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SWBAD hosts annual regional tournament at Corpus Christi

SWBADResults of Southwest Basketball Association of the Deaf (SWBAD) 71st Annual Men’s and 25th Annual Women’s Regional Basketball Tournament held at Corpus Christi, Texas.

Men’s Division
M1: ATX Warriors 85 Tacobats 40
M2: East Memphis 63 RGV Broncs 58
M3: DFW Infinity 24 Dallas Independent 8 (forfeit after halftime)
M4: LRA 45 Mississippi Wolves 43
M5: Tacobats 55 RGV Broncs 52
M6: Mississippi Wolves 2 Dallas Independent 0 (forfeit)
M7: ATX Warriors 86 East Memphis 20
M8: DFW Infinity 74 LRA 21
M9: RGV Broncs 2 Dallas Independent 0 (forfeit)
M10 (Consolation Championship): Tacobats 61 Mississippi Wolves 58
M11 (3rd place): LRA 59 East Memphis 58
M12 (Championship): ATX Warriors 70 DFW Infinity 45

Most Points: Nathan Williams, East Memphis (62)
Most Assists: Termiea Bowers, ATX Warriors (18)
Most Rebounds: Frederick Tubbs, Tacobats (36)
Most 3-points: Ty Hubbard, ATX Warriors (12)
Team Sportsmanship: Mississippi Wolves
Clyde Nutt Individual Sportsmanship: Andrew Daly, Tacobats
Most Valuable Player: Ty Hubbard, ATX Warriors
Coach of the Tournament: Jose Amador, ATX Warriors

1st All-Star Team
Frederick Tubbs, Tacobats
Kameron Freeney, DFW Infinity
Keithen Williams, ATX Warriors
Alfred Wigley, ATX Warriors
Clyde Young, DFW Infinity

2nd All-Star Team
Jess Ballez, RGV Broncs
Nathan Williams, East Memphis
William Houston III, DFW Infinity
Tremaine Hightowers, LRA
Paul Biggs, Mississippi Wolves

Champions: ATX Warriors
2nd place: DFW Infinity
3rd place: LRA
4th place: East Memphis
Consolation Champions: Tacobats
6th place: Mississippi Wolves
7th place: RGV Broncs
8th place: Dallas Independent

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Women’s Division
W1: Texas Outlaws 66 Southwestern Divas 18
W2 (Championship): Texas Outlaws 54 Southwestern Divas 10

Most Points: Marlet Mancera, Texas Outlaws (29)
Most Assists: Marlet Mancera, Texas Outlaws and Maggie Hoyt, Texas Outlaws (tied with 7)
Most Rebounds: Faye Sefcik, Texas Outlaws (27)
Most 3-Points: Kamora Shaggy, Texas Outlaws (3)
Team Sportsmanship: Southwestern Divas
Individual Sportsmanship: Maggie Hoyt, Texas Outlaws
Most Valuable Player: Marlet Mancera, Texas Outlaws
Coach of the Tournament: Arturo Iniguez, Texas Outlaws

1st All-Star Team
Maggie Hoyt, Texas Outlaws
Izzy Hasty, Texas Outlaws
Kamora Shaggy, Texas Outlaws
Kristy White, Southwestern Divas
Melissa Stein, Southwestern Divas

Champions: Texas Outlaws
2nd place: Southwestern Divas

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