bandits - 24 @ 3 Games
Most Assists - Dustin Tipon - SWCID Rattlers - 6 @ 4 Games
Most Rebounds - Christopher Gaddy - SWCID Rattlers - 30 @ 4 Games
Clyde Nutt Individual Sportsmanship - Adam Smith - Texas Alamo
1st Place - Houston Lady Texans
2nd Place - SWCID Lady Rattlers
3rd Place - Irving Lady Eagles
4th Place - Tulsa Honey Bees
5th Place - DFW Mavericks
BOLD - Going to USADB

First Team All-Tournament                                            Second Team All-Tournament
Isabella Hasty - SWCID Lady Rattlers                                Min Min Woods - Irving Lady Eagles
Courtney McClain - Houston Lady Texans                           Mariah Rogers - SWCID Lady Rattlers
Saranne Fewel - Tulsa Honey Bees                                    La Sheri Henderson - SWCID Lady Rattlers
Tiffyon Evans - Tulsa Honey Bees                                      Torilla Lee - DFW Lady Mavericks
Camelia Thurman - Tulsa Honey Bees                                Secret Lesense - SWCID Lady Rattlers
Most Valuable Player - Amanda Ortiz - Houston Lady Texans
Coach of Tournament - Luis Ortiz - Houston Lady Texans
Team Sportsmanship - SWCID Lady Rattlers
Most Points - Min Min Woods - Irving Lady Eagles - 42 Points @ 4 Games
Most 3-Points - Lashai Henderson & Secret Lesense - SWCID Lady Rattlers - 14 @ 4 Games
Most Assists - Amanda Oritz - Houston Lady Texans - 6 @ 4 Games
Most Rebounds - Camelia Thurman - Tulsa Honey Bees - 27 @ 4 Games
Clyde Nutt Individual Sportsmanship - Gloria Gonzalez - DFW Lady Mavericks

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