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2017 USADB Men's Scoreboard & Stats

2017 USADB Men Tournament Bracket

Game 1 - NY Tornadoes 68 Lincoln Star City 40 (Box Score)
Game 2 - Arizona Desert Fire 76 RVA Cardinals 41 (Box Score)
Game 3 - Florida Bluewaves 72 Great Lakes 62 (Box Score)
Game 4 - Rochester Energizers 69 Bandits/Rookies 61 (Box Score)
Game 5 - Carolinas 65 Vipers 62 (Box Score)
Game 6 - Rochester City Blazers 61 SE Hoopstars 46 (Box Score)
Game 7 - Empire City 76 Dawgz 64 (Box Score)
Game 8 - ATX Warriors 88 DC Elite Hoyas 53 (Box Score)
Game 9 - Indy Hawks 83 NY Tornadoes 67 (Box Score)
Game 10 - Hollywood Stars 61 Rochester Energizers 61 (Box Score)
Game 11 - DMV Diplomats 79 Florida Bluewaves 37 (Box Score)
Game 12 - FSAD Bombers 86 Arizona Desert Fire 85 (Box Score)
Game 13 - Rochester City Blazers 59 Southern Wisconsin 44 (Box Score)
Game 14 - Showstoppers 81 Carolinas 30 (Box Score)
Game 15 - RVA Cardinals 63 Lincoln Star City 56 (Box Score)
Game 16 - Great Lakes 89 Bandits/Rookies 85 (Box Score)
Game 17 - SE Hoopstars 89 Vipers 68 (Box Score)
Game 18 - DC Elite Hoyas 53 Dawgz 52 (Box Score)
Game 19 - Arizona Desert Fire 84 NY Tornadoes 51 (Box Score)
Game 20 - Southern Wisconsin 61 Carolinas 47 (Box Score)
Game 21 - Great Lakes 68 RVA Cardinals 62 (Box Score)
Game 22 - SE Hoopstars 92 DC Elite Hoyas 47 (Box Score)
Game 23 - Lincoln Star City 66 Bandits/Rookies 62 (Box Score)
Game 24 - Dawgz 91 Vipers 68 (Box Score)
Game 25 - DMV Diplomats 72 FSAD Bombers 51 (Story)(Box Score)
Game 26 - Indy Hawks 81 Empire City 61 (Story)(Box Score)
Game 27 - Rochester Energizers 58 Arizona Desert Fire 82 (Box Score)
Game 28 - Southern Wisconsin 57 Florida Bluewaves 52 (Box Score)
Game 29 - ATX Warriors 79 Rochester City Blazers 64 (Story)(Box Score)
Game 30 - Hollywood Stars 64 Showstoppers 54 (Story)(Box Score)
Game 31 - Dawgz 82 Lincoln Star City 76 (Box Score)
Game 32 - SE Hoopstars 90 Great Lakes 48 (Box Score)
Game 33 - FSAD Bombers 85 Empire City 66 (Box Score)
Game 34 - Showstoppers 90 Rochester City Blazers 60 (Box Score)
Game 35 - NY Tornadoes 2 Carolinas 0 (Box Score)
Game 36 - Rochester Energizers 65 Florida Bluewaves 63 (Box Score)
Game 37 - DMV Diplomats 69 Indy Hawks 65 (Story)(Box Score)
Game 38 - ATX Warriors 86 Hollywood Stars 65 (Story)(Box Score)
Game 39 - Arizona Desert Fire 86 Southern Wisconsin 55 (Box Score)
Game 40 - Showstoppers 78 FSAD Bombers 71 (Box Score)
Game 41 - Indy Hawks 75 Hollywood Stars 71 (Story)(Box Score)
Game 42 - DMV Diplomats 45 ATX Warriors 38 (Story)(Box Score)

2017 USADB Men Champs DMV
2017 USADB Men’s Champions - DMV Diplomats

Final Results
Champions - DMV Diplomats
Runner-Up - ATX Warriors
3rd Place - Indy Hawks
4th Place - Hollywood Stars
5th Place - Showstoppers
6th Place - FSAD Bombers
7th Place - Empire City
8th Place - Rochester City Blazers
9th Place - Arizona Desert Fire
10th Place - Southern Wisconsin
11th Place - NY Tornadoes and Rochester Energizers
13th Place - Carolina AAD and Floirda Bluewaves
Consolation Champions - SE Hoopstars
16th Place - Great Lakes Warriors
17th Place - DC Elite Hoyas
18th Place - RVA Cardinals
19th Place - Dawgz
20th Place - Lincoln Star City
21st Place - Bandits Rookies and Vipers

2017 USADB Women's Scoreboard & Stats

2017 USADB Women Tournament Bracket

Game 1 - Texas Outlaws 53 Lady Dolphins 22 (Box Score)
Game 2 - West Stars 59 Loyal Ballers 25 (Box Score)
Game 3 - Lady Liberty 72 SWAAD Taz 33 (Box Score)
Game 4 - Divastars 42 WSAD Warriors 37 (Box Score)
Game 5 - DMV 74 Texas Outlaws 38 (Box Score)
Game 6 - West Stars 53 Eastern Storm 43 (Box Score)
Game 7 - SWAAD Taz 45 Lady Dolphins 36 (Box Score)
Game 8 - Loyal Ballers 48 WSAD Warriors 27 (Box Score)
Game 9 - DMV 66 Lady Liberty 39 (Story)(Box Score)
Game 10 - West Stars 53 Divastars 29 (Story)(Box Score)
Game 11 - Eastern Storm 59 SWAAD Taz 33 (Box Score)
Game 12 - Loyal Ballers 44 Texas Outlaws 43 (Box Score)
Game 13 - Eastern Storm 53 Loyal Ballers 20 (Box Score)
Game 14 - Texas Outlaws 58 SWAAD Taz 40 (Box Score)
Game 15 - WSAD Warriors 40 Lady Dolphins 32 (Box Score)
Game 16 - Lady Liberty 57 Divastars 41 (Story)(Box Score)
Game 17 - DMV 55 West Stars 35 (Story)(Box Score)

2017 USADB Women Champs DMV
2017 USADB Women’s Champions - DMV

Final Results
Champions - DMV
Runner-Up - West Stars
3rd Place - Lady Liberty
4th Place - Divastars
Consolation Champions - Eastern Storm
6th Place - Loyal Ballers
7th Place - Texas Outlaws
8th Place - SWAAD Taz
9th Place - WSAD Warriors
10th Place - Lady Dolphins

USADB 2017 Men's Awards

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2017 USADB Women's Awards

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DMV Diplomats make it two straight at USADB

By Carl Wayne Denney

2017 USADB Men's Championship Game @ Gallaudet University Fieldhouse

DMV Diplomats 45 ATX Warriors 38

A repeat of last year’s championship game in St. Louis, won by DMV, who is making their third straight national championship game appearance, this time on their home court. This rematch is further complicated as Anton Jackson and 6’11 Macam Bak now play for the Warriors while Mike Kent, the 6’7 linchpin at the post, is coming off the bench for DMV due to injuries.

ATX jumps in with a quick 6-0 lead while DMV is unable to get the ball in the rim before DMV’s 5’9 power forward Johnny Jackson made an inside putback to put DMV in the scoring column. With 6’5 Dwight Brewington, the one USADB player with NBA D-League experience, manning the point for the Warriors, the ATX team has been in complete control since tipoff.

A mini controversy erupted over the ball at the 13 minute mark, both teams didn't like the ball and a conference between the coaches and refs saw both in complete agreement to use a neutral game ball. At this point, The Warriors were ahead 14-5.

DMV came alive with a 6-2 run to inch closer at 16-11 before ATX called timeout at the 9:27 mark. At this time, Johnny Jackson had 6 total points to pace the DMV team. Brewington, with his silky smooth jumper, had gone a perfect 4 from 4 from the field for eight points.

An inside move by DMV’s Palmer inched the DMV closer 16-13 but despite opportunities, they could not drive the margin any further from the 8 minute mark to the six minute mark in the first half A Mowl three pointer from long distance tied the game 16 all, sparking the DMV bench.

DMV took its first lead with a Jackson layup off a Mowl dish on a fast break, 20-18, stunning the full house, most of whom came to spectate on the 6’11 Bak and his court dominance. With 4 minutes left in the first half, it appears to have become anyone's ballgame.

A goaltending call on Bak’s come from behind on another Jackson fastbreak layup put the DMV ahead by four at this juncture, 22-18 before ATX called time at the 2:42 mark. A Mowl three propelled them ahead by seven before Macam answered with a sweeping hook at the other end for ATX.

Halftime came and saw DMV leading 25-20, intent on keeping the USADB championship trophy in their licensure lobby.

ATX tied the game 25 all when Brewington hit a 3, but the Saucedo answered for DMV with a 3 of his own, which Brewington answered with his own again. An exciting stretch of the game that saw rainbows flying through the air with ease into the net.

When Coach John Perry called a full timeout for DMV at the 12:48 mark of the second half, the crowd was holding their breath in anticipation of the outcome. ATX led 32-30 and Macam was slowly but surely becoming a major factor in ATX’s resurgence in regaining the lead, blocking shots, snatching rebounds and scoring at will inside despite his willowy frame.

Surprisingly, for a game that featured skilled big men and quicksilver guards, it was relatively foul-free. The stands saw crowded walkways lined up with fans, and many more sitting on the stairway at the Fieldhouse bleachers.

ATX roared to a 6 point lead 38-32 behind Brewington’s jumpers but DMV answered with a sweet run of their own to come ahead 39-38 behind an array of scores from Mowl and Palmer. At this point, Bak has 4 fouls. Then again, in last night's’ semifinals, he played the whole second half with four solid fouls and did a fantastic job.

A Mowl 3 pushed them ahead by by four at 42-38 with four minutes left. Another three by Saucedo kept the Diplomats ahead, 45 - 38. Then ATX went into foul trouble as a team, allowing DMV potential opportunities for free throws, which they couldn't capitalize on. That was enough to leave the final score at 45 - 38.

However, ball control was key for the DMV Diplomats who repeated as USADB champions for the second time in a row in their long and illustrious history. With a team full of veterans and a few youngsters, the future for Coach John Perry’s team looks bright.

Scoring for the Diplomats was even all across the board, with the 6’7 Palmer putting in a workmanlike 14, the electrifying Mowl with 13 and Jackson with 12. ATX had a very quiet 17 from Brewington and 12 from the 6’11 Bak, who was constantly stifled inside by the experienced Diplomats.

This rematch evidently will be shown as the second of many more upcoming championship matches if both teams stay intact the next few years. History will prove us correct in saying both teams have become the Yin and Yang of the USADB basketball scene.

2017 USADB Men Champs DMV
2017 USADB Men Champions - DMV Diplomats

DMV dominant in USADB women's championship

By Carl Wayne Denney

2017 USADB Women's Championship Game @ Gallaudet University Washington, DC

DMV 55 West Stars 35

After a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled banner by Kristina Vorezano-Arteaga, the 27th annual women’s championship game tipped off between the West Stars and the DMV of Washington, DC., both resplendent in their beautiful uniforms at the Gallaudet Fieldhouse before a packed gym of an estimated 1500 fans in attendance.

DMV jumped out to a quick 9-2 lead at the 6.30 mark in the first quarter behind quick strikes by Raven Pentz, a heady point guard and Touria Ouahid Boren. The Stars, with longtime USADB standout Laura Edwards and the brilliant Easter Faafiti manning the center position, looked flummoxed and unable to have anything going.

Fortunately, a 3-pointer and putback by the Stars Victoria Crockett brought the Stars close, to within 12-7 before a 5-0 run by DMV furthered their lead, mainly behind a key 3 pointer from Pentz. The first quarter ended with DMV on top, 17-10.

DMV established their superiority with several strong inside putbacks by Lindsey Stergio and jumped to a 15 point lead at the 5 minute mark of the 2nd quarter, 25-10. The Stars at this point were obviously grasping at straws on how to solve the DMV riddle.

Two strong inside baskets by the Stars Faafiti, helped bridge the gap to within 9 for the team from the West Coast, but that was the closest they were to get before heading down to the locker room at the half, with DMV on top 25-16.

The 3rd quarter saw much of the same thing - DMV getting on those short 4-0, 6-0 runs then the Stars responding in kind, however, DMV’s runs were more frequent than the Stars’. At the 3 minute mark, the DMV team was clearly in charge 35-24 with the stars facing an uphill battle. Their post tandem of Crockett and Faafiti, both stars of the fabulous Gallaudet University’s women's’ team that made a deep run in the NCAA Division 3 tournament a few years back, were unable to have anything going while DMV’s Lindsey Stergio, was clearly dominant inside the paint for DMV.

The 3rd Quarter ended with DMV ahead 42-29. The 13 point differential was based on the steady inside and outside play of DMV while the Stars kept struggling to overcome the DMV defense, a basic 2-3 zone.

Raven Pentz basically took over the fourth quarter, scoring 3’s at will and keeping the ball flowing through the DMV offense, which would begin with Stergio inside and kick back to Pentz, whose pinpoint passes inside to open cutting post players resulted in strong layups, of which the Stars could not find an answer for.

The game ended with DMV on top, 20 point victors over the West Stars 55-35. This was DMV’s first and possibly not the last championship. With their youth, speed and smarts, this may have been the first time many of us have watched a dynasty being born on a court.

The champions were led by Raven Pentz’s 14, Alexa Justus’ 12 and 11 points apiece from Touria Ouahid-Boren and Lindsey Stergio. The West Stars had Easter Faafiti going strong inside for 17 total points, Irina MacAulay had six, with Priscilla Biskupiak and Amy Metzner scoring five apiece.

2017 USADB Women Champs DMV
2017 USADB Women Champions - DMV

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