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USADB appoints Joey Baer as National Director

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St. Cloud, MN - August 23, 2017 -

USADB is pleased to appoint Joey Baer to the USADB National Director, better known as Tournament Director. Many of you may know him as the former Deputy Commissioner and the Public Relations Director.

Mr. Baser assisted Interim National Director Chuck Wallace for the 2017 USADB National Tournament held in Washington D.C. last April. He worked with his committee to create the brackets, doing a live drawing on Facebook. During the 2017 USADB Tournament, he worked with Mr. Wallace to post game results on Facebook. Based on this recent experience, he has submitted some National Tournament Guidelines changes and improvements to the USADB Executive Committee and the Executive Committee has accepted all of them. We will continue to improve the National Tournament process as we move forward.

Mr. Baer resides in Pleasanton, California. He is committed to USADB and shows his willingness to help USADB be the leading Deaf basketball organization.

Welcome back, Joey Baer!

Press Release from USADB

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