Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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USA Deaf Basketball hosts 3x3 national tournament qualifier

USA Deaf Basketball hosted its’ first ever 3x3 national tournament qualifier at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. last Saturday, October 7. The tournament was hosted in an open format with seven men’s team and an opportunity to compete in the 2018 USA Basketball 3x3 national tournament in Colorado Springs, Colorado in April 2018.

Adroit which featured Kazeem Babatunde, Anton Jackson, and Kris Saucedo had a slow start with a 1-2 record and finding themselves having to play an extra game in bracket play. But they stepped up when it mattered the most defeating Union Market 21-12 in the quarterfinals and W 21-19 in the semifinals. In the championship game, Adriot topped Let it Fly 21-18 to take the first championship of tournament.

2017 USADB 3X3 Champ
Adroit - USADB 3 on 3 Champions. Anton Jackson (L) and Kazeem Babatunde (R).(Kris Saucedo - not pictured). Photo courtesy of USADB.

Round Robin
Let it Fly 2 Adroit 0
Trio 20 Union Market 12
W 13 Hoops We Did It 10
Trio 2 Snipers 0
W 21 Adroit 13
Union Market 2 Snipers 0
Let It Fly 21 Hoops We Did It 12
Adroit 21 Hoops We Did It 10
Let It Fly 16 W 14

Round Robin Record
Let it Fly 3-0
Trio 2-0
W 2-1
Adroit 1-2
Union Market 1-1
Hoops We Did It 0-3
Snipers 0-2

Trio 21 Hoops We Did It 19
Adroit 21 Union Market 12

Let It Fly 16 Trio 15
Adroit 21 W 19

Adroit 21 Let It Fly 18

Adroit: Kazeem Babatunde, Anton Jackson, Kris Saucedo.
Hoops We Did It: Jamal Garner, Jawaun Jackson, Esteban Kovacs, Trace Martin.
Let It Fly: Andy Cruz, Brandon McMillian, Noah Valencia, Jeremias Valencia.
Snipers: Derek Keels, Jon Mowl, Raymond Nelson, Orion Palmer.
Trio: Elonzo Arellano, Cody Crace, Anthony Finocchio, Devonte Ramsey.
Union Market: Jarvis Beaver, Bryan Lewis, NA (2).
W: Todd Bonheyo, Stephen DaSilva, Daniel Fava, Bren Stern.

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